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Home Study College The Writers Bureau is Pleased to Announce the Launch of an Exciting New Course – How to Market Your Book.

Unlike other Writers Bureau courses that show you how to write, this one teaches authors what to do once they have completed their book and it’s been published. How to Market Your Book will advise writers on utilising online and offline tools to their full potential to create an effective author platform. This will mean greater sales volume and a raised author profile.

Diana Nadin, Director of Studies, says:

“Writing your book and getting it published is only half the battle. Once that part is over, as an author you have to focus all your efforts on raising your profile and the profile of your book. You can do this effectively through the use of an author platform. This involves using many different kinds of outlets such as social networking, local media and personal websites and appearances, to name but a few.

“For those not familiar with the new kinds of promotional activities, technology and tools available, it can be a daunting task. That’s where the Writers Bureau can help – How to Market Your Book will show authors how to use all these resources and pull them together to create a unique selling strategy for their work. In short, this course helps put the success of their book in the hands of the author.”

For more information visit How To Market Your Book.

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