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The Writers Bureau Poetry Competition Winner is Announced!

The Writers Bureau are pleased to announce Margaret Eddershaw with her superb poem ‘Bones’ as the winner of their annual Poetry Writing competition, winning a first prize of £500!

Alison Chisholm, the judge, had this to say about the hundreds of entries she received:

‘This was a challenging competition to judge, as many of the entries were imaginative in both content and use of language, and were carefully crafted to produce some real gems of poetry.

Although it was disappointing to find some hackneyed or under-explored themes, and technical problems in the construction of the poems, the overall standard was high and the winners outstanding.’

However, she found one poem stood out above all others. That poem was Margaret Eddershaw’s entry ‘Bones’. Alison describes it as:

‘a visual and moving poem about an exhibit in a Greek museum, which demonstrates how a poem can cross barriers of time, distance and culture to reach a universal source of pain and pity. Vocabulary, imagery and vision combine to make this a very special poem.’

2nd Place goes to Lynne Roberts with ‘Noli me tangere’

3rd Place was awarded to Gill Learner with ‘Auntie Bob’s Feet’

And 4th place goes to Rebecca J Smithson with ‘The Language of Toddlers’

Margaret’s poem, plus those of the runners-up and Alison’s thought on them, can be read on the Writers Bureau website. Entries for the 2012 competition will be accepted from the 1st July 2012.

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