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The Writers Bureau Writer of The Year Competition Winner is Announced!

The Writers Bureau are pleased to announce Anne Perdeaux as the winner of their annual Writer of The Year competition, winning a first prize of £250!

Anne impressed the judges with her determination to succeed, her positive attitude and willingness to try new ideas. And it’s paid off, as she’s been able to leave an unfulfilling part-time job to become a full-time writer. She says:

This has been my first full year as a writer, and I am thrilled with my earnings at this stage – £1589.80 for 2010 – especially as I’m still only half-way through the course. Although it may not yet be a large income, seeing steady improvement and achievement is far more important to me than overnight success. Working at a new career I enjoy so much is almost reward enough, and it’s so exciting when one of my pieces appears in a national publication. Being paid is a great encouragement, of course, and I love being able to tell people that I’m a ‘freelance writer’. After 40 years of working I’ve finally found a job I love!

Susan Metcalf – Chairman of The Writers Bureau, says:

Firstly, congratulations to Anne our well-deserved Writer of The Year. We’d like to thank Anne for taking the time to enter our competition and tell us about how well she’s doing with her writing. We love to give recognition to students who are achieving their dreams of being published writers and Anne certainly fits into that category. She’s managed to carve herself a fledgling career doing something she loves and, as they say, it’s not really work if you love doing it. As well as the prize money, Anne also receives some much sought after publicity, a highly valued commodity in the world of freelance writing, and we hope that this helps her build an even more successful career in the years to come. Well done Anne!

Anne’s full story, plus those of the runners-up, Lucy, Priya, Daniel and Lynette, can be read on the Writers Bureau website. Entries for the 2012 competition are now being accepted.

The Writers Bureau runs competitions throughout the year. Their annual Short Story Writing competition, with a first prize of £500, is also accepting entries.

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