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Student of The Year 2019

Criselle Nunag Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2019

Well done to all the students who sent in their stories for this Award. All of them had a unique tale-to-tell which were both inspirational and uplifting. So, choosing our winners was challenging as ever. This year has yet again produced five worthy winners from around the world. Each student is very different but they have all worked amazingly hard and are reaping the rewards in the form of published writing and payment.

So, I’m delighted to announce that our winner is Criselle Nunag from the Philippines who studied our Non-Fiction Writing Course. Criselle started out as a food blogger and was doing so well that restaurants and resorts were inviting her to review their establishments. So, she thought it was time to get some proper writing training and, on her Aunt’s recommendation, she enrolled on our Non-Fiction Writing course.

Since then her writing career has gone from strength to strength. We love Criselle’s energy and the fact she’s grabbed the opportunities that have come her way. She's now working for companies right across the Pacific from Singapore to Australia.

All the stories of our winners are inspirational. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading them and be inspired to give your ambitions a chance to become reality. If you do, it could be you picking up the £250 first prize next year!

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And the runners up, in no particular order, are:

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts - UK

Whilst taking the Creative Writing Course Daniel sold enough of his articles to give up the day job to concentrate on his writing.
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Maddy Glenn

Maddy Glenn - UK

The Proofreading and Copy Editing Course gave Maddy the skills you was looking for to set up her own Editing business. She’s now fully booked until November 19.
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Kunda Londa

Kunda Londa - Zambia

The Creative Writing Course opened Kunda’s eyes to the writing opportunities available. He’s now regularly contributing to The Times of Zambia.
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Cheryl Russell

Cheryl Russell - UK

Cheryl has overcome serious illness to pursue her writing career and has taken The Copywriting and How to Market Your Book Courses with us.
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Criselle Nunag Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2019Winner – Criselle Nunag – Philipinnes

Non-Fiction Writing Course


“My Aunt, a well published former student of The Writers Bureau, suggested that I take proper journalistic training to find my purpose, to write with discipline, and to properly sell my work. So, I enrolled on the Non-Fiction course.

“Initially my writing was very childish, I had no discipline, and was much like any other voice in the crowd. From the course I learned how to study my target audience, identify how to make the most out of my idea/story, do proper research, perform market analysis for my chosen magazine and polish my grammar. The Writers Bureau taught me to write confidently and responsibly. I learned to produce original and interesting stories, I just have to be true to myself. Writing became a fulfilling hobby that pays!

“I just started to get paid this year! It’s very exciting as my first paid food blog was worth 2,000 Php (30 Euros). It was about the first anime-themed café in our area.

“After that, Tickled Media’s regional head of content discovered and hired me as a contributor for one of their online magazines, The Asian Parent. The Chief Editor found my work interesting and highly trainable so I got a writing deal for a month.

“After a few months, the same online magazine hired me as an author and proofreader for an up-and-coming Asian food magazine named Nonilo. My pay was doubled. I submitted three articles in a week and proofread one to two articles per day. I finally understood what it’s like to work and play at the same time!

“I got the chance to do some translating jobs as well. I closely work with The Asian Parent Singapore and Philippine teams, translating English articles into Filipino.

“I am now employed as the Senior for Marketing Services for an Australian real estate agency. They chose me because of my writing and content marketing skills. I now write helpful articles about real estate, design letter and flyer templates, write contracts, manage their website and much more. I basically get to be creative and do what I love on a daily basis while my salary was then again doubled.

“I’m definitely excited about what the future holds as The Writers Bureau has enriched my creative arsenal with writing skills.”

Daniel Roberts

Runner-up – Daniel Roberts – UK

Creative Writing Course


“In late 2017 I quit regular office work – which I could no longer bear – to write articles at home. I've been very fortunate to have been picked up by four different online publications since, all of whom I continue to write for regularly. The pay hardly equates to that of a part-time job, but I'm also very lucky that I have an incredibly supportive and encouraging wife.

“Article writing, however, isn't my lifelong dream. In many ways, though, it has been a dream to get paid to do what I love, but my real passion lies in fiction. As my course now nears its end, I'm finally turning my hand to a couple of fiction projects.

“The last couple of years have seen me work on a rather ambitious 'Ghostbusters' fan-fiction project (part of which is available to read on Wattpad if you sign up), which was a great way for me to consolidate everything I've been learning from my course. Now, I'm working on an outline for an original children's book that's set at Christmas (yet to be titled).

“In the coming weeks and months, I'll be regularly updating my personal blog Curious Rookie regarding this project - which I’m very excited about. Previously I've used the blog to showcase my film reviews, book reviews and travel reviews, however, I recently decided to take the platform in a new direction, given that when my course finishes I'll be focusing all my time and effort on my book.

“The film reviews have helped enormously. As a direct result of my blog, I was actually approached by my local radio station in late 2017 and asked to be their weekly film critic. I did this for a number of months, and now have a collection of the podcasts on my SoundCloud profile.

“I won't be abandoning my love for writing about film, though, as I'm toying with the idea of producing a non-fiction book about my favourite films down the line (which I’ll probably end up going down the self-publishing route with). I may even tie in my love for ‘Ghostbusters’, as I wrote a promotional piece for an upcoming documentary about the two films.

“Going back to the course itself, I don't feel it could have gone any better. My tutor has been excellent and has provided invaluable feedback throughout. And having become a paid and published writer, I have of course already been awarded my Certificate of Competence.

“But what have I learned? Well, where do I start... I suppose it’s easier to tell you I’ve grown as a writer and have developed a huge number of the disciplines required to become a writer. I’m under no illusion that there’s much left to learn, though, but one of the most attractive and exciting things about writing is that you never stop learning – that’s the whole point.”


Maddy GlennRunner-up – Maddy Glenn – UK

Proofreading and Copy Edition Course


“The Writers Bureau course helped me with everything I wanted to know. It gave me a short history of publishing and how the publishing process has changed as technology has advanced. It helped me understand what the role of an editor and/or proofreader meant, and what is expected of such roles in a professional light.

“Alongside these bigger learning curves, the course gave me an extensive education in the rules of English and American spelling and grammar. This helped me understand how to recognise incorrect grammar in a sentence and how to correct the sentence. It gave me insight into what a Proofreader and Copy Editor needed to look out for in text.

“Most of all, the course helped me to be confident in my career choice and helped me make the next step for my editing business.

“Since completing my course, I have been fully booked for a year. I am now continuing my studies with a Masters in English Literature, during which I have already proofread one client’s novel and am currently working in depth with a regular client on her second novel.

“In the last Year I have earned £5,356.65 from proofreading and copy editing.”


Kunda LondaRunner-up – Kunda Londa – Zambia

Comprehensive Creative Writing Course


“The Course has so far helped me to see many other opportunities open to writers which I never imagined before.

“My articles appeared in the Times of Zambia, our leading National Newspaper nine times and I’m now a regular contributor to the features column. I’m waiting to receive K900 for these. I’ve also had three articles published in The Independent Observer, Zambia. My first fiction story was published in Nthanda Review, a Malawi literary website.

“I’ve so far received K2000 from our local Chief in appreciation for documenting the history of our tribe which will appear on the district’s website.”


Cheryl RussellRunner-up – Cheryl Russell – UK

Copywriting Course and How To Market Your Book Course


“I wanted to make money from writing. I thought it would be a good idea to learn some different skills. I recently completed the Copywriting Course and am now working on the How To Market Your Book Course.

“I have gained confidence with my writing and feel that the copywriting skills I now have are beneficial for marketing the books I have self-published as well as enabling me to do copywriting work.

“I have so far self-published seven books on Amazon and got them listed on Waterstones. My book ‘Murderous Feet’ was a finalist in the mystery category of Book Talk Radio Club 2018 Awards.

“The mental health charity MIND has asked me to write several letters to be used for funding purposes and advertising.

“All that I’ve achieved is amazing considering just a few years ago I was bedbound with sever ME unable to do anything for myself. I am also autistic.”












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To celebrate the success and achievements of our students we are pleased to run our annual Writer of the Year Award. First prize is £250 and there are four equal runners-up prizes of £50 each.

We hope you enjoy reading about all of this year's winners. They each have a unique experience of developing their writing through the course, proving that The Writers Bureau home-study methods really are tailor-made to meet each individual's own ambitions.

If you are a student of The Writers Bureau and would like to enter this competition for 2020 please click here.

You could walk away with the first prize of

Annemarie Munro Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2022

"I have seen my writing journey as an adventure: What can I write? What am I best at? What new aspects of writing can I discover and contribute towards? I have welcomed the wide range of modules covering different types of writing, challenging me to try new aspects in style and content, pushing me gently outside my comfort zone with encouragement.

"I signed up for the course in December 2020 as a Christmas present to myself and I started the first module in January 2021. I have had eight pieces published: three paid earning £1080 and a star letter where I won a £250 hotel voucher."

Annemarie Munro - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2022

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