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Biographies – we love them! Human nature is fascinating and, pushed by modern popular culture, we are encouraged to be interested in the minutiae of other people’s lives, especially celebrity lives. So there’s a huge market out there for biographies of the famous – and infamous! And, like all books, someone has to write them. That someone could be you.

But of course you don’t have to write about someone else, you can document your own life if you prefer. Many people want to leave a record of their experiences or write about their family’s history for future generations and this course is ideally suited to those purposes too.

Make Money From Writing Biographies and Memoirs
If you plan to write a biography, you’ll want to sell your finished work to interested publishers. So, you’ll need to know about libel and copyright issues, contacting publishers and contracts. We’ll also advise on how to ghost write for others, which is common with biographies. And if you decide to write your own memoir or family history and self-publish, we can guide you through that process too.

Personal Tuition
And, don’t forget, you also have assignments to complete. These will be marked by an experienced tutor who’s also a published writer and their advice will help you bring your work up to a publishable standard.

So, if you want to write about people, this is the course for you.

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What Will The Biographies Course Teach Me?

It’ll cover everything you need to get your biography, memoir or family history off the ground; we’ll teach you about:

  • developing your writing style
  • structuring your approach
  • analysing the potential commercial success of your book
  • doing your research conducting interviews


You have:

  • 15 tutor-marked assignments
  • 18 information-packed modules
  • support from the Writers Bureau's advisors, tutors and student community


Enrol Now and Save £25

Gilian Atack

"The course has helped me write a story that evokes strong emotions; the constructive but motivational feedback I received from The Writers Bureau has helped me knock down the barriers to self-doubt. Recently, I held my first book launch where I talked about how and why I wrote my story."

Gillian Atack

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