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Three Tips On How To Become A Writer! Part Two.

How To Become a A WriterAnother thing you can do is make a note of interesting conversations you hear, ideas that spring to mind or items of interest that you see on the news. They will come in useful later when you’re developing characters, writing articles or trying to find ideas.

Make sure you write everyday. A personal diary is a great place to start. Blogs are good too.

Having a purpose for your writing can be a big motivator. An assignment for a course you are doing or a regular coloumn for your work’s newsletter will help you to get into the discipline of writing.

Being all arty and sighing deeply waiting for the muse to strike won’t help you with this craft. It’s all about getting those words down and then you need to start…

The Editing Process

The third thing you must learn to do is edit your work. Your first draft is unlikely to be without errors. And sometimes it’s best to let your writing flow out of you and not get distracted by spelling mistakes and grammar.

So, the editing stage is as important as the initial writing stage.

Put your writing aside for a period of time so you can look at it with fresh eyes. We recommend about 24hrs. Then read it through. You’ll see immediately where it works and what needs changing to make it flow.

Keep an eye out for spelling and grammatical errors. It’s easier to spot errors at this more considered stage of the writing process than it is when you are furiously typing away.

Put aside again and then see if it needs more work. When you are happy with it you can then post it, send it to an editor or share it with family and friends.

So to sum up, to become a writer you need to read a lot, write regularly and learn to edit. If you’d like to have some guidance on how to be a writer then check out our Creative Writing Course. We’ll help you develop your style and show you how to sell your work.

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"I signed up for the course in December 2020 as a Christmas present to myself and I started the first module in January 2021. I have had eight pieces published: three paid earning £1080 and a star letter where I won a £250 hotel voucher."

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