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Christina JonesChristina Jones – Award Winning Novelist

Within six months of beginning my course, I was having work commissioned from editors. I had earned my joining fee – and more – before I had even completed half the course. The Writers Bureau made this possible for me.

Christina Jones


Getting Your Writing Career Started

Christina’s parents gave her a head start – by the time she attended school she could already read! And so her love of words and writing began. In 1990 she enrolled with The Writers Bureau and whilst studying managed to have every assignment piece published. She was soon earning enough to give up her day job and write full-time. Since then writing has become, in her own words, ‘an obsession, a friend and a way of life.’

Getting Your Writing published

Going the Distance’, Christina’s first humorous novel was published by Orion, was chosen as WH Smith’s Fresh Talent Award and went on to sell over 200,000 copies, which put Christina on the Fastseller list. The next novel ‘Running The Risk’ was reprinted five times in only three months and two further novels quickly followed.

Awards, Novels, Short Stories and e-books

Christina is an award winning novelist. She won the Pure Passion Award for ‘Love Potions’ in 2008 and has had a further 16 novels published in the romantic comedy genre. She also won the Melissa Nathan category award for ‘The Best Bitch’. ‘The Way To A Woman’s Heart’ was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of 2011 Award and, she’s still writing and selling short stores for publication in magazines. She’s also just published two volumes of short stories on Kindle – ‘Bucolic Frolics’ and ‘Happy Ever After’, which she confirms are selling very well.

Writing Success in Germany

Not content with success in the UK, Christina is also thrilled to be a hit in Germany! All of her novels have been translated into German and they’re loving them as much as we do.

A Thriving Writing Career

Christina’s newest novel, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, is out now, and has received five star reviews on Amazon. She’s also signed a new two book deal with Piatkus/Little Brown and is heading off in a new direction with a focus on ‘big events in small locations’.

Christina’s story shows that a love of words can translate into a successful full-time career if you know where to get professional help.


Alice Vinten Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2020

“All I knew when I joined up with The Writers Bureau is that I'd always wanted to write and never had the nerve to start. I've been an avid reader from an early age, and 'being a published writer' seemed like an unobtainable dream. The Writers Bureau opened my eyes to possibilities that I'd never considered before - writing for magazines, pitching for non-fiction books, and researching the writing industry. On the 18th April 2019, my memoir On the Line - Life and Death in the Metropolitan Police was published in paperback by Two Roads Books.”

Alice Vinten - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2020

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