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Where to Find Work As A Freelance Copywriter!

One of the easiest ways to understand where copywriters find work is to look at what it is they usually produce. Copywriters are involved in the process of creating all kinds of promotional material such as:

  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • direct mail pieces
  • e-mails
  • website content
  • press releases
  • radio, television, online and paper adverts
  • sales letters


Who Needs The Services Of A Copywriter?
Once you realise what copywriters produce, it’s easy to see who might need their services. The simple answer is any business or organisation that produces literature for others to read or view. This means copywriters have a variety of avenues to explore in their search for work. They can:

  • join online freelancing websites – these are a great place to start looking for work as they are usually free. Plus, copywriters can often post a profile about themselves stating what experience they have, their specialisms, how quickly they aim to turn work around and so on. This way copywriters can search and bid for work as well as having potential clients search for them.

  • join forums – those dedicated to copywriting are likely to contain information about jobs or detail other sources of finding work.

  • approach advertising agencies – these are one of the main users of copywriters, as copywriting is about selling a product or service. So, approaching companies that produce advertising material is a great source of work.

  • contact public relations firms – another good avenue for finding regular freelance work as they’ll need copywriters to produce press releases etc.

  • target local businesses – restaurants, gyms, letting agents etc all require promotion to survive and you can provide the copy they need. A simple business card – you can get these free – or flyer advertising your services should work a treat.

  • networking – don’t dismiss the power of word of mouth. If your local business forum has events, try to go along with a stack of business cards to hand out. Professional networking websites such as LinkedIn are free, easy to use and offer copywriters the means of connecting with other businesses all over the world.


It may also be beneficial to join societies, such as the:


This adds to any copywriter’s credibility – it shows they are serious about their work and meet the requirements to join the society. Plus, they usually require some financial commitment, so it’s not something copywriters are likely to do unless they have had some considerable success.

By far the best way for any copywriter to advertise their services is through a dedicated website. This takes some time and, depending on how tech savvy they are, some money. But, it is a great way to showcase work, show off any positive feedback received from previous clients and give details about any areas of interest or experience.

Keeping a blog is a good way for copywriters to get their name known. Posting regularly on copywriting matters, new techniques, tips, experiences and so on improves search engine rankings. This means that potential clients searching for copywriters are more likely to find their website. Plus, it shows that the copywriter keeps up-to-date with current trends. And, once people are visiting the blog, it is easy to direct them to the website for further information. Following other copywriters’ blogs and leaving comments is also a great way to network. Blogs allow copywriters to let potential clients see a little more of their personality, which may just prompt an offer of work.

Social Media
Having accounts on Twitter and Facebook is a great way for copywriters to get their name known in copywriting circles and to advertise to others what they do. They can keep people updated with what they are doing and detail any work they’ve recently undertaken, linking to it so potential clients can see it. Plus, they can follow other copywriters – they may learn about other work available or pick up tips to improve their copywriting too.

So, don’t be afraid, with a little hard work and imagination there are plenty of places you can find work once you are ready to step onto the freelancers’ path.

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