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Poetry & Short Story Competition Winners


The Writers Bureau, Britain’s leading Creative Writing Correspondence College, are pleased to announce the winners of their 2010 Poetry & Short Story Competition.

The winners in each category were:


1st Prize (£1000) Simon Jackson, Edinburgh 

2nd Prize (£400) Roger Elkin, Stoke on Trent 

3rd Prize (£200) Russell Jones, Edinburgh 

4th Prize (£100) G. Learner, Berkshire 

5th Prizes (£50)
Sue Proffit, Devon
M. Mehta, London
Ann Symes, West Sussex
Margaret Eddershaw, Greece
P. Tomkins, Cardiff
A. Harrison, Leicestershire

Short Story

1st Prize (£1000) Caroline Bond, Pudsey

2nd Prize (£400) Sheila Llewellyn, Co. Fermanagh

3rd Prize (£200) Annalisa Crawford, Cornwall

4th Prize (£100) C. Cox, East Sussex 

5th Prizes (£50)

Anne Goodwin, Nottingham
Cathryn Robson, Cyprus
Maria Brincat, Malta
H. Reed, Somerset
Nancy Le Nezet, London
A. Field-Taylor, East Yorkshire

This year the quality of shortlisted work was excellent - our two judges, Alison Chisholm and Iain Pattison, commented on how much they had enjoyed their task. The winning entries (1st to 4th prizes in each category) can, as usual, be read at The Poetry & Short Story site

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