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Save £25 On Your Non-Fiction Writing Course

When You Enrol Before 13th March 2022

If you want to make some money then non-fiction writing is the best place to start. There are plenty of markets to sell you work to including newspapers, magazines and websites covering everything from general interest to specialist subjects.

Your Non-Fiction Writing Course
We'll take you step-by-step through the process of writing for the non-fiction market. You start by developing your writing style and then quickly move onto reader's letters, fillers, and then all forms of article writing. Next you cover journalism before learning how to plan, develop and write non-fiction books.

Earn from Your Non-Fiction Writing
Once you've mastered your writing style you can start to sell your work, so we show you all the essential techniques to getting your work accepted and paid for. How far you take it will depend on you. Some people earn a handy extra income that pays for holidays whilst others go all out and become full-time freelance writers.

Guidance from a Professional Writer
Your course also has 10 tutor-marked assignments to give you practice and guidance. Your tutor is a professional writer so knows the market place and what an editor will accept. Our students tell us that their help and advice is invaluable to their development as a writer.

Enrol Now and Save £25
We think non-fiction writing is a great skill to have; it allows you to use your knowledge and experience to earn a living and be creative at the same time - what could be better? So, we are offering you a special discount of £25 off the course fees.

Enrol Now and Save £25

Article Writing

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Your course shows you:

  • how to find ideas
  • the quickest way into print
  • how to develop your imagination and create your own individual style
  • how to plan and prepare non-fiction books
  • how to profit from your photography
  • about copyright and libel
  • the terms to accept
  • how to sell your work


Plus you have:

  • 10 tutor-marked assignments
  • 20 information-packed modules
  • help and support from The Writers Bureau's tutors, advisors and student community


Enrol Now and Save £25