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£25 Review and Appraisal

Receive An Honest Opinion On Your Writing Plus Help and Feedback!

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Find out how well you can write with this special taster review and appraisal rate. You can now receive a professional opinion on any piece of prose up to 2000 words, or any number of poems up to 60 lines, for only £25.

You can send in: articles, short stories, blogs or poems.

If you want comment on suitability for a chosen market, simply say which publication you have written for.

How To Send Your Manuscript
You can send your manuscript by email or post. With each manuscript state clearly the market this is intended for. If it has been written without a specific market in mind, please say so. Make sure you give a word count. We aim to return work within 10 days.

We will do our best to take care of your manuscript but we cannot be held responsible for material lost in transit – so please keep a copy of everything you send to us.

Sending Your Manuscript by Email
If you would like to send your manuscript by email you must still use double line spacing (except in the case of poems). Save the work in a single attachment, using Rich Text Format. Then attach it to a brief email providing your order number or details of how you are sending your fees and the information outlined above. Make sure you include your name and put 'Review and Appraisal' in the subject line. Send it to:

Sending Your Manuscript by Post
If you send your manuscript by post it must be typed, using double spacing (except in the case of poems) with sufficient margins for the tutor to write in if required. We cannot accept handwritten manuscripts. Please use one side of the paper only and we prefer a 12pt type size.

Please use this form and attach it to your manuscript with a cheque, cash or postal order for the appropriate amount. Alternatively you can fill in details of your credit card, or if you paid online, write the order number on the form. The form and your work should be sent to:


Review and Appraisal Service
The Writers Bureau
8-10 Dutton Street,
Manchester, M3 1LE

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