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What Can Be Claimed Back From The Inland Revenue?

When working in a self-employed capacity in the UK certain items, directly related to the business, can be claimed back, in part, from the Inland Revenue. To do this, freelancers need to prove:

  • what has been purchased
  • where it was purchased from
  • how much it cost
  • when it was purchased


So, the above details, along with the accompanying receipts should be kept for the following items:

  • stationary
  • equipment
  • postage
  • photocopying
  • bank charges
  • phone/internet bills
  • courses
  • travel to meetings
  • membership of professional bodies
  • business related training


And if working from home:

  • part of the utility bills


Remember, always check with your accountant or the Inland Revenue if you are not sure what qualifies as an expense.

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