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Sullatober Dalton

March 2019

Studied the Comprehensive Creative Writing course

Sullatober Dalton“I want to thank you for the gift you gave me almost twenty years ago when I retired from mining.”

“I earned the cost of my creative writing course before I was half way through and since then I have worked as a freelance journalist, short story writer and novelist. At the end of the course, I had managed to get an article published in the BA in-flight magazine, which paid for the course several times over. I had several short stories published but, when I came back to the UK from South Africa, I concentrated on novels and have written and published eight.

“I could boast about my writing or how it led to meeting Dee Cafari, Archbishop Tutu or Christopher Soames, Queen Elizabeth’s very distant relation and business partner of the Astors, but these are not the highlights. The highlights are the wonderful people of the old slave village at Pniel near Cape Town, the man who sank the Bismark, and the old Irishman who moved a church from England to America, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

“Then there are the characters I’ve created; Mrs Boniface at the village of Oakhaven, Miss Kirkwood, Jinks and Broon in Cairndhu and the parrot the boys who broke into the vicarage had to take with them because it knew their names. Lastly, there was the pleasure Welcome to Oakhaven gave my wife. I was worried she was getting too single minded about proof reading and pointed out she didn’t need to make a life’s work of it but was told, ‘Shush, I want to see what happens to the people.’

“So much fun and I’ve been able to generate it through the help I received from The Writers Bureau.”