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CONGRATULATIONS! You have found our special offer page where you can enrol on our Comprehensive Creative Writing course at a MASSIVE £60 discount on normal fees.

As you may know, The Writers Bureau is the UK's leading home-study college for freelance writers. Since 1989 we have helped thousands of new writers see their name in print for the first time. And, many have gone on to earn a part or full time income from their writing.

So, grasp this opportunity today, and soon we could be publishing a testimonial like the one below with YOUR name on it!


Kryssie Fortune

"I kept seeing Writers Bureau adverts, and finally my husband, stepped in and enrolled me. Thank god he did. I love to write, but without the guidance on how to write for markets I think I’d have sunk without a trace.

"I saw a request for stories on the Loose ID website and worked out one that fit their guidelines. I wrote it, and they bought it. I didn’t know I was a screamer, but when I opened the email accepting my novella, I screamed so loud my husband though someone was attacking me.

"I’ve not made my fortune, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the size of the cheques. Amazon’s not everything but I was giddy when a couple of my books appeared in the top 20,000 in the USA. Given these listing run into millions, I found that amazing"

Kryssie Fortune


About Your Course...

The Comprehensive Creative Writing Course is a complete home-study course covering almost every aspect of writing for profit. It has been created by professional writers who, for many years, have earned their living from writing.

Your course is divided into 27 information-packed study modules. These cover all the main areas of freelance writing, apart from poetry (for which we have a separate course). Just look at all the different subjects you will learn about...

  • Readers' letters and fillers
  • Articles for women's and men's magazines
  • General interest articles
  • Travel writing
  • Writing for the trade press
  • Writing for children's and teenage publications
  • How to write humorous articles
  • Religious and inspirational writing
  • Writing reviews
  • Journalism (and photo-journalism)
  • Non-fiction books
  • Novel writing
  • Writing specialist fiction
  • Writing the short story
  • Short stories for radio
  • Writing radio drama
  • Writing for television
  • Writing for the stage

The Comprehensive Creative Writing Course will guide you through all these fascinating areas, in the in-depth study modules and twenty varied and interesting practical assignments. If you're still not sure where your true writing passions – and talents – lie, it's the ideal way to find out!

But even if you already have a particular writing interest, as many of our students will confirm, the course can open your eyes to other areas of writing you might not previously have considered but may discover you have a real aptitude for!

Perhaps you'll end up a best-selling children's author, for example, or a jet-setting travel writer, like our student below...


Cindy-Lou Dale"The most exciting result this year has to be regular publication of my reviews on Silver Travel Advisor website. Every time we go anywhere, I write a review, and these are regularly posted as ‘Review of the Week'.

"As a result of my reviews I am now officially one of their Travel Writer/Advisors. Although there is no salary, I am their first choice of reviewer when they are offered trade visits.

"In June I went to Hungary for a week alongside representatives from Thomas Cooke, Kuoni, BA Holidays and the Flight Shop. We had a fantastic time in four and five star accommodation, lots of superb restaurant meals plus visits to attractions all around the eastern side of Hungary.

"In September, I was asked to go to Thessaloniki as the Silver Traveller representative, again all expenses paid. This time, it was just arranged for me and my husband to visit rather than a group so it was very exciting.

"As a result of these visits, I have been to the World Travel Market trade show in London recently as a Travel Journalist and I am due to travel to the Algarve before Christmas  as a guest of a hotel chain there. Following the trade show, I also fully expect to be included in future trade trips, including the Nordic countries and Japan and walking in Sardinia. It's a hard life!

Jaqueline Jaynes


Enrol NOW to Save £60


And There's Much More...

When we say our course is comprehensive, we really mean it! We teach you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to become a successful, well-paid freelance writer.

You will learn...

  • The fundamentals of writing professionally – from correct grammar and punctuation to how to present a professional image to a publisher or agent.

  • How to come up with an endless stream of ideas, and turn them into profitable writing projects!

  • How to develop your imagination and create your own unique, individual style which will have agents and publishers DESPERATE to get their hands on your work!

  • The secrets of writing compelling fiction – including plotting, characterization, dialogue, description, and more.

  • Essential legal aspects of writing – everything you need to know regarding copyright and libel.

  • How to negotiate a book contract – the key terms to ask for and pitfalls to avoid in the publishing jungle.

  • And, crucially, you will learn how to SELL your writing.We reveal how to get editors and publishers to look favourably on your work, and give practical suggestions that can make all the difference between rejection and success.

And there's another very important ingredient to your course, helping ensure the success of your studies...


Your Personal Tutor

As a Writers Bureau student, you're never left alone to flounder. Every student has their own personal tutor allocated, based on their writing interests and aspirations.

All our tutors are currently published writers, so they have a good working knowledge of the markets. From their own direct experience, they can help you to start writing, find ideas, and produce the sort of work that really sells in the current marketplace.

Your tutor will...

  • Give you an honest opinion about your work, advising, as needed, on style, subject matter, presentation, grammar and anything else that matters.

  • Tell you how to improve your work – if improvement is necessary – and how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that so many beginners make.

  • Give you constructive feedback, and help you be objective and realistic in your approach to your writing.

  • Provide motivation and encouragement, helping you overcome any little setbacks and build on your achievements and successes.

This one-to-one guidance gives you a trusting and open environment in which to work – so much so, that many students come to know their tutor as a real friend. What's more, the course has been designed so that your study path is fully flexible to your needs and circumstances. For example, you can study fiction before non-fiction. You can study at your own speed. You can give extra attention to a particular subject if you wish, and you can have extra assignments and extra writing practice if you feel the need.

In short, at The Writers Bureau we do our utmost to ensure that the personal guidance you receive, and the writing practice you gain, gives you the best possible chance to become a successful, published writer.

Keith Large“The course gave me the confidence to attampt to write anything. With the support of first calss tutors, whose expertise and advice identified my errors and promptly rectified them, by assignment three I'd already begun getting published”

Keith Large - Derby 


Yes, I'd like to become a successful writer. Enrol me NOW!

And There's Still More!

Your tutor isn't your only source of guidance and support – all Writers Bureau students with Internet access are also automatically enrolled in the Writers Bureau Student Community.

This features...

  • Discussion forums – giving you the chance to chat and network with other students.

  • Resource library – where you can access the latest course support material.

  • Your course materials – so you can start your course straight away while you wait for your course books to arrive.

  • Tutor profiles, and quick links to tutor blogs and websites.

  • The student e-magazine – you can view, contribute to, comment on, or even volunteer to edit the student magazine, which is written and produced by students for students.

Through the Writers Bureau Student Community, you will become part of a dedicated and supportive group of writers, sharing information, advice and encouragement, and inspiring one another to ever greater achievements. More details will be provided when you enrol!


Ready To Sign Up?


Where You Can Sign Up Today

At a Huge £60 Discount!


Your Triple Guarantee

Of course, even at the current special discount price, we recognize that for many students enrolling on the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course represents a fairly substantial investment.

So, for your peace of mind – and to show our full confidence in the course and tuition service – we make your enrolment as risk-free as possible by giving you a cast-iron, Triple Guarantee...



  1. If you have not earned your tuition fees from published writing within six months of completing your course, your full course fees will be refunded.

  2. You will have the course on 15-day inspection. If you are not completely satisfied with it, just return it within 15 days of receipt and your money will be refunded in full.

  3. We will give you a £10 refund for every written assignment that is not assessed properly by your tutor (failing agreement between us, arbitration is available). This is in addition to any refund you may eventually claim under the first guarantee.


The Writers Bureau Triple Guarantee is your safeguard of a fair deal from The Writers Bureau. It also ensures that we maintain the highest tuition standards. After all, we have to live up to them!


Your Certificate of Competence

A Certificate of Competence is awarded to all successful students. You qualify for your Certificate as soon as you have earned your course fees from published writing. This may be near the start of your course, somewhere in the middle, or near the end. Wherever it is, you can be rightly proud of it; because it is, we hope and expect, just the start of much bigger things to come.


Summing Up...

Here then are twelve reasons you can enrol with complete confidence today on The Writers Bureau Comprehensive Creative Writing Course...

  1. A first-class comprehensive course written by successful professional writers.

  2. Caring, constructive help from expert tutors (all published writers).

  3. Three Guarantees to make your enrolment as 'risk free' as possible.

    a) A full refund if you have not earned your tuition fees by the time you finish the course.
    b) You have the course on 15-day inspection.
    c) £10 refund for each assignment not properly corrected.

  4. Help and advice when you need it from our experienced Student Advisory Team.

  5. A flexible study programme to suit YOU, including twenty individual writing assignments for practice and guidance.

  6. With most of your assignments you will be writing material that can be submitted for publication.

  7. Specialist help on how to sell your writing. Your tutor will give you further advice on this.

  8. Your full course is sent as soon as you enrol, attractively presented in a library sleeve.

  9. You can complete your fees by instalments if this is more convenient.

  10. You have two years to complete your studies.

  11. You are awarded a Certificate of Competence as soon as you have earned it.

  12. You become a member of the Writers Bureau Student Community, with all the additional benefits this confers.

And, of course, by enrolling via this website you get a massive £60 discount on the normal price shown on our main site at! Just CLICK HERE  to enrol at the discount price today!

Look on your course fee as an investment (and yes, once you're properly set up as a freelance writer, it's fully tax deductible!) And it's an investment that really could pay big dividends sooner than you think...


Lucy Pearce“I decided that this was the year to take myself seriously as a writer. I had been getting bits and pieces published for the past three years, but felt I'd hit an invisible wall. I wanted to start to earn properly from my writing and widen my readership, but didn't know how to approach bigger publications professionally – I was at sea.

“Enter The Writers Bureau. I'd seen them advertised for years in the Sunday supplements. When I looked into the course last January I thought, 'money-back guarantee – there's nothing to lose.'

“Well, I earned back my course fee in less than three months! The information in The Writers Bureau course booklets has been my pilot ship, and the feedback from my tutor, my lighthouse, showing up rocky spots I had not seen myself.”



Enrol Now For Only £364


If you've always dreamed of being a writer, this is YOUR golden opportunity to fulfil your ambition. With our unique Triple Guarantee there really is nothing to lose, and everything potentially to gain. The door to opportunity is open, ready for you to step through and start your new life as a freelance writer.

I look forward very much to welcoming you as a new student of The Writers Bureau.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Metcalfe signature

Susan Busby

The Writers Bureau

P.S. You can start becoming a successful writer straight away – the first sections of your course are available in the Student Community Area on this website as soon as your payment has been accepted. So don't wait a moment longer. Click Here to Enrol NOW!

Sarah Plater Writers Bureau's Writer of the Year 2017

“I’m currently working on my fourth book, have been paid for my writing by at least 15 different magazines, and now earn half my income from writing – all thanks to The Writers Bureau’s course."

Sarah Plater - Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 2017

Read Sarah's full story.

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