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from the students themselves

‘I was impressed with the guarantees and having received the full course material I know I have made the right decision.’
Sally Anne Rose – Herts

‘The course looked good, the price was right and the guarantee was impressive.’
Barrie Powell – Essex

‘I am impressed by the wide variety of modules available, the reasonable cost and the triple guarantee.’
Donna Braddock – Stafford

‘I like the course structure and I am impressed with the student support service.’
Richard Winter – Northumberland

‘I needed guidance, advice and tuition – The Writers Bureau offers me all of these. Moreover I can write around the needs of my family with no pressure.’
Davina Gould – High Wycombe

‘I’m interested in all types of writing – fiction and non-fiction. This course will provide guidance in both.’
Christopher Pearson – Surrey

‘I was convinced and inspired by the students’ testimonials and the triple guarantee – what was there to lose?’
Elaine Austin – Oxon

‘The course is well managed, the syllabus is easy to follow and the correspondence is friendly.’
Richard Lumley – Northamptonshire

‘I had looked at other institutes but the Writers Bureau offered more variety at a lower cost.’
Juliana Abiola – Middlesex

‘This comprehensive course was exactly what I was looking for.’
David Geddes – Aberdeen

‘The most important thing to me is not only do you promise full guidance through the modules but also how to present my work for publication.’
Jo Darley – Southampton

‘I was impressed by the information given and the follow-up material.’
David Wildman – Scunthorpe

‘I answered the advert, received the information and as I had nothing to lose – I enrolled!’
Jane Eyles – London

‘The course had a practical, logical, step by step common sense approach which appealed to me.’
Brian Postlethwaite – Hampshire

‘The information regarding the business side of writing is invaluable.’
David Clemow – Plymouth

‘I was impressed with the efficiency of the reply and the fact that I could speak to people and not answering machines.’
Rebecca Grey – St. Albans

‘The course was highly recommended to me by a friend’s aunt who is herself a professional writer. The guarantees are rock solid, the price was fine and the whole deal seems to be astonishingly good value.’
Hannah Reynolds – London

‘I like the adaptability of the course to the student.’
Andy Williams – Norfolk

‘I was impressed by the Writers Bureau’s friendly approach.’
Pauline Marshall – Swindon

‘The package struck me as the best I had seen – I enrolled immediately after reading it.’
Martin Briggs – Deeside

‘A comprehensive course at a reasonable price and I have confidence in your good reputation.'
Jackie Cuthbert – Liverpool

‘The way the course is structured suits my lifestyle.’
Floyd Webster – Battersea

‘The Writers Bureau course offered a wider range in writing styles, subjects and techniques.'
Nikola Snowronski – West Yorkshire

‘The course is most comprehensive and personalized.’
Ran Fuchs – Surrey

‘I liked and trusted your advert and the more information you gave me the more confident I was that this was the right course for me.’
Emma Reid – Southbourne

‘The content of your course is interesting and in a flexible time frame.’
Mike Robertson – London

‘The Writers Bureau gives me the opportunity to learn how to write at home so it does not inconvenience my family or disrupt their lives – but it will enrich mine!!’
Carolyn Gray – Aberdeenshire

‘I have confidence in your ability to get me published.’
Finn Clark-Brown – Surrey

‘The Writers Bureau offers study without a rigid schedule.’
Ryan O’Grady – London

‘The course is interesting and imaginative, good value for money and also has a guaranteed refund.’
Claire Polley – Middlesex

‘The money back guarantee gave me the assurance that The Writers Bureau have confidence in their course.’
Daniel Smith – Cheshire

‘I like the idea of making money from an enjoyable pastime.’
Penny Liguori – Sussex

‘The money back guarantee gives me peace of mind.’
Darren Hucklesby – Hertfordshire

‘I needed to receive guidance as to how to set out my ideas and how to submit work to magazines etc. I also wanted a structured approach with no set time limits. I felt that the course described fittted in with what I wanted.’
Christine Slimm – Dudley


Sarah Plater Writers Bureau's Writer of the Year 2017

“I’m currently working on my fourth book, have been paid for my writing by at least 15 different magazines, and now earn half my income from writing – all thanks to The Writers Bureau’s course."

Sarah Plater - Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 2017

Read Sarah's full story.

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