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Royal Wedding Competition

Winner of the Royal Wedding Sonnet Competition to win an Poetry Writing Course is:

Martin Eggleton.

His lovely sonnet really captures the spirit of the wedding and feeling of those who decided to celebrate the day.

Let me not to the marriage of two hearts
So noble and so true find feeble fault,
Here in this ancient holy place now starts
A journey that no earthly force can halt.
The student prince receives his greater prize,
Sealed with a two-fold kiss that charms the crowd,
Her eyes alight with love, both young and wise,
The commoner ascends, her smile so proud.
Beyond the bishop’s words in finest cope
And whispered vows, looks innocent and coy,
The flags of day bespeak the nation’s hope,
Then sparkling night repeats its common joy.
I need not bow my head or gently kneel
But tell myself this fairytale is real.

We also loved this sonnet sent in by Jack Horne so much we decided to award an extra prize of a review and appraisal of 120 lines of poetry.

Your grace and beauty fill besotted eyes,
Enticing endless vowing from my lips,
And trading kisses for as many sighs,
With silken touches from my fingertips.
My true eternal passion knows no bounds,
I pay you homage, ransoming my soul,
Adoring every curve and each soft mound,
Drunk on perfection - yours from head to toe,
Devoted to the temple of your form.
Your gentle lips more lush than any wine,
Dwell in my arms for ever safe and warm.
Unworthy, all I beg of you: be mine.
To be your fool in love I am resigned,
My dearest love, I pray, be sweet and kind.

Congratulations to both our winners.


Sarah Leavesly"Since starting The Art of Writing Poetry course, I have been published many times under my pen name Sarah James, won competitions and made money."

Sarah Leavesley


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