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Cracking the Short Story Market

by Iain Pattison              £12.99 plus p & pCracking the Short Story Market

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This fun, easy to follow book is a must if you have ever yearned to write sensational short stories and sell them.

Packed with insider tips from top short story writer, Iain Pattison, this step-by-step guide features a host of successful marketing and tale-telling techniques. He shows you how to create stunning characters, dazzling dialogue and ingenious plotlines that will impress both fiction editors and competition judges alike.

Plus, Iain offers you a wealth of invaluable advice on breaking into the small press market – with special sections on children's magazines, horror, sci-fi and erotica. He even tells you how to be published on the Internet and sell stories to the most prestigious of all markets – BBC radio!

With clear language, entertaining examples and wry humour Iain steers you towards the delights of writing fiction that fizzes . . . and can earn you lots of lovely cash!


Vicki Harwood Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2018

“My tutor and The Writers Bureau changed my life. It’s easy to say that but the proof is in the number of books I’ve published through my own company. Thanks to the course I have full control of my work and can write confidently in a multitude of different fields. It certainly opened my eyes to the industry and equipped me with the confidence and skills to have a go at anything.”

Vicki Harwood - Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 20188

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