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Writing for Children – How a course can help.

How Can a Course Help me Achieve

My Goal of Writing for Children? Would you try to build a house without learning how to do it first? Most people would answer no to that question and the same goes for writing a children’s book. It is a process that requires planning, research, organisation and review. A great way to learn how to write for children is under the supervision of a published, successful children’s author. This expert tuition combined with thorough course materials for you to follow is the perfect way to access the vital information you need.


What Age Should I Write For?

Choosing what age group you want to write for can be tricky and taking a course is an excellent way to try them all out. Examining each age group, having a go at writing for them and receiving feedback from an experienced published children’s author will help you decide which kind of children’s writing you like to do.

What Genre Should I Choose?

Courses are also good for introducing you to the different genres of children’s writing: humour, fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance and so on, some of which you may not have considered before. You may decide that you want to use different genres for the different books you write. For example, humour might be a good way to write a children’s book about the facts of life.

What Style of Book Should I Write?

There are lots of different styles of children’s books to choose from including:

  • picture books

  • activity books

  • puzzle books

  • short novels or novellas

And, again, you may want to choose different styles for different genres and ages. If you write for very young children you are most likely to use picture books, lots of lovely pictures to look at and not much to read. Whereas if you write for young teen girls you may want to write short novels, also known as novellas, so that they are quick to read and have the potential to become a series, which is always popular with publishers and readers alike. A thorough children’s writing course should allow you to try all these different kinds of writing and you’ll soon discover which ones you like and are good at.

Helping Hand

Why struggle by yourself when you can have comprehensive materials to work from and expert tuition to guide you? Working by yourself may get your book published eventually but it’s likely to happen much more quickly if you follow a course, have your work appraised by experienced published writers and then make improvements based on their feedback. You could say it’s a helping hand – a way to speed up your children’s writing apprenticeship.

So, all in all, courses offer a safe environment for you to experiment with and develop your own style. Once you are happy with your work, you can set out confidently into the world of children’s writing knowing that you have produced something that children are going to love.

Take a look at the websites of two of our Writing for Children course tutors to see what kinds of children’s books they publish – Karen King and Stephanie Baudet. See what tutor and published children’s author Stephanie Baudet has to say in her video writing picture books for children. And if you fancy having a go at writing a children’s book request our Writing For Children course prospectus.

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“I began my first Writers Bureau course (Comprehensive Creative Writing) in 2007. Having more than covered the course fees from published pieces I have never looked back. Initially my ambitions were to get going. I knew I wanted to be a writer, I just didn’t know how to go about it, or, if I’m honest, quite what I wanted to write. Since, I have gradually blended a teaching career with writing, first with articles and short stories, then increasing the writing commitment dramatically when I secured an agent in 2016 to ghostwrite a series of memoirs. This year I have undertaken The Art of Writing Poetry course to really hone my skills in what I now realise is a genre I love - and have already had my first poems published.”

Theresa Gooda - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2021

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