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Keith Gregson

November 2020

Studied the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course

Keith Gregson Writer and MusicianI left teaching in 2003 at the age of 55 to pursue a career as a freelance musician, writer and historian. I joined WB and got some excellent advice - mainly as a result of which I had ten most successful years writing articles and managed to make half my living out of articles and the odd book. In 2007 I was runner up in the WB writer of the year.

From 2103 I have concentrated mostly on music and writing books with only articles for Family History magazines now and then. At 70 it was nearly all music and then (at 71) - the pandemic and in order to survive I have gone back to a disciplined 5 days a week writing - mainly academic articles but also family history related articles and taking part in online shows.

Throughout my article writing career I put copies of every article in date order into files - there were nine files full in all at the end with well over 500 articles. I wrote 11 short stories for My Weekly as Katie Grayson/Kelly Goulding and did over 50 Tea Break Treats for the same mag based around pop music of the 50s and 60s. Laugh a minute middle son has named his youngest daughter 'after me' - Katie!

Your advice was simple - I already had the writing skills (having published mainly academic work and articles on folk song research before 2003) and needed to look to my areas of strength in terms of knowledge - viz all forms of history, music and tradition.

Alice Vinten Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2020

“All I knew when I joined up with The Writers Bureau is that I'd always wanted to write and never had the nerve to start. I've been an avid reader from an early age, and 'being a published writer' seemed like an unobtainable dream. The Writers Bureau opened my eyes to possibilities that I'd never considered before - writing for magazines, pitching for non-fiction books, and researching the writing industry. On the 18th April 2019, my memoir On the Line - Life and Death in the Metropolitan Police was published in paperback by Two Roads Books.”

Alice Vinten - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2020

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