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The Hero's Journey

with Phil Busby

Five-session online workshop, up to two hours per session, live teaching, via Zoom.

The length of the sessions varies depending on the session topic and the questions and discussions that arise.
Sessions will be a minimum of one hour.

Only eight places available on each workshop - click the link below to enrol

Tuesday 11th January at 7.15pm for five weeks ending on 8th February 2022

time shown is GMT then BST

Workshop fee: £149.99

(the meeting invite will be emailed to you a couple of days before your workshop is due to start. If you do not receive your invite, with the Zoom link, by the day before your workshop then please check your junk/spam folder to see if it is there. If not, please contact or


Join us in our Zoom classroom for a five-session creative writing workshop from the comfort of your own home.

With numbers strictly limited to eight, this fun and exciting workshop will show you how to use the age old Hero’s Journey framework for your own stories. This device can be used for stories as everyday or fantastical as you like. We’ll be referencing the films Star Wars Episode IV – a New Hope and Educating Rita to illustrate the 12 steps the hero passes through.

In the sessions, you’ll look at the theory behind the Hero’s Journey, the people who brought it to the attention of writers and academics, as well as working in a group to create an adventure together. You’ll also be tasked to develop your own material in-between sessions. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and share your ideas.

At the end of the five weeks, Phil will review the story plan you have worked on for your homework.

Printable workshop notes will be emailed to you after each session.

This is a great opportunity to develop your writing skills, make friends with others on the same journey, as well as giving you the confidence to take your writing forward. This workshop is suitable for writers who want to develop their story writing skills, including beginners.

Course Outline

Each session will be divided into two. The first half is where you’ll look at the history and background of the Hero’s Journey and how it is used in modern day storytelling. There will be a five minute break so you can refresh your drink and take a little walk round. The second half is where you’ll work together as a group to create a story. In-between sessions you can work on your own story and share your ideas with the group the following week.

Week 1: The Ordinary World
Part 1
– You’ll learn about Joseph Campbell, the origins of the Hero’s Journey and the 12 steps the hero takes through the story. You’ll examine the traditional hero, the modern hero and the world the hero inhabits.
Part 2 – You will work together as a group, guided by Phil, to develop a world in which your story can take place and identify an issue to challenge a hero.

Week 2: The Hero
Part 1
– In this session you’ll find out about Christopher Vogler, who he is, what he did, and the impact he had on the American film industry. Next, you’ll share the world and issue you worked on for your own story.
Part 2 – Working together you’ll help create a protagonist for the group’s story.

Week 3: The First Four Steps and the Mentor (in the Ordinary World)
Part 1
– You’ll kick off this session by discussing the new character you have created for your own story. You’ll then look at the first four steps the hero goes through, and examine the role of the mentor.
Part 2 – You’ll start to turn theory into practice by creating the first four steps of group’s story.

Week 4: The Special World (and the next five steps)
Part 1
– You’ll start by briefly going over last week’s homework – presenting the first four steps and the mentor in your own story. From there, you start to look at the nature of the Special World and steps five through to nine of the Hero’s Journey.
Part 2 – Together you’ll create the the Special World and take the group’s hero through the next steps in the class’s story.

Week 5: – The Return (the final three steps)
Part 1
– After going over last week’s homework you’ll examine the return to the normal world and the transformation of the hero.
Part 2 – The group’s story will be brought to a close as you work through steps ten to twelve.

Once the workshop has finished you will have two weeks in which to send in the story plan you have worked on for your homework. Phil will review your plan and give you constructive feedback on it.

Workshop fee £149.99


Phil Busby


Workshop Leader: Phil Busby – E.N. (M) B.A. Hons

A playwright, singer-songwriter and author, Phil works in course development for The Writers Bureau, Manchester. Originally a psychiatric nurse, he studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts before working across Europe for ten years as a performer, writer and workshop leader.

By taking part in this workshop you will:

  • meet other writers and have a chance to work with others on a story

  • have time to ask questions as there are only eight participants per group

  • develop an understanding of how to apply the Hero’s Journey structure to your own stories.

  • receive comment and feedback on your story plan

  • develop a well planned story outline to kick-start your writing project

  • gain increased self-confidence to take your writing forward on your own.


This workshop is run by Budding Writers in partnership with The Writers Bureau