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Cindy-Lou Dale

February 2019

Studied the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course

Cindy Lou DaleCindy-Lou Dale“I’ve gone from strength to strength, both my travel writing, and car reviews have been published in numerous high-end journals around the world, as well as in-flight magazines, luxury lifestyle publications, wealth management and trade journals… whatever takes my fancy really. The key is to publish in a diverse mix of magazine – for example, I’m a travel writer, but this doesn’t mean you’ll only see my articles in travel magazines. In fact, you’ll seldom see them there as they don’t pay near as well as genre specific magazines like a dental magazine. Remember, dentists too go on holiday - and drive luxury cars!

“However, world economics has made freelancing all the more difficult, especially in getting past the first hurdle, which is grabbing the editor’s attention. Therefore, formulating a good pitch is crucial, essential even. Being a luxury lifestyle magazine editor myself I’m often appalled at the shoddy pitches I receive from supposedly professionally trained journalists. Universities may well teach the fundamentals of journalism to their students, but they have little knowledge of how to write – and even fewer know what pitching is.

“Which is why I found training with The Writers Bureau to be crucial. I learnt core elements of the business not covered in journalism. I took it a step further and wrote a self-help book entitled ‘Secrets of a professional travel writer’ (available on Amazon) which gets down to the guts of how to compile a pitch and construct and article. The feedback I’ve received has been terrific.

“In between assignment I’m writing a novel about surviving child abuse, religious extremism, mental illness, political violence, murder… which I need to (1) finish (I’m 80% there!) (2) find a proofreader and (3) find an agent. Who knows, you may well find me on a bookstore next year!”



Theresa Gooda Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2021

“I began my first Writers Bureau course (Comprehensive Creative Writing) in 2007. Having more than covered the course fees from published pieces I have never looked back. Initially my ambitions were to get going. I knew I wanted to be a writer, I just didn’t know how to go about it, or, if I’m honest, quite what I wanted to write. Since, I have gradually blended a teaching career with writing, first with articles and short stories, then increasing the writing commitment dramatically when I secured an agent in 2016 to ghostwrite a series of memoirs. This year I have undertaken The Art of Writing Poetry course to really hone my skills in what I now realise is a genre I love - and have already had my first poems published.”

Theresa Gooda - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2021

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