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Writing For Children Course

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Children's Writing CourseThere's a common misconception about writing for children and I bet you think it too. Do you know what it is? Yep - that it's easier to write for children than it is for adults. I mean, it can't be that difficult to throw a few words together for kids, can it? And picture books must be a breeze! After all they are mainly pictures, right?


Children's books are a specialist type of writing that requires skill, creativity, imagination and lots of planning. The fewer words you have to work with the harder it is to get it right. So, the Writing for Children course is designed to help you understand your very demanding audience and produce work that's suitable for their eager, sponge-like minds.

Make Money from Writing for Children

Once you've mastered writing for children, there's no reason why you can't make money from your work. There are lots of hugely successful children's authors: Eric Carle, Julia Donaldson and Lauren Child to name but a few and there's no reason why you can't join them. Imagine having a theme park based on your book. Well, that's what one of our Writer of the Year runners-up has achieved. Read how Angela Kecojevic's book 'Hobbledown' became the inspiration for a children’s theme park and zoo called Hobbledown - a Mystical Adventure.

So, if you want to write for children this is the place to start. And, if you enrol before 16th July 2017 you'll save £25. What could be better?


Enrol Now and Save £25



What will the Writing for Children Course teach me?

You'll learn everything you need to get yourself started in children’s writing, including:

  • how to find ideas
  • structuring storylines
  • creating realistic characters
  • picture, story, educational and puzzle books
  • magazines and poetry

You have:

  • 15 tutor-marked assignments
  • 14 information-packed modules
  • support from the Writers Bureau's advisors, tutors and student community


Enrol Now and Save £25

Vassiliki Plomaritou"I always felt that I wanted to be a writer and write stories for children and novels for young adults. It was then that I did an enormous amount of internet research and discovered The Writers Bureau Writing for Children course. In eight months, I had two books under publication!"

Vassiliki Plomaritou

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