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Save £25 On Your Fiction Writing Course

When You Enrol Before 13th March 2022

How do you fancy writing a novel? Or maybe you think you'd be a great short story writer? Well, now's your chance to try as our latest offer is for the ever popular Fiction Writing course with personal tuition. This course is for those of you who know you'd like to write fiction, but are not sure where to start. It'll give you a chance to try many different kinds of writing and includes details on how to find ideas and plan your novel, write specialist fiction, short stories and radio drama, scripts for TV and theatre, deal with literary agents and most important of all, how to sell your writing.

Earn From Your Fiction Writing

Once you've mastered writing fiction you can start to sell your work, so the course teaches you about all the essential legal aspects, including copyright, plagiarism, libel and, of course, contracts. There's a huge market for fiction writing and the competitions you could enter are endless - literally! So, get yourself enrolled now, learn how to write fiction really well and then submit your entry.

Or Simply do it for Pleasure

Of course you don't have to write to earn a living, you can simply write for pleasure. Many people do this - publishing their work online or self-publishing their work for friends and family. They simply want others to have the pleasure of reading their work.

Enrol Now and Save £25!

We think fiction writing is a great thing to do; it allows you to use your creativity to earn a living - what could be better? So, we are offering a special discount of £25 off the course fees for two weeks only. Enrol by 13th March 2022 and your fees are just £349 for the complete course.

Enrol Now and Save £25


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Your course shows you:

  • how to find ideas
  • how to create believable characters
  • how to write sparkling dialogue
  • how to plan a novel
  • writing short stories
  • how to write scripts
  • about copyright and libel
  • the terms to accept
  • how to sell your work

Plus you have:

  • 12 tutor marked assignments
  • 14 information-packed modules
  • Support from the Writers Bureau student community, tutors and advisors.


Enrol Now and Save £25