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David Kinchin

February 2019

Studied the Comprehensive Creative Writing course

David Kinchin"My journey started when I suddenly became medically retired and had a lot of time on my hands. In 1990 I decided to try my luck as writing as a career.

"I enrolled as a student with the Writers Bureau when it was just a year old. I worked hard at the assignments and found I was actually quite good at market research which helped me no end. I continued to write for trade magazines and work on my assignments at the same time. My success was moderate initially but the acceptances soon started to stack up. In 1993 I won the title of Distance Learning Student of the Year!

"In 1993 I showed the work I had done for assignment N10 to a publisher and they agreed to work this into a text book. I had to undertake a great deal of research study into the subject of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and in 1994 this book was published by HarperCollins. I just couldn’t believe it.

"I was also in talks with Radio South Africa, RTE Ireland and with the BBC concerning an idea I had for a radio police drama series. All were interested and I confess I played one against the other until I got a contract and an advance (almost unheard of today) from the BBC.

"My tutoring also started with the Writers Bureau in April 1994. The articles for magazines continued and I suddenly found myself with regular work from a handful of different editors both in the UK and the USA. I found being labelled as “our European Correspondent” something of an exaggeration but was happy to go along with this.

"By 2001 I was working with several hundred Bureau students and working with another writer to co-author a second book on PTSD – this time on PTSD and children; different publisher this time. The book was very well received in educational fields as well as within counselling circles.

"A new challenge was writing for the stage and both writing and directing the local Christmas pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk. It was a glowing experience to actually hear performers on stage delivering my lines which I had written for them. Nothing feels quite like this.

"2001 saw a brand new edition of my original book on PTSD – more chapters and a different publisher. This publisher stayed with me for a third and fourth edition of this work. In 2005 I dared to publish yet another book, this time on specific treatments for PTSD. This was with Jessica Kingsley Publishers who gave me the best publishing experience ever. I really felt a part of a team working with them. They went on to publish large print editions of this book and also a Hebrew edition – something which took me by surprise again.

"All of these experiences really helped me work with students. I can brag that I have never had a book proposal rejected – although I have had a good many rejections with articles and short stories I have submitted over time.

"2019 will see me celebrating 25 years as a Bureau tutor, and I can hold 4 books (and one distance learning course book), radio plays and short stories, and over 2,000 feature articles to my name. Oh, and did I tell you I also now edit a quarterly journal? I will save that for another time. Without the Writers Bureau I don’t think I would have completed even a tenth of this work."


Annemarie Munro Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2022

"I have seen my writing journey as an adventure: What can I write? What am I best at? What new aspects of writing can I discover and contribute towards? I have welcomed the wide range of modules covering different types of writing, challenging me to try new aspects in style and content, pushing me gently outside my comfort zone with encouragement.

"I signed up for the course in December 2020 as a Christmas present to myself and I started the first module in January 2021. I have had eight pieces published: three paid earning £1080 and a star letter where I won a £250 hotel voucher."

Annemarie Munro - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2022

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