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Novel & Short Story Writing Course

When You Enrol Before 13th March 2022

This course is the ideal guide to help you write your novel or short stories. You are taken step-by-step through the creative process from setting up your writing space to finding publishers for your work.

Help and Guidance from Your Personal Tutor

Under the guidance of an expert tutor - a published writer - you will develop your writing skills. You receive advice on: style, subject matter, grammar, presentation and anything else that matters. You will be advised how to improve your work - if improvement is necessary - and how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that many beginners make.

Your tutor will encourage you, be objective, be realistic but most of all give you constructive comment. You'll find this feedback invaluable as you start to find your writer's voice and develop your style.

Enrol Now and Save £25

If you dream of writing a novel and short stories this course is the ideal place to start. It comes on 15 day trial and is available online as soon as your enrolment is complete. There's no time like the present to get going. Just think where your writing can be this time next year if you start today!

Enrol Now and Save £25


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This course will teach you all you'll need to know to write novels and short stories, including:

  • how to find ideas
  • how to develop plots and characters
  • how to write for different genres
  • how to write dialogue
  • writing specialist fiction
  • how to sell your work and find publishers

Plus, you have:

  • 10 information-packed modules
  • 8 tutor-marked assignments
  • support from the Writers Bureau's tutors, staff and student community

Lizbeth Crawford"My debut novel, Hate To Love You, by Elise Alden (my pen name for contemporary and historical romance), received three offers of publication. I went with Harlequin Carina Press.

"So, thank you Writers Bureau, to which I am extremely grateful. The Novel and Short Story course gave me the tools I needed to write my first novel."

Lizbeth Crawford


Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

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