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How to Write for Competitions - and Win! Course

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How to Write for Competitions and Win!

Winning competitions can help you in many ways as a writer - raise your profile, help you be taken seriously, win some money and even bring you to the attention of an agent. You also get the chance to write a more literary or individual piece than if you were trying for publication.

Writing for competitions is different from writing for publication. Many of the same rules apply but there are certain aspects which you need to consider before sending off your entries.

Two of the UK's top competition judges - Iain Pattison and Alison Chisholm - share with you the secrets of success for entering competitions. Their check lists and guidelines will help you to avoid the most common mistakes made by novices, avoid disqualification and boost your chance of winning.

How Will the How to Write for Competitions - and Win! course help me?
The course takes a comprehensive look at the world of writing competitions, including:

  • finding suitable competitions
  • submitting work like a professional
  • avoiding disqualification
  • coming up with fresh and exciting ideas
  • how to impress the judges (remember the writers of this course are seasoned short story judges Iain Pattison and Alison Chisholm, so you really are getting insider information!)
  • how to spot and avoid scams


So What are You Waiting For?
Writing for Competitions is fun as well as having the potential to win some money. So, grab this opportunity to save £25 on your course and increase your chances of winning with your next competition entry. Go on - enrol today!

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You have:

  • 4 tutor marked assignments
  • 12 information-packed modules
  • Support from the Writers Bureau student community, tutors and advisors.


Enrol Now and Save £25

Theresa Gooda Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2021

“I began my first Writers Bureau course (Comprehensive Creative Writing) in 2007. Having more than covered the course fees from published pieces I have never looked back. Initially my ambitions were to get going. I knew I wanted to be a writer, I just didn’t know how to go about it, or, if I’m honest, quite what I wanted to write. Since, I have gradually blended a teaching career with writing, first with articles and short stories, then increasing the writing commitment dramatically when I secured an agent in 2016 to ghostwrite a series of memoirs. This year I have undertaken The Art of Writing Poetry course to really hone my skills in what I now realise is a genre I love - and have already had my first poems published.”

Theresa Gooda - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2021

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