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Boosting your Writing Sales with Pictures

I’m sure you’ll not believe me, but submitting pictures with your writing can improve your chances of making a sale quite considerably. As one editor once said, “If I get a fantastic article with no pictures and a great article with pictures, I’ll take the great one with pictures.”

Why is that? Well, have you ever tried finding pictures to go with an article you’ve written? It can be a horrible nightmare – sifting through thousands of images online, trying to find one that is appropriate and has not been used to death! Then once you’ve found one you like, you’ve got to determine who owns the copyright and what steps you’ll have to take to use the image legally. So, if you don’t provide the images with your article, the editor will have carry out all that research himself. And, he’ll not be happy if it takes him hours and hours.

When you take all that into account, it’s easy to see why any editor is going to love you for providing him with good – note we said good – quality photos. And, you’ll get paid handsomely for them too. Someone we know turned $300 into $750 just by adding photos – that’s more for the photos than for the article itself!

So, how do you take great photos? Follow the tips below and you’ll be wowing editors with your photography in no time.

Tip 1. Take lots of photos!

This is really easy to do these days with digital cameras. You can take hundreds of photos and then just disregard the ones that are not very good. It’s best to have a range to send to the editor, so that they can decide which they want to use. And remember to take your camera everywhere you go – you never know when you might see something really interesting to write about.

Tip 2. Detail is key

People love to see detail. They don’t want to be straining to see what it is that you’ve taken a picture of so, if you are writing about a famous fountain, get the whole of the fountain in the shot, make it fill the view finder. Then you could get closer and take shots of any interesting features on the fountain.

Tip 3. Make the photo say something

By this we mean try to convey information using the photo. So, if you say that the restaurant is located by the side of a beautiful lake, try to get a photo that includes them both. Then maybe sit at a table in the restaurant and take a photo of what you can see out of the window to show the reader the view.

Tip 4. Keep scale in mind

If your article mentions the size of something, then do your very best to get that scale into the picture. For example if you are writing about a tiny cottage you came across in deepest rural Ireland, it’d be great to have a photo of you or your car next to it so the reader can see just how tiny the house is.

What to do if you don’t take photos

Even if you don’t own a digital camera, or don’t feel confident taking photos, it’s still a good idea to find some appropriate, copyright free, pictures and send them along with your article to the editor or suggest where he can see them. It may take a few hours, but if it means that your chances of getting published are increased, it’s definitely worth it! Remember to check who owns copyright and if you need permission to use the picture. These three websites offer images for you to use:

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