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An Introduction to Writing Dialogue

Two-session online workshop, 1 - 1.5 hours per session, live teaching, via Zoom.

Session times vary depending on the questions and discussions that arise. 
Sessions will be a minimum of one hour.

Only ten places available on each workshop

Click Here to Enrol: Starting Thursday 11th November 2021 at 7pm for two weeks ending 18th November 2021

Click Here to Enrol: Starting Thursday 25th November 2021 at 10.30am for two weeks ending 2nd December 2021

Times shown are GMT

Workshop fee: £49

(meeting invite to follow after enrolment)


Join us in our virtual classroom for this two-session creative writing workshop from the comfort of your own home, via Zoom.

With numbers strictly limited to ten, this workshop takes you step by step through the process of laying out dialogue professionally and shows you how to use it to bring your characters, and stories, to life.

This is a great opportunity to develop your writing skills and make friends with others on the same journey. It’ll be exciting, stretching, lots of fun, and give you the confidence to take your writing forward. This workshop is suitable for writers who want to develop their dialogue writing skills, including beginners.


Workshop Outline:

Each session will start with some writing chat to help the group get to know each other, relax and settle into a creative mindset. We also play creative games so you can learn some of the functions in Zoom that we need to use in the workshop.

Week 1: How to Write Dialogue – Here you’ll learn what dialogue can be used for in your story, and how to lay it out. You'll complete a short exercise to see how effective it can be at bringing your stories to life.

Week 2: Writing a Scene Using Dialogue – In this session, you’ll explore the subtext in dialogue and how to use it effectively to make your characters believable and have depth. Then it's over to you to write a short scene using dialogue. You'll have a chance to share your writing (if you want to) and receive constructive feedback. 

Outside of the Zoom sessions we provide an online classroom where you will find all the workshop notes for you to download. Plus, you'll able to share your work (if you want to) and interact with your class mates between sessions.


Workshop fee: £49

Phil Busby


Workshop Leader :Phil Busby – E.N. (M) B.A. Hons and co-founder of Budding Writers

A playwright, singer-songwriter and author, Phil works in course development for The Writers Bureau, Manchester. Originally a psychiatric nurse, he studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts before working across Europe for ten years as a performer, writer and workshop leader.


By taking part in this workshop you will:

  • meet other writers

  • have time to ask questions as there are only ten participants per group

  • develop an understanding of how to use dialogue effectively in your writing

  • learn how to set out dialogue professionally

  • learn new ways to improve your writing

  • gain increased self-confidence to take your writing forward on your own.



This workshop is run by Budding Writers in partnership with The Writers Bureau