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The Writers Bureau 21st Birthday

Our celebrations have now come to an end.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competitions. We have a winner for the Laptop and this will be announced in the near future.

In the meantime take a look at our monthly competition winners and leave a birthday message if you’ve not already done so.

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Alormenu - 27th Jun 2011 17:47:18

you are great people doing great work happy birth day to you!

Mwila Mambwe - 10th Jun 2011 14:33:13

happy birth dayyyy!!!

Antony Musyoka - 20th May 2011 07:40:08

Happy superfluous 21 birthday.

Tayo Lijadu - 14th May 2011 14:54:00

Happy, happy birthday!! Remember don't ever take your writing sunshine away!!!

paul ndunda a student. - 21st Feb 2011 07:20:20

Have a prosporous birthday.

Nicky S - 21st Feb 2011 02:29:23

Happy 21st Birthday!
Hope you all have a great one ~ because tthen we do too!

milind swami - 15th Feb 2011 06:51:50

Wish you happy birthday. hope from this year i am in same boat.

Maxwell Mitchell - 11th Feb 2011 10:38:39

Congratulations and have a fantastic party!

richard bj.ranin - 9th Feb 2011 05:44:47

happy 21st birthday writers bureau.

sandeep bhasker - 7th Feb 2011 07:42:53

wishing u a very happy bday

R. C. GUPTA - 7th Feb 2011 06:35:28


Vipul Dave - 5th Feb 2011 10:47:49

Warm Wishes to The Writers Bureau..!! Wishing a very happy and successful path ahead..!!

Alam Aldeen Bakhet - 2nd Feb 2011 07:34:23

Happy Birthday WB
best wishs!

Richard Chen - 2nd Feb 2011 02:34:44

Happy 21st birthday You have now come of age!Congrats!

helen oritshetimehin - 29th Jan 2011 16:50:53

happy 21st birthday many more fruitful years ahead

Noel Goddard - 25th Jan 2011 15:10:46

happy 21 st birthday My My how you've grown up

SHEILA BENT - 21st Jan 2011 19:13:50

Happy 21st birthday WB. May the next 21 years be more inspiring and inspired than the last. Love, luck and laughter x

Meeta - 21st Jan 2011 09:30:19

Wishing you a vry hAppy bday.

jaimin joshi - 19th Jan 2011 07:21:42

i made memorable your institute by enrolling so congratulation to with 21 years experience . thank you for inspiration , encourage ,to present hidden skill of writing hobby so many many returns of the day . HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Vincent Khoo - 18th Jan 2011 08:33:14

Wishing you a Grand Happy 21st Birthday! Keep up the good work!

Kara Smith - 16th Jan 2011 23:50:09

Happy 21st birthday. Congratulations on 21 years. Im glad to be learning with you

LOYDA ESTHER DOMINGUEZ - 9th Jan 2011 02:20:29


LUKOYE JETHRONE - 3rd Jan 2011 14:32:40


Meenakshi - 2nd Jan 2011 16:07:20

Hi... Congratulations on completing 21 years...

Arwa Idrees - 26th Dec 2010 18:03:22

congratulations on your 21 st birthday

ROBY PURATHUR - 22nd Dec 2010 15:31:30


Mary Ann Tuquib Causapin - 19th Dec 2010 15:24:10

Happy 21st birthday to writers bureau. I wish i could get in to one of your courses soon.

marlon barreto - 11th Dec 2010 12:16:50

congrats on your 21st.birthday. ffrom your 22nd year keeping improving in all depts.

Donna louise krol - 10th Dec 2010 12:24:41

Hi just would like to say a big 21st birthday, well done

Mikh - 10th Dec 2010 11:24:07

Happy birthday and Congratulation on your 21st birthday.

Anthony Danny JULES - 9th Dec 2010 18:29:35

Happy to make this timely acqaintance I hope to enroll very soon

John Rodgers - 8th Dec 2010 21:44:51

Congratulations on your 21st birthday I hope you make further memorable birthdays. I have found your company helpful and the tutors excellent. You all were a great help while I have been ill and in and out of hospital and having problems getting on with the coarse material.
All the best for the future.

sabitha ninan - 5th Dec 2010 16:48:20

congrats wb..,on completing 21yrs..may such more flowers bloom for years to come.

Kameswararao Lolla - 5th Dec 2010 06:38:03

Happy completion of 21 years. It is the age for maturity and perfection and right age for partnership. I wish WB's partnership flourish to millions spreading +ve values of life. Best wishes

Sachin Kate - 28th Nov 2010 09:17:10

Happy 21st Birthday Writers Bureau! Congratulations! Wish you many more memorable ones to come! I've Joined just today, so it gives me even more pleasure and a privilege to be a part of this celebration!

Look forward to a great future with you all.

Regards and God Bless!

N. Shoba - 23rd Nov 2010 13:27:21

Happy 21st Birthday Writers Bureau. Great to know that you have accomplished so much by helping so many members from all over the world.My best wishes for accomplishing much more in the forthcoming years.

Mitzi Albury - 22nd Nov 2010 14:40:08

Happy birthday WB, you're doing a great job

asmita chattopadhyay - 22nd Nov 2010 11:29:25

congratulations on the completion of 21 years.throughout the years you have risen up as a bold support for all those ameteaur writers who seeked guidance and exposure.thanx to the whole team of The Writers Bureau

Nishit Bindra - 21st Nov 2010 05:36:28

The Writers' Bureau has prospered and helped the world prosper for the past 21 years, and we hope it lives upto a ripe age! Happy Birthday!

thelma manalo - 21st Nov 2010 00:53:45

Happy 21st Birthday The Writers Bureau !
( im so happy that you were born to help so many writers become successful!!!
may you have more birthdays to come and more potential writers will be published!
well done! congratulation !!!

Jennifer - 19th Nov 2010 16:33:25

Here's to the next 21 years! Carry on bringing light to the lives of wannabe writers, as you have to mine.

Colleen Briault - 17th Nov 2010 02:56:13

Best wishes and many years of prosperity.

rajender - 16th Nov 2010 17:47:37

i don't know who u are the world seems to care nothing about you but when you are celebrating some thing and especially your birthday and that too 21st I would gladly extend my heartiest wish. May god extend your legacy to all and one. thanx

ahmed nasher numan - 16th Nov 2010 10:46:23

Happy 21st birthday. may the years gained be a path to a prosperous future. may the power of the pen on a white sheet of paper inspire us all.

Misbah Qadar - 13th Nov 2010 12:05:49

My heartfelt wishes and congratulations to you on the completion of 21 years of successful service to the aspiring writers and through them to the entire humanity.

Karen Harvey - 12th Nov 2010 21:54:22

congratulations in being one of the leading distant learning writing course providers.

Zhivanka Brlamova - 12th Nov 2010 21:00:23

Dear Writer Bureau,
Wishing you a very happy B-day,may You have a lot of successful years ahead and please continue to give support to all the undiscovered writers out there,including me! Best,Zhivanka

Mukhebi - 12th Nov 2010 07:37:34

you have now joined the real world. may you grow to overcome all the challenges of life sane and sound.

Eugene Bonsu - 11th Nov 2010 18:19:48

Hurray!Happy birthday. Congratulations for thriving in the long distance education you've sincerely rendered to hundreds of thousands of students through out the world. Most of such students' success were derived from you and will still be derived from your academic outfit upon their enrollments. May the Writers Bureau live on forever!

chris johnson - 11th Nov 2010 14:36:29

congratulations on 21 yrs of providing superb tuition and good luck for the future.

arshiya sultana - 9th Nov 2010 17:05:42

many many warm wishes and congratulations.may The Writers Bureau grow and work for much welfare of students in the coming years as it always does.

P V Prakash - 9th Nov 2010 06:09:06

You have Really made it possible i,e writers dreamz complete and fulfilled.What else required?.What's now required is wishing our writers Bureau a wonderful birthday infact many a successful birthdays ahead. Thanks & Regards

gireesh - 9th Nov 2010 02:25:27

first of all a very very happy 21th is very aspiring 21 years people earn money from home.

adedeji a - 8th Nov 2010 12:53:09

happy birthday to writers bureau at 21. more power to your elbow.

Mary - 8th Nov 2010 03:52:28

May you Prosper more powerful way with this 21st birthda celebration.

Stephen J - 4th Nov 2010 15:59:22

Excellent student support, dynamic forum, here's to another 21years!

Miss V Salerno - 4th Nov 2010 08:48:40

Happy Birthday

Best wishes to you for providing a great service and being a beacon of hope for all authors now and in the future. xxx

AMOS W. NDEGWA - 4th Nov 2010 07:34:04

At the age of 21 one feels full of energy, creativity, innovation and promise. All this are demonstrated by your constantly improved courses.HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Christine Hooper - 3rd Nov 2010 16:01:59

Many congratulations on your 21st. birthday. I'm enrolling anew for the key to publishable writing.

Aishani Gupta - 2nd Nov 2010 15:00:21

Wishing Writers and their Guide- Writers' Bureau Happy 21st Birthday... Both deserve to be wished as none would be complete without the other. If we can write so fluently today it is somewhere credited to Writers' Bureau.
Happy Birthday again... Best Wishes

Amanda Hyatt - 2nd Nov 2010 11:09:53

Deserving of the best party ever! Happy Birthday, WB

Farooq Sayyad - 1st Nov 2010 11:52:13

Happy 21 st Birthday.

Kathleen Schuster - 1st Nov 2010 11:26:12

Best wishes for 21 years and wish you many more exciting and inspiring years ahead.

Valli Ramani - 1st Nov 2010 09:38:34

Many more Happy Returns of the Day!Wishing your help for a lot of other aspirants like me who wish for a great future a sa successful writer.

aditya upreti - 1st Nov 2010 09:30:13

In the age of 21 century i wish a happy 21st bithday.

anish - 1st Nov 2010 04:24:40

Happy belated birthday

Daryll Collis - 31st Oct 2010 21:19:24

Congratulations on reaching a monumental landmark, I am pleased to have taken the plunge to be part of your success.

osemwenkhae osemwengie - 30th Oct 2010 15:50:10

i wish you ha
ppy birth day that is

all i can say i wish you many happy returns.

Karen L Fletcher - 30th Oct 2010 14:58:27

Happy Birthday WB! I have only just registered and am looking forward to starting my writing course. xxx

Amy - 30th Oct 2010 12:17:54

Happy Birthday!!

Kundojwala - 29th Oct 2010 14:36:52

happy birthday WB

Amidu Samuel - 29th Oct 2010 12:15:32

happy birthday to the writers bureau and i wish you many success in your doings

samuel appiah agyekum - 29th Oct 2010 11:43:13


Hitesh Sharma - 29th Oct 2010 07:27:39

May you create writers to bring glory to the grand work being done by you....for ages....

Ann-Marie - 28th Oct 2010 02:04:40

Happy Birthday. May you continue to grow from strength to strength.

WaterSinger - 28th Oct 2010 01:25:58

Happy 21st

Pauline Mccarthy - 27th Oct 2010 15:10:01

Happy 21st Earthday!
From the dream to reality,hear to stay

James Thomas - 27th Oct 2010 11:31:41

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY! Just started my course with you, looking forward to being part of your success :-)

Angela Plowright - 27th Oct 2010 05:17:15

Happy 21st Birthday!
Writers Bureau has been partially responsible for spreading smile and nods throughout the world.

Please accept my poem below as a smile and nod returned, applauding your work that touches this world!
With intent to go forward,
now and will about us,
on a wish or a prayer,
to understand the why,
and see we must.
See the world around us,
know it well,
just make it be,
open up your mind to intention,
and believe the world for what you see.
See the actions that you hold,
and a smile should be too,
make it what it is wished for,
this is your power, it is, just you.
Now to formulate a positive reaction,
and hear the words that are spoke,
takes trust, love, and understanding,
of self, first, and foremost.
So onto you will receive,
many reinforcements which are meant,
meant with a smile or two,
so just turn and remain with intent.
Being conscious, now go forward,
now and will to trust,
and on a wish or a prayer,
understanding the why,
and how to of us.

mark okoth - 25th Oct 2010 11:59:33

congratulations WB. The book utilizers have actively participated in the world's development. The book chain itself - from the author to the publisher to the reader is such a mind opener as well as economic booster.

Alejandra R de C - 23rd Oct 2010 20:38:44


HEMANT R. THETE - 23rd Oct 2010 18:26:58

tum jiyo hazaro saal aur saal ke die no pachas hazar...

phillimon - 22nd Oct 2010 14:39:06

happy birthday to you

CATHERINE MANYARA - 22nd Oct 2010 11:24:56


Archana Sarat - 21st Oct 2010 18:57:15

Happy Birthday, WB! I'm proud to be your student!

Georgie Morrison - 20th Oct 2010 23:52:40

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau Hope you continue to have all your success!! Best wishes for the future xx

pallavi priya - 20th Oct 2010 13:54:07

May The Wrietrs Bureau live for thousand years each year filled with Joy n Prosperity!

pallavi priya - 20th Oct 2010 13:52:42

May you live for thousand years each year filled with Joy n Prosperity!

Srestha - 19th Oct 2010 18:51:52

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau. I hope to soon become a part of this brilliant development.

Peter Nettleship - 19th Oct 2010 08:54:32

Happy Birthday may you live long and prosper

Timothy Stavert - 18th Oct 2010 21:41:01

Happy 21st Birthaday! I have been with the bureau before with the writer's course. Now I am back doing the Proofreader and Copy Editor's and can't wait to get started.

Allison - 18th Oct 2010 20:04:47

Happy 21st Birthday to The Writers Bureau. Here's to the next 21 years x x x x

Joseph Biju - 18th Oct 2010 16:12:55

congrats! tremendous hardwork of collective effort of a dedicated group individuals

kerry jane clarke - 18th Oct 2010 11:54:48

Wishing you a very happy birthday and continuing success in bringing confidence and knowledge to writers everywhere.

Audrey Sansome - 17th Oct 2010 16:40:36

congratulations,Your21years have been well spent in encouragement for so many people as you improved the quality of their lives.

dIaN - 17th Oct 2010 12:41:38

Happy sweet 21th birthday to Writers Bureau..

Ian Wilson - 16th Oct 2010 10:26:30

Happy Birthday to The Writers Bureau,
Where you can order courses to go,
Happy Birthday to The Writers Bureau,
They will help you make money you know,
from their courses your fame will grow,
Happy Birthday to The Writers Bureau!

James kariuki - 16th Oct 2010 07:19:06

Happy birthday Writer's Bureau, 21 yrs of helping strangers in their journey through the mind is truly a blessing to the world,You have your place in the history of the legends.

Peter Farrugia - 15th Oct 2010 20:29:33

Just joined WB this week....but Happy 21st birthday anyway. Glad to be part of these celebrations.

joanna Steele - 15th Oct 2010 20:06:17

I have just joined The Writers Bureau: Happy 21st Birthday

Stacey Dagger - 15th Oct 2010 13:58:35

Happy 21st Birthday Writer's Bureau!

birjesh kumar tyagi - 15th Oct 2010 12:24:09

have a very long journy.

Mithilde - 14th Oct 2010 15:50:03

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau!Thanks for letting me share in your birthday celebrations.My first portion of birthday cake(course materials)arrived safely through the mail.I'm devouring through it right now and enjoying the flavoury taste too!I also hope you keep educating us all,through your courses next year!

Sheetal Shah - 14th Oct 2010 07:43:41

Happy Birthday to The Writer's Bureau.... May you go on for another 100 years. Congrats and All the Best.

Danni - 13th Oct 2010 18:25:58

I am happy to be a new student in your 21st Birthay year. Happy Birthday! :)

Bev Morley - 13th Oct 2010 09:39:34

Woohoo... Jelly and ice cream all round!! Best wishes to all staff and students of The Writers Bureau.

william kpodo - 10th Oct 2010 00:45:47

CONGRATULATIONS. May you live to be a hundred.

Blessing - 9th Oct 2010 17:55:13

I am Blessing,I'm happy for brain this development.I'm wishing writer bureau happy Birthday and more years in advance.

Spriha - 9th Oct 2010 17:51:41

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau!

I have just joined you and am excited to be a part of this celebration!

Sue Rudd - 9th Oct 2010 07:52:19

Congratulations! Here's to the next 21 years.

Alex B - 7th Oct 2010 18:42:43

A very happy birthday WB. It is great to be part of your set-up and I am looking forwards to becoming a better writer! Happy 21st!!!

mohit taneja - 6th Oct 2010 19:35:43

many happy returns of the day and the ray of hope which you have give to all your students shall always continue to fall.

Maureen Mason - 5th Oct 2010 23:54:24

Happy birthday Writers Bureau I hope you continue for many more years

Simona Ciornei - 5th Oct 2010 22:28:33

Happy Birthday!!!

vijay - 5th Oct 2010 07:27:59

go on..every birthday is a part of human, your birthday gives us thoughts, good go on...

Geereeshwaree - 4th Oct 2010 17:27:25

happy birthday and keep it up with the good job.

Themba. B Masangane - 4th Oct 2010 15:08:38

Happy brithday to you all(the writers bureau).Our LORD JUSES will keep on help you, to continue doing what you know,and doing with excellence and honour.

Nithya - 4th Oct 2010 14:25:10

Happy budday WB! I pray that you reach out to the skills of many more writers through your sincere dedication and commitment..cheers!

Suman Kumar - 4th Oct 2010 12:08:54

From bottom of my heart i congratulate for 21 years of success for Writers Bureau
Wishing you 21st birthday and wish you all the best.

mohammad - 4th Oct 2010 07:33:52

wishing you 21 st birthday from the core of my heart.

Anna Maganjo - 3rd Oct 2010 23:06:56

Ihave joined writers Bureau today and is my preasure to congratulate and wish you all the best. Happy 21st Birthday

yasmin russell - 3rd Oct 2010 14:21:40

cheers to another 21 years

Geoff Chilton - 2nd Oct 2010 19:44:55

Here's a virtual birthday toast to the Writer's Bureau. Cheers!

Jonathan Manoovaloo - 1st Oct 2010 17:24:24

I've heard of The Writers Bureau 13 years ago and today I have subscribed for the courses! Thanks for the dream coming true as well as those which will soon and Happy 21th Birthday!

Paul Mealey - 1st Oct 2010 11:39:51

Happy 21st Birthday to the writers Bureau. Here's to the next 21.

Daniel Gallagher - 30th Sep 2010 18:10:20

Happy 21st The Writers Bureau. Many happy returns.

Ruth M Trucks - 30th Sep 2010 13:33:53

start with: Hope Alphabeth Poetry Prosa Yearning,
check ingrediatnts: Books Inspiration Research Talent Humour Drive Action Yeah!
build: Words Romance Images Theme Edit Rethorics Style,
succeed with: Bestseller Underplot Readers Epic Article Unique.


Durga Prasada Rao Vindamuri - 30th Sep 2010 06:08:06

I have just joined Writers Bureau Course. Hearty congratulations and wish you all the very best.

Julie Wright - 29th Sep 2010 13:51:42

Happy 21st,I wish I could remember mine!

Omniya Al Barwani - 29th Sep 2010 06:50:57

It took me a while to mark my commitment in starting my journey towards success with Writers Bureau. Here I start my first few lines with a birthday wish to you! Happy Birthday

Sally Sander - 27th Sep 2010 09:53:36

Happy Birthday! I joined the Writers Bureau 21 years ago - check me out -and I'm still here and haven't finished yet. THANK YOU for your amazing patience and I still look forward to the day when I get my diploma. May you have many more enjoyable years with all your students, graduates and friends and colleagues around the world.

nokwanda - 27th Sep 2010 09:01:53

we thank God for pointing his finger to the founder of your organisation and to give him or ger such intelligence...I wish you all the best and a very blessed are giving us courage to spread our wings and you heve brought pride to us as South Africans.... Guys competition is tough outside there and we hope you will keep on making the dreams of South African Authers to come true.

cheptiony - 25th Sep 2010 18:06:46

Keep up the spirit of mentoring the next millionaire writers

Adebulu Taiwo - 25th Sep 2010 06:12:38

I wish writers bureau the the best of its birthday.

Dee - 23rd Sep 2010 21:26:43

I've wanted to join for ages and have just signed up as a birthday treat to myself and see it's a happy birthday to you too! Hope it's a great year for us both!

Cheryl - 23rd Sep 2010 16:18:40

Congratulations on your 21st birthday! I'm really pleased to have joined in such a momentous year!

Steve Morris - 23rd Sep 2010 14:11:18

Happy birthday and high hopes for many more to come.

Laura Tyndall - 22nd Sep 2010 12:20:58

Happy birthday! I just purchased a course and im so excited it feels like my birthday! lets celebrate haha

Kim - 22nd Sep 2010 02:45:12

'Logic will take you from A - B. But imagination will take you everywhere'.

Happy 21st Writers Bureau! I expect a happy birthday back on my 21st;)

Daniel - 21st Sep 2010 11:43:43

Hi. Happy Birthday to you. God bless you for all you are doing and take you higher and higher...

Miss Susie Bell - 20th Sep 2010 15:25:35

A very happy birthday. Hope you carry on for many more years to come.

Yusreen N D - 20th Sep 2010 09:10:28

Happy Birthday to The Writers Bureau (including all the staff members and students);)
And wish you all continuous prosperity!
P.S: I've just joined the writers bureau, and coincidentally me too I've just turned 21! Lolz...:)

roopa - 20th Sep 2010 06:09:58

You give us the wings. You give the sky. Writer's bureau, may God take you high & high

dyglenny - 20th Sep 2010 05:46:01

congratulation,happy 21st birthday to WB,success 4ever n ever.

Darren Mason - 16th Sep 2010 10:33:01

I have only recently stumbled upon your organisation, after reading through your site and the student's past experience I am really considering to join in, mainly to help me improve my writing skills. So Happy Birthday to you all and I wish you all the best for many years to come.

kellinda foolheea - 16th Sep 2010 10:15:13

congratulations on reaching 21. i think you are great !

Isaac makambi osiagi - 15th Sep 2010 20:48:27

Happy birthday writers bureau for 21 serving the world may the hand of God be with you always thanks

Isaac makambi osiagi - 15th Sep 2010 20:48:01

Happy birthday writers bureau for 21 serving the world may the hand of God be with you always thanks

Claudia - 15th Sep 2010 17:36:51

Happy Birthday! Hope you have many more years of success!

julie Dean - 14th Sep 2010 21:42:22


C.A. Lotz - 14th Sep 2010 12:18:39

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau! I wish you much health, success and happiness for the future. May you all be truly blessed! I am so excited to be starting this course with you. Thank you!
Kind Regards,


Renuka Gupta - 14th Sep 2010 06:07:35

As part of ur 21st year celebrations,I intend to join the course and give a gift to myself.

Cheshta - 13th Sep 2010 19:40:31

Congrats !!
A very Happy Bday to WB.Every bday reminds us all of the accomplishments , achievements of our past one year.Wishing you heaps of continuous success.Keep it up.

sushma - 13th Sep 2010 13:34:53

increasing age no problem because charm n beauty,followers r increasg

Mimi Field - 13th Sep 2010 10:47:22

Have a great 21st!!

kapil sharma - 13th Sep 2010 10:15:51

wishing writers bureau many happy returns of the day may wish bring you all the glory and great future ahead for writers and authors.

kapil sharma - 13th Sep 2010 10:10:40

hi many happy returns of the day wishing writers bureau great wishes and future ahead for the upcoming authors and writers.


kapil sharma

preeti - 13th Sep 2010 07:44:41

to all the members of wb who are working so hard for us to understand the writer inside us wish u lots of success n blessings of god

clinton gray - 10th Sep 2010 08:08:56

i love the writers bureau

ahana mohan - 9th Sep 2010 06:43:47

happy bday 2 writer's bureau...hope it achieves success in moulding out writers through out the world....

Yusreen Nabila Dhoomoon - 8th Sep 2010 09:21:43

Happy Birthday & I wish you all continuous success!
Kind Regards;)

Gabriel Kiprono Kemei - 7th Sep 2010 12:29:05

I wish writers bureau a nice times in her continuity to enrich the global society with knowledge in journalism. You work has been heard all over the world. May the 21st birth day be a great blessings to you all as it is a memorable day to the global learning community. I wish you all the best. Yours Yours Gabriel Kemei.

Janet Lazell - 7th Sep 2010 08:34:56

Congratulations and as a new starter with your bureau I am excited with the future writing course

Radhakrishna Arora - 5th Sep 2010 08:46:16

Yours' is great organisation with devoted tutors.We,the aspiring writers will always be grateful to you.By the way today is TEACHERS' DAY in India,my country.I salute the teachers of WB

Stephen - 4th Sep 2010 09:22:11

Each birthday is always special and even more special for a special organization like you.cheers.

Patricia Betty - 2nd Sep 2010 17:59:03

Keep up the good work for another 21 years ar least

Jeremy Appiah - 2nd Sep 2010 17:05:42

Success at growing age is an achievement.You give the hopeless a smile and that is why your 21st birthday means you are the best

Kingsley Mbachu - 2nd Sep 2010 16:22:58

Congratulations on this occassion.

Pauline Scatterty - 2nd Sep 2010 11:57:15

Congratulations on your 21st Birthday! I recently celebrated my 56th birthday and with the money I received from family and friends have now been able to enrol in the complete writing course today. So we are bth celebrating. 2010 must be our lucky year!Here's to 21 more lucky years to you.

Sindisiwe Pearl Makhanya - 2nd Sep 2010 09:10:38

Happy birthday! Thank you for ensuring that our insanely genius minds as writers are given a platform to share our inner beauty with the world. Keep up the good work!

uzma - 1st Sep 2010 12:31:27

wats the birthday date of this college?

Pirjo - 30th Aug 2010 10:33:01


Sherryann - 28th Aug 2010 20:10:42

Congratulations on your achievements sounds like a real successful time in the making,take care,bye.

Marta Barreiro - 28th Aug 2010 02:31:38

Twenty-one years of wisdom and great advices, I hope many more years are yet to come and that people can enjoy having their lives touched by The Writers Bureau =)

Valerie Morrison - 27th Aug 2010 19:09:03

Congratulations! I look forward to being associated with The Writers Bureau in the next 21 years!

Laura - 27th Aug 2010 17:00:38

Happy Birthday, thank you for all your support so far!

Georgia Taylor - 26th Aug 2010 19:19:15

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau!

Keep reigniting the fires in undiscovered writers!

Aniruddha Dutta - 25th Aug 2010 19:32:19

Cheers!!21 Birthday is special as its the 21st century.Many Many Happy returns and wish you all more and more.We all love you too much for being an inherent part of our life...

cornelius kiprono koech - 25th Aug 2010 08:51:51

Happy birthday!wishing you many many years to help people develop their careers in the right way

Marietta Pereira - 23rd Aug 2010 13:01:31

Cheers!wishing you many many more years of helping people write the right stuff!

antony maina ruguru - 23rd Aug 2010 09:25:39

i have always wanted to enroll with you it can be better than when you are turning 21 happy birthday!

Isla - 22nd Aug 2010 11:17:16

Many happy returns on your 21st birthday. Wishing you many more for the future.

Mavis Facey - 21st Aug 2010 21:04:26

Congratulations on your 21st anniversary. Indeed that is a great milestone. I wish you 21 more and beyond. Looking forward to joining soon.

Michelle - 21st Aug 2010 18:31:36

Happy 21st.
Great website - you've convinced me to enrol.

Ken P - 20th Aug 2010 12:16:22

Happy Birthday & every success for the future

GILBERT MFULA - 20th Aug 2010 09:33:54

Its great and indeed wonderful for having joined as a member of writers bureau and in particular having been invited to participate in 21st birth day celebrations definitely l will learn and enjoy alot

Meenakshi Saini - 20th Aug 2010 01:18:55

Happy BDay

Christine Harrison - 19th Aug 2010 19:49:24

Happy birthday ! Here's hoping I am as good as you think I could be! Just enroled.

Antony Burr - 19th Aug 2010 15:32:30

Happy birthday to the come-of-age bureau. Now, at last, someone may read my scribblings.

Annabella - 18th Aug 2010 06:08:10

I feel 21 again being your student.

Happy Birthday and thanks for making me feeling young. :D

Marika Tabone - 17th Aug 2010 16:11:59

Happy Birthday! May there be many others to celebrate! Thanks for being a mentor for aspiring writers such as myself.

Abhijit Kumar Medhi - 17th Aug 2010 12:49:04

Writers Bureau will bring on her 21st birthday what the 21st century has brought to the human race- the super duper activism all around the globe-flow of knowledge without stop.

Sue Steel - 17th Aug 2010 08:13:13

Happy Birthday, hoping we all leave good footprints in this world and the next.

samuel maina - 17th Aug 2010 08:10:59

As you celebrate your 21st stride,wish you abundant blessings in future endeavours.

BEATRICE - 16th Aug 2010 17:32:27


IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS - 16th Aug 2010 14:27:55


Lawrence CCH - 16th Aug 2010 05:36:51

Happy Anniversary for 21 st Birthday and many success ahead..

Laura Dytham - 14th Aug 2010 22:43:15

Happy 21st birthday, long may you continue to help aspiring writers achieve their goals.

rishabh - 13th Aug 2010 12:34:04

i have heard a lot about writers bureau and am willing to join it and by the Happy legal birthday

Pratignya - 13th Aug 2010 07:59:19

"A Birthday is A Million Moments,Each holding A Promise Of Fulfillment Of Our Dreams,& ACCOMPLISHMENTTS Of Some Special Plans..."WISH U A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Rushabh Bhabha - 12th Aug 2010 09:05:23

Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Count your age by successful writers, not years. May each and every passing year brings creative professionals. May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Birthday!

anil - 11th Aug 2010 10:29:55

launch the local to global......... best compliments!!!!!

rekha - 11th Aug 2010 08:17:59

Happy Birthday.........HappyCelebrations

shaheen - 11th Aug 2010 07:08:13

Your 21'st year is the foot print on a wet cemented pavement lasting for decades in writers hearts!

kalpana - 10th Aug 2010 06:58:00

21st is the age of actually being matured. hearty congrats for reaching successfully upto there.happy birthday.

Debbie Beckley - 10th Aug 2010 00:52:44

Happy Birthday!!! Happy celebrations!!

uma - 9th Aug 2010 19:07:18

long live writers bureau.may you see many such accolades.

Hanlon Sanya - 9th Aug 2010 15:22:51

Happy birthday! May you stay to open peoples' new doors in writting. Saving to join next year.

Gagandeep kaur - 9th Aug 2010 04:13:05

Happy birthday, may God always lights ur way

Kerry McDonald - 8th Aug 2010 03:28:53

Happy 21st Birthday Writers Bureau.Wishing You Many Many More Years Of Great Success!!!

joseph macharia - 7th Aug 2010 13:25:00

Even though i have i have not i still cherish you in my heart i wish you a happy birthday.may you continue enriching us with your knowledge

patrick ofori - 6th Aug 2010 15:01:18

happy birthday,writers bureau.i wish you success in your operations.above all things, i wish you gods guidance

dayo adeyemo - 5th Aug 2010 18:54:27

Happy Birthday!Many Happy Return.

Kennedy Chisanga - 5th Aug 2010 13:00:45

A very happy 21st birthday to you "Writers Bureau" and thank so much for the job you are doing for us writers. blissful and pleasant more years.

Joanne McGinley - 5th Aug 2010 11:37:37

Happy 21st Birthday. You should all be so very proud of reaching 21 years. The help and commitment you give to students throughout the world is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Daniel A. Suluia - 5th Aug 2010 03:17:50

Happy 21st birthday. You have achived so much in helping millions around the globe reaching their dreams. I wish you all the best in your provision of excellent educational services to students around the globe. I will enrol soon. Again, happy 21 st birthday 'Writers Bureau'

Jurie Schoeman - 4th Aug 2010 11:42:23

The Writers Bureau opens new horizons and hope to those who sincerely neeed to pursue new horisons. Congratulations and uphold the banner of "best writing advice ever"

RASHIDA - 3rd Aug 2010 14:29:42


CAROL FREEMAN - 2nd Aug 2010 20:39:51

Happy 21st Birthday

Dorne Whale - 31st Jul 2010 14:49:29

Happy birthday to you all.Here's to the next 21 years. Dorne

B YAM SUNDAR RAO - 31st Jul 2010 13:25:57


aditya kumar - 30th Jul 2010 02:49:59

Happy Birthday WB!
21 not out,I hope WB to be there when i take birth again 210 years hence.

Paula - 29th Jul 2010 19:25:39

A very happy birtday.Waiting eagerly to join the course.

Hannah Henry - 29th Jul 2010 15:46:13

Even though I havent known you in your 21 years, I look forward to a publishing future with you.
Happy 21st Birthday my dears

james - 29th Jul 2010 11:50:44

you have proved that 21 yrs are simply not enough..may you have many more...happy birthday

Gangaram - 29th Jul 2010 07:48:11

Hope your birthday blossoms Into lots of dreams come true!

Gangaram - 29th Jul 2010 07:47:33

Hope your birthday blossoms Into lots of dreams come true!

DANIEL MBURU - 27th Jul 2010 09:42:31

Happy Birthday,many happy returns!

Annette Black - 24th Jul 2010 03:03:00

just simply congratulations may the next 21 years be even better

leela maharaj - 23rd Jul 2010 08:33:42

it must be the one comfort zone in my life....i know you are matter how long one has kept away...u will be there for back on board and agin HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Veronica Riemer - 23rd Jul 2010 08:20:01

I'm a new student and hope to part of your success in the future. Happy Birthday.

KALYANI - 22nd Jul 2010 09:51:10

keep giving hope to ideas... congratultions on successful 21 years.

Linda Kitson - 21st Jul 2010 14:51:44

21!! The Writer's Bureau comes of age! Congratulations!!

Sandra Williams - 21st Jul 2010 09:26:35

21 years young and look at what you have already achieved. Well done Writers Bureau.

Asiya - 21st Jul 2010 07:13:30

Happy birthday!Looking forward to joining your course soon.

Sita - 20th Jul 2010 23:41:18


Tim Noxsinz - 20th Jul 2010 15:37:57

Beautiful! Bountiful Blessings on Bold 21st Birthday!

linda cherotich - 20th Jul 2010 08:37:56

happy birthday writers bureau; may you live to see your children bloom.

Abdul Kadir - 20th Jul 2010 06:32:38

Congratulion on your 21st B-Day

joanne palmer - 20th Jul 2010 02:34:56

21! just like me,well thats what they all say,Happy Birthday

samuel okpoti konney - 16th Jul 2010 12:17:11

Happy Birth Day to The Writers Bureau ,may your school go above target. Amen

Awais Khan - 14th Jul 2010 23:36:08

A very Happy B-Day Writers Bureau. I just joined your course and am extremely pleased to be a part of such a wonderful community!

Martin Cheah - 9th Jul 2010 17:36:17

Blessed Birthday! Continue to be a blessing to present and future aspiring writers.

TAWANDA DZVOKORA - 8th Jul 2010 17:20:03

I am glad i am joining you at this great time. i didnt know about this..happy birth day!!I wish you many more great years and i hope you will help me realise my dream of becoming a writer

lakshmi spvm - 8th Jul 2010 08:21:59

Keep empowering aspiring authors

Lorna - 6th Jul 2010 21:24:24

Thank you for being a great source of inspiration and encouragement, Happy Birthday and all the best in the future.

Martin Jones - 6th Jul 2010 20:09:44

Congtrulations on reaching 21, don't forget the key will you ;-)

Singh - 6th Jul 2010 08:34:01

Very happy birthday

Manika Mookerjee - 6th Jul 2010 02:46:38

Happy Birthday! I am really glad to be a part of The Writers Bureau as a student.

Karen Carnavon - 5th Jul 2010 20:16:14

Wishing you all the best in the many years to come... A very happy birthday!

June David - 5th Jul 2010 14:23:18

Thank you Writers Bureau for helping me to realise my dream of becoming a great writer. Only your expert tuition can allow me to achieve this. Many more birthdays to you and God's blessings to everyone at the bureau.

Fionnuala Farrell - 4th Jul 2010 23:43:26

The Writer's Bureau has opened up a whole new world for me. I sincerely congratulate you and all your excellent tutor's for their expertise and guidance. Wishing you a very happy 21st Birthday and I eagerly look forward to many, many years of enjoyment and learning.

adetola - 3rd Jul 2010 21:55:34

Happy birthday, i wish you many better years ahead.keep the dream alive.

Rita Simpson - 3rd Jul 2010 11:48:12

Many congratulations on achieving 21 years in the field of teaching a broad spectrum of writing, and many congratulations to all your successful students

archana saboo - 3rd Jul 2010 11:29:35

Hey! WB welcome to the world of legal adults :)

Elizabeth Winter - 3rd Jul 2010 10:50:33


Shantl - 2nd Jul 2010 22:57:12

Happy Birthday!!!
Continue to inspire and direct students on their quest to excelence. You rock!!!!

Gauri Ghatnekar - 2nd Jul 2010 12:34:56

appie birthday writers course... may all ur dreams come true... appie big day once again... cheers

Newton Oirere - 1st Jul 2010 09:15:17

I'm student journalist and have learnt about you recently. I'm impressed and wish you Happy birthday !

Writers Bureau - 30th Jun 2010 14:14:14

HappyBirthday and all the best for future.

Tracey Dockree - 29th Jun 2010 21:49:21

21 years:brass and nickel. I'm sure there's a story in there somewhere! Happy Birthday WB!

Mohit Rathore - 29th Jun 2010 11:43:42

Wish Writers bureau a very happy birthday. May you guide the writing talent on and on relentlessly.

Johanna Mesa Ramos - 28th Jun 2010 21:18:13

I am a future student of yours, so I am dreadfully exited to join your world. Keeping it short, cheers on your 21st birthday!

Aderogba Adewusi - 28th Jun 2010 21:11:53

It’s a great time to celebrate with the Writer’s Bureau! This celebration will mark a new beginning for WB and its graduates. I am saying Amen already, because I mean it. I wish the institute a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Let’s keep popping the champagne.

Puneet Madhok - 28th Jun 2010 19:19:46

The Bureau is doing a great job of bringing to people a chance to take their creativity to a higher level...may it continue to provide cheer to millions, is my sincere wish this birthday season!

Sylvia Letherby - 28th Jun 2010 14:49:58

Happy Birthday, blow out the candles, eat and drink with merriment and celebrate the future

Angela - 26th Jun 2010 23:47:13

May the next 21 years be just as successful!

Tina Parker - 25th Jun 2010 18:55:21

Happy 21st Birthday it is your birthday but i feel like the one who has received a gift I am so happy to have found The Writers Bureau, Thank You and Happy Birthday Tina Parker

Amy - 25th Jun 2010 12:24:03

hey y'all,

You've been an inspiration to many through your writing,and that earns you one shooting star this year.

Now make a wish.

May you have many more and may your dreams and aspiration come true.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Mes Amis.

Kelly - 24th Jun 2010 22:54:41

Happy Birthday!Just starting my journey of sharing my thoughts with you and hoping that is the year of change!!

rhonda knights - 24th Jun 2010 18:24:55

As you celebrate your 21st Birthday, I can as a new student join in with you.You have been knocking at my door for quite some time,THANKYOU!!! TWB

Kulsum Lwanga - 23rd Jun 2010 16:01:42

You gave me hope when the world was closing up on me. Happy Birthday!

Rahab - 22nd Jun 2010 06:08:56

Happy birthday WB!!!

Abhilekha - 21st Jun 2010 09:31:48

Hearty congratulations to WB for thie successful endaevour...Happy writing and god bless!

Julie Phillips - 19th Jun 2010 22:10:40

Happy birthday! I'm on my first course with you nd enjoying it - long may WB continue!

Jennifer Yunsay - 19th Jun 2010 17:46:15

I was oe of your students before when I was in Hong Kong. I still have my short stories with me and everytime i had a chance to read them, i giggled! Congratulations! More power and happy writing to everyone.

Jean Vranic - 19th Jun 2010 15:38:05

Many congratulations

Amitabh Borah - 19th Jun 2010 08:44:27

Wish Writers Bureau a very Happy and Prosperous 21st Anniversary. Keep enlightening this world through your knowledge and making it better place....!!

Kerri Anne - 18th Jun 2010 09:23:11

Wishing you a very happy 21st Birthday filled with joy and abundance.

Lew Humiston - 15th Jun 2010 23:15:20

Thanks for all the years of instruction and support.

Suzanne - 14th Jun 2010 12:12:29


I'm just beginning my journey with the Writer's Bureau and send Happy Birthday wishes to everyone at the WB!

margaret o'shea - 13th Jun 2010 18:12:02

May the world be a better place because of all who come in touch with Writer's Bureau. Happy 21st

Esther Selhi - 11th Jun 2010 16:12:12

Happy birthday guys, here's to another 21 successful years!

leonard - 11th Jun 2010 14:16:50

wishing you all the best to your success as you celebrate your 21st birthday

Shaila - 11th Jun 2010 07:49:12

Completing two decades plus one luck year of guiding and inspiring writers in every possible way is no small feat. Wishing Writers Bureau all the luck for many more years to come. Very happy to be part of the Writer's Bureau student community.
Best Wishes

Ellie Targett - 9th Jun 2010 13:14:00

Here's to the next fifty!!

Jecinta - 9th Jun 2010 07:09:06

It is outstanding that you have made it this far. Happy Birthday and continue inspiring writers from all over the world.

Shae Francis - 8th Jun 2010 15:42:25

Happy 21st Birthday This Year Should Be The Best As I Am Soon To Join!:)

monica bhasin - 8th Jun 2010 12:40:49

I am excited to be part of the group bang on its 21st birthday year, happy birthday and cheer to all students and faculty

Gautam - 8th Jun 2010 07:42:09

Welcome to adulthood!

Joe Adams - 8th Jun 2010 01:46:43

For 21 years you have inspired creative divinity,
Long may it continue from now until infinity.

Helen Mc Clymont - 8th Jun 2010 00:07:27

Happy 21st Birthday
to The Writers Bureau and everyone who works there or is part of it. I hope you have many more. Love
Helen Mc Clymont

Samuel Villanueva - 7th Jun 2010 22:38:30

Write On!

james frimpong - 7th Jun 2010 19:38:51

i happy for that the school is celebrating its wonderful birthday.bravo and may God continue to bless the school.i really wish you reduce the fees of the various courses you offer for me to also be able to enroll into it

Sheela - 7th Jun 2010 15:55:53

Happy birthday and wish you all success.

Neha Gupta - 7th Jun 2010 14:51:52

Writers Bureau..
"May be my wishes are late..but for writers, there's no last as I am new here, I just want to say:I wish you for your fresh 21st birthday.."

Rosemary Bleathman - 7th Jun 2010 13:18:54

Looking forward to joining you and all good wishes for the next 21 years

Namrata - 7th Jun 2010 12:58:47

Hi, Greetings !
Am very much new to this site but find it great & exciting.
Wish entire team of EWriters Bureau, lots of good wishes.
.. :)
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip~ An Anonymous

kelechukwu anunibe - 7th Jun 2010 12:13:47

Hip hip hurray.Happy birthday to Writers Bureau.I look forward to joining the family soon.

trinissa - 7th Jun 2010 11:47:26

21 years ago, you started an organisation to help amatuers get a foot hold on our writing skills,and for that we will always be grateful, here's wishing you many many happy returns and all the very best in your endeavour

Noreen Pinto - 7th Jun 2010 10:35:36

21 Years later - you are the KEY to the voices of untold stories. Congratulations and may 21 turn to Silver, Ruby, Gold and Diamond and may you always shine like one forever.

SAPAN GANGULY - 7th Jun 2010 05:23:55


SAPAN GANGULY - 7th Jun 2010 05:17:12


aisha - 6th Jun 2010 18:12:33

well im new to the writers so happy to discover it especially since it's celebrations time! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Pete Savage - 5th Jun 2010 14:33:06

It's nice to see the Writers Bureau leading the way into 2010!

Naima Saleem - 5th Jun 2010 09:53:55

happy Birthday! May you have many more successes written for you:)

John - 5th Jun 2010 09:44:32

It cant be better than this for WB.Your number of years in tutoring the world speaks volumes no wonder you are number one. Happy 21st BD but remember to include a degree in some programmes in the third decade

Khalid Alharbi - 3rd Jun 2010 19:39:39

Happy 21st Birthday WB with your pin you can draw the world with color of the wordsssss. Khalid Alharbi

Emupenne Olanrewaju - 2nd Jun 2010 14:47:29

Wishing Writers Bureau wonderful birthday celebrations and more years in training and human development.

Farida - 2nd Jun 2010 12:53:05

Happy 21st Birthday!!! WB, may you continue to discover and nurture the talents of writers around the world.

Chrisy - 2nd Jun 2010 12:48:12

Happy 21st Birthday!!! WB may you continue discover & nurture the hidden talents of writers around the world.

vidya - 1st Jun 2010 12:43:26

hey ,lovely celebrations.... wish the community all success

Fiona - 1st Jun 2010 11:37:38

I am new to the writers bureau. My husband has built me a fabulous desk and says he will shut me in the spare room until I have written a best seller, hope he's joking. Looking forward to my new creative wriring future.

Mary - 1st Jun 2010 07:03:05

Happy Birthday to an organisation that has given voice to so many stories that may have remained untold.

Benny - 29th May 2010 17:41:01

I have been a student with Writers Bureau for three years.
It is one home for writers. Say Writers Family.
The Patience the departments have been with my case, the caring and love my tutor has shown to me with continuous encouragement. Sue Wilkes, God Bless You Mightily.

To the founders and all concerned with the running of the college and all students both former and current. Happy Birthday.

The Crafty Scribe - 27th May 2010 09:33:09

Happy Birthday! Love your course, and happy that I'm back on track after a long period of 'thinking' time.

suraj - 26th May 2010 07:28:23

Happy Birthday, Celebarte it like a world's born day...

smriti - 26th May 2010 07:22:18

Too good for a 21 year old wish all 21 year olds were this fruitful.....Happy Birthady!!!!!

Bernard Mwai - 25th May 2010 12:36:48

KUDOS! 21 years of exellence

Janie - 25th May 2010 00:05:01

I am new to the Writers Bureau. I have just finished reading all of the first booklet and I have written some pieces. I am in the process of editing before I send them. Can't wait for feed back. So nervous really. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday for you 21 years of success. I am looking forward to my own success.

Janie - 24th May 2010 23:58:24

Twenty-one is a good age for the 21st Century. Happy Birthday!

Vabbie - 24th May 2010 03:18:33

I hope u celebrate many more years!

Prachi Kunkalienkar - 22nd May 2010 11:15:31

Happy B'day writer's Bureau ..have a long long way to go create and identify the creative talent in the world ...i will be joining this creative writing course this year and m exicted to be a part of this 21 yr old organisation..who thinks tht sky is the limit if u have the talent ,the right attitude and the will to put in hard work..cheers and all the best ..

Liam Judge - 21st May 2010 16:16:12

Hi. I'm new to the Writers Bureau. Happy Birthday!

nyalumanda chiwaya - 21st May 2010 07:20:08

wow 21yrs!great going writers bureau

KOBINA ADAAH - 21st May 2010 02:30:44


Mariam - 20th May 2010 23:08:41

i wash you happy birthday with a happy birthday of a new success

rustom amartey - 20th May 2010 08:58:39

congrats keep on doing the great job

Chinedu Ozordi - 19th May 2010 14:37:37

Now that WB is 21, I can't wait to see how it develops into full blown maturity.

Alan - 19th May 2010 11:10:48

Sylvia Plath said, "Everything in life is writable about..."

You encourage writers to do just that.

Happy birthday!

Bernadette Curran - 18th May 2010 20:52:58

The supernatural mysterious gifts written by the pen will always enhance a writers creativity. Sometimes we need a little professional guidance along the way. Thanks for writers bureau for its flexibility and for the sucess of very talented writers over the past 21 years, Congratulations and a very happy birthday.

Caroline - 16th May 2010 09:00:52

Thanks writters bureau for allowing writters to explore their talents through your forum. I wish you growth in the years to come

J.J. Alcock - 14th May 2010 22:41:59

May you have 21 more years of excellence in producing writers worldwide.

Joel Nakitare - 14th May 2010 16:54:40

Am encouraged to join you and hope that writers bureau will grow to cerebrate more anniversary birth day

Deeptish Jeebodhun - 14th May 2010 11:04:41

(Jonathan Swift)
21 years of trust and confidence placed in the world really tells something... unforgettable... For an amateur writer a pen is a tool…an extension of the writer, a means of self creation that adds its own characteristics … but we must thanks The Writers Bureau for Journalism, that is really conveying and transforming amateur writer to talented one’s to enter in a world of professional writers.
“No wise man ever wish to be younger...”, but trusted organization as The Writers Bureau should always exist even in the foreseeable future
Happy Birthday... and continue to serve the forecoming generation.

Janet - 12th May 2010 22:29:04

Very best wishes.

Mugambi - 12th May 2010 20:04:47

Happy birthday writers bureau from nairobi,kenya. Looking foward to joining you soon!

Ken Hadfield - 12th May 2010 17:36:21

Happy Birthday WB.
Hoping I can add another name to your success stories in the near future.

Johnson Ayibiowu - 12th May 2010 13:00:06

You are the best. Please keep up the standard and happy birthday. Congratulation

Valerie Wilson - 12th May 2010 09:09:55

Congratulations! How many people must have changed their lives through participation over the last 21 years..and for sure, even those who did not will have enjoyed themselves! Great work!!!

Alfayo Muzembi - 9th May 2010 21:14:12

You are changing undiscovered talents into professional writers across the Globe!Happy Birthday, God bless the Writers Bureau and keep it up.

Gill P - 9th May 2010 16:25:35

Dear WB: it used to be the 'key to the door' at 21 - so wishing you the key to many more years continued success.

Lima - 8th May 2010 14:38:17

Happy Birthday from me and my little boy, who is my inspiration to write for childen. It sure is the twinkle in their eyes which motivates me and to make that dream come true,it will be this site that i just stumbled upon.

Harjeetsingh Wadhwa - 7th May 2010 14:21:43


Natalie - 6th May 2010 14:03:08

Happy 21st Birthday.
Cheers, here's to next big one

Vivienne Barker - 5th May 2010 16:09:10

Keep on creating writers!

Salina - 4th May 2010 03:07:50

Congrajulations writer Bureau, turned 21 this year, keep growing every year, my best wishes to you

Nancy Needhima - 3rd May 2010 19:08:33

Wish you a Happy Birthday! May the flavour of Writers Bureau get better like wine with every passing year :-)

eddie potts - 3rd May 2010 13:22:51

happy birthday i can only hope that i meet the same expectations and last as you have

kritika sharma - 2nd May 2010 12:33:11

impart your education to one in need on this birthday

Christina Brooks - 2nd May 2010 12:14:45

Happy Birthday. Belonging to The Writers Bureau, is like having an informative friend on-line.

c gled - 1st May 2010 13:13:46

many happy returns

Anthea - 29th Apr 2010 16:35:36

Congratulations on your 21st. Here's to the next successful 21 years!

Esther - 29th Apr 2010 09:05:40

Have a happy 21st Birthday celebration.

roselyn - 29th Apr 2010 06:56:39

am so glad to come in contact with writersbureau and to participate in this 21st birthday, something unforgettable about everyones 21st birthday. congratulations indeed to the writersbureau and to me for participating now! cheerio!

Babs - 28th Apr 2010 22:14:06

Happy Birthday
from an aspiring writer who never tires of celebrating her 21st - this year will be my thirtieth time.....

Billy - 27th Apr 2010 22:35:47

happy birthday to the writers bureau

lots of love x x x

VINCENT - 27th Apr 2010 16:13:02

Congratulations on your 21s, and many more.

Ziggy - 27th Apr 2010 16:11:26

Happy 21st birthday. You're an adult now and can legally drink at a local pub, lol

Sharon - 26th Apr 2010 16:30:23

Wishing you a very happy 21st birthday. Here's to the next 21 years

Lalmani - 22nd Apr 2010 09:54:46

happy birth day ,congratulations

DANIEL OLORUNKOSEBI - 21st Apr 2010 13:55:54

How i wish i knew you 3years ago, i would have been a milionaire. Well kudos @ 21

DANIEL OLORUNKOSEBI - 21st Apr 2010 13:54:29

You are indeed an initiative with a difference

DANIEL OLORUNKOSEBI - 21st Apr 2010 13:53:06


V. KUSUMA KUMARI - 21st Apr 2010 06:44:06

I wish The Writers Bureau glory and Godspeed at twenty one

V Kusuma Kumari - 21st Apr 2010 06:39:34

Loose words, stray thoughts or close encounters - Writers Bureau at twenty one blends them all into a great symphony of fame

Sarish - 20th Apr 2010 21:25:14

Hey, congratulations! Ive just joined WB and am loving it.
Happy B'day

Ayo Muzembi - 19th Apr 2010 16:02:44

As a growing international institution, you are transforming lives. Your dedication towards leading, future professional writers towards their dreams will definitely steer this institution to an endless journey of recommendable success.Happy Birthday

Ayo Muzembi - 19th Apr 2010 16:02:42

As a growing international institution, you are transforming lives. Your dedication towards leading, future professional writers towards their dreams will definitely steer this institution to an endless journey of recommendable success.Happy Birthday

Sheila Newton - 19th Apr 2010 13:24:57

Happy Birthday to You!! If you are 21, then I must be 2 months old!

amailuk - 17th Apr 2010 15:14:58

I wish the Writers Bureau, Staff, Students, & well wishers all Have a happy pleasant & merry 21st birthday! I [we] are proud of being a part of you...

Mike Tilley - 16th Apr 2010 23:55:16

21 eh? I remember what it was like being 21.....

What? Where was I? Oh yeah Happy 21st Birthday to you Writers Bureau, congratulations on reaching this milestone. Wishing you all the best for the next 21.

william - 16th Apr 2010 15:28:56

happy birthday writers bureau,God may expand you.

rahab - 16th Apr 2010 11:24:33

may ua 21st bday be succesfull and thanx 4 changing pples life by offering them the best skills they need to fulfil their dreams...........long leave writersbureau

Anamika - 15th Apr 2010 08:36:13

The greatest freedom of expressing oneself is through writing and doing that with confidence is something I want to achieve soon.
Wishing you many happy years and may you shine as long as this world exists.

Flexy - 14th Apr 2010 21:08:03

Happy Birthday, wish you all the best.. I adore your ambition "The Writers Bureau"

Achala Vora - 13th Apr 2010 14:15:03

You have shaped many writers who would never miss to wish you Happy Birthday.

Denise kasperkiewicz - 12th Apr 2010 09:56:28

Happy 21st Birthday!!!
I sincerely hope there are many more to come now you have the key of the door 9never been 21 before)

Coonjul deepa - 11th Apr 2010 08:18:36

Wishing The Writers Bureau a 21st Happy Birthday..May it prospers a lot in the coming years.

victor tulloh - 10th Apr 2010 21:15:34

may wb live long to help many" happy birth day to you wb.

HEATHER QUINN - 10th Apr 2010 17:55:22


Namtip - 10th Apr 2010 10:39:20

Happy 21st. Because you ere born, many new writers realise their dreams.

Stanley Courage Dugah - 9th Apr 2010 22:07:27

Happy happy birthday, hurahhhhh!!!!!! ;)

Kim Donoghue - 9th Apr 2010 10:35:18

21 years old, wow! May there be many more yaers of success with all you do. Thanks for a great course.

OLiver C - 7th Apr 2010 09:40:54

In the words the Irish blessing:
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face, and
The rains fall soft upon your fields.

ANCHAL - 7th Apr 2010 09:36:07


Ohita Afeisume - 6th Apr 2010 17:14:23

Happy Birthday!I'm proud to be associated with you

mundia paul hakoola - 5th Apr 2010 20:46:39

Happy birthday continue this noble work. I learnt alot through experiences of people who have taken part.

mundia paul hakoola - 5th Apr 2010 20:46:39

Happy birthday continue this noble work. I learnt alot through experiences of people who have taken part.

Justine - 5th Apr 2010 13:56:04

Do not ponder for 21 years before you write.. but come here and write for 21 years over which you can then ponder.

Satish Xavier - 5th Apr 2010 05:47:56

A birthday to celebrate
The writer’s bureau that reverberates
The minds of the thousands they create.

Sue Ockendon - 4th Apr 2010 00:20:17

for most 21 is coming of age for the Writers Bureau its 21 years of successful encouragement for all your students, may you have many more 21 years Happy Birthday

Louise Little - 3rd Apr 2010 20:52:08

21? All grown up now, you can buy the drinks!

David Rance - 3rd Apr 2010 14:54:45

Having just made my initial enquiry to enroll and complete your course, I woud like to wish you a Happy 21st Birthday and look forward to four years from now when we will celebrate your 25th and my success to date!

fara - 2nd Apr 2010 19:13:17

Happy Birthday WRITERS Bureau...hope u keep goin till da end of da World...

VS PRASAD - 31st Mar 2010 05:50:42

God of Writing has shovered bliss of excellence on TWB and the Bureau has been sharing it with rest of the world

VS PRASAD - 30th Mar 2010 14:25:32

Enjoy a great winning advantage of writing pleasure at The Writers Bureaue

VS PRASAD - 30th Mar 2010 14:18:23

The Writers Bureau...the ultimate in the art of writing just two decades!

VS PRASAD - 30th Mar 2010 07:30:43

Not mere sentences, stories or reports, words beget a great winniong experience at The Writers Bureau

VS PRASAD - 30th Mar 2010 07:15:57

Just twenty one, but two hundred yeasrs of writing advantage at The Writers Bureau

VS PRASDAD - 30th Mar 2010 07:11:59

Simple in form, rich in content and the in thing in the present context - writing is a great winning experience at The Writers Bureau

andrews - 29th Mar 2010 12:17:23

Won't say this the fancy way others will doing but rather with heart of LOVE i say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

ANAMIKA - 29th Mar 2010 04:46:04


Saby Emeka - 28th Mar 2010 17:38:03

More grease to your elbows!!happy Birthday.

rita brown - 28th Mar 2010 15:35:29

congratulations on a great achievement may the next 21 years be just as exciting and encouraging to all who enrol in your course.

Ashutosh Bordekar - 28th Mar 2010 06:19:08

21 & going strong... Yet another evidence that our writing careers are in safe hands! Happy Birthday !!

Liz - 27th Mar 2010 16:51:38

Birthday congratulations. New writers need all the encouragement available to them. Many happy returns.

Alessandra - 27th Mar 2010 14:27:15

I'm delighted to have joined the Writers Bureau community in such a great time.. Happy 21st birthday and many years more of success!!

Sonika - 27th Mar 2010 09:06:14

In 21st century, we are with a community which marks its 21st birthday.May with each century, writers bureau gives bith to more writers across the world.

MADAN MOHAN PRASAD - 26th Mar 2010 19:11:28

Hi, WB, now you have attained adolscence & you can follow the goods and bads of the world. Come ahead to unite the world for goods to all and bads to none.

PHILOMENA MWIGI - 26th Mar 2010 08:03:12


Raja Bhattacharjee - 25th Mar 2010 18:12:50

As you enable us, so shall you be enabled! Congratulations on 21 years, and awaiting the champagne for 2100 !!!

russell - 24th Mar 2010 14:44:57

Happy B'Day WB ....Wishing u prosperous journey ahead

DANIEL OLORUNKOSEBI - 24th Mar 2010 13:45:40

I am excited to know my future school is 21. Wow, thanks for your good work so far, its rewarding to identify with you. KEEP THE FLAGS HIGH, Happy 21st Birthday. We gotta celebrate.

syed Asifudeen Salahi MBA HR - 24th Mar 2010 06:16:42

If you change your mind, you can change your life.
-william james

Editors and publishers are changing themselves and making a revolution with silk gloves.
Wish you a happy birthday
stay happy to become a man of value.

Durraiya Hasta - 24th Mar 2010 06:13:27

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!! 21st birthday is really exciting because thats when I came across Writers Bureau! Hopefully we will be celebrating many more successful birthdays in the future. Lets lead on the journey ahead with more passion and determination than ever!! cheers!!

Desiree - 23rd Mar 2010 10:49:27

I hope I'll join your student community soon. Meanwhile Have a great 21st Anniversary!

pragi garg - 22nd Mar 2010 17:41:37

happy birthday!!!!! may god give u loads of success

sorobit - 21st Mar 2010 16:42:32

Wish you the very best as you hone the skills of the 21st century writers. Happy 21st birthday

Samy - 21st Mar 2010 13:05:48

For You it's your lucky magical birthdaybeing of service to people all over the world. May u enjoy many more birthdays to reach your silver n golden anniversary.

Lule - 21st Mar 2010 12:20:45

All the best for this community to celebrate much more more bith days in the future.

Augustine David Basana - 20th Mar 2010 16:07:09

God Bless WB. Many Mor* Healty BDayz n Decades of Success.

Rashid Ali - 18th Mar 2010 08:44:35

Writers Bureau ! Thanking you for providing a platform for the writers community throughout the World.

SAMMI - 18th Mar 2010 01:17:32


Akorli Kugblenu - 16th Mar 2010 09:55:38

21 years training the world and making dreams come true, here's to praying you have many more years and successes too

Michael Robert - 15th Mar 2010 19:11:48

Happy birth Writer Bureau ! I'd like to see this Bureau as the biggest writing school in entire world.

Richard BJ. Ranin - 14th Mar 2010 09:19:26

hello! writer bureau
happy birthday and ggod bless you all..

Kioko Njoroge - 13th Mar 2010 09:53:29

Two decades in the business of helping millions of students to crafttheir trade is plaudable. Happy birthday.This is a legacy.

Navin Rajendran - 12th Mar 2010 20:34:46

Happy 21st Birthday, Writers Bureau! Thanks to your work in the last 21 years, I'm sure that there are a lot of folks in this world whose dreams of becoming accomplished writers have come true! Please keep up the good work!

Pavitrata - 11th Mar 2010 14:53:00

Happy B'day Writers Bureau...hope we get to celebrate many more in future!!

Kate Hamand - 11th Mar 2010 10:06:06

Bottoms up!

Joyaditta - 8th Mar 2010 12:33:32

May the Writers Bureau of today grow into the Writers University tomorrow. Many Many happy returns of the day

Richard Price - 8th Mar 2010 12:17:25

Congratulations for the 21 years of success. Bring on the big three zero.

Lisa Taylor - 8th Mar 2010 12:04:59

Happy Birthday Writers bureau

Rita Imobhio - 6th Mar 2010 17:49:49

Congratulations!! I am wishing Happy Birthday Writers Bureau and many more sucess!

humphr - 5th Mar 2010 14:45:15

happy birthday to you and may you live long to cerebrate many birt days

Sameera A - 3rd Mar 2010 14:24:23

This is the 21st year of my life and I wish Writers Bureau its 21st birthday and many more successful years.This year is going to be memorable one for me.

Sandra muntana - 3rd Mar 2010 11:54:28

Congratulation!!ur our luckest winner on our success.u won 21st birthday that shows forward success.hold on doing the best with people's choice of success.happy 21st birthday

Aahna Gandhi - 2nd Mar 2010 11:55:03

Happy Birthday writers bureau, I am very glad that it has completed 21 years of success. I am planning to be a part of your school in no much time.I will be very happy to be a part of writers bureau and gain lots of experience and interact with the friendly atmosphere that writers bureau have maintained till date. The most important thing to gain success through my writing skills. thank you. with lots of wishes.

charlotte mcfall - 2nd Mar 2010 08:17:16

Hope you have a great 21st birthday, with many more years:)

JASON MUTWIRI - 1st Mar 2010 14:44:07

Am really very happy to be part of this college,i have just completed my Diploma in Professional Sales Technique course,i have also doing journalism course with you and willing to do other courses offered by your college,Happy birth day Writers bureau,to all staffs am very happy for your support and for the quality education your offering for student all over the world.I passed very well in your college last year and i have from january this year gotten a very good job in the leading media house in Africa,i can not forget my beloved tutor Diana Nadin and all others who made me pass with flying is only that UKis far i could travell to there to attend that birthday,Thatyou all you are a wonderful college in the planet Earth

Lee Holod - 1st Mar 2010 12:13:49

I still have my celebratory 21st birthday pint glass, which by some coincidence I happened to use last night. Maybe it was fate that I used that glass on the very same night I signed up to my first writers bureau course on the cusp of it's 21st birthday... Ooh I think it's an omen.

Nidhi - 1st Mar 2010 11:31:53

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. Hope You and your students will share this kind of relationship years ahead...Wish you very happy 21st Birthday.

Daniel Vincent - 28th Feb 2010 19:20:45

Many happy returns for sweet success

Expendito C Chipalo - 28th Feb 2010 14:54:58

Congratulations. Hope you continue giving insipiration to many moare budding writers

Rodney J Rodriguez - 28th Feb 2010 13:56:46

Happy Birthday!

Kames Bidin - 27th Feb 2010 10:14:39

Happy 21st Bithday,
Continue to share your wisdom everyday

Lindo - 26th Feb 2010 12:45:39

B-Born to succeed
I-Intended for prosperity.
R-Readily filled with life in abundance.
T-Twined with breakthroughs.
H-Having gifts to use to live.
D-Drive yourself with confidence.
A-Apply faith in you and will make it.
Y-You are amazing, having you is a blessing.

Sandra Morgan - 26th Feb 2010 12:03:47

I wish I'd done this 21 years ago!

bijal - 25th Feb 2010 07:00:58

just starting to get you know more,but seems like a long term relation lies ahead, V HAPPY BIRTHDAY

afshan - 25th Feb 2010 04:38:32

you are the best keep it up

Sandi Pittaway - 23rd Feb 2010 21:54:57

The experience you have gained will last forever through the students you have taught.

gladys marimo - 23rd Feb 2010 19:19:05

Here is the key to success! HAPPY 21st birthaday writers bureau

kwabena agyare - 22nd Feb 2010 16:19:39

The greatest gift to life is living to make difference in people's lives.We live for all through the clouds we live under. long life to WB.May the days ahead provide great strength for our survival.

Ian Fraser - 22nd Feb 2010 12:08:19

Congratulations on your successful achievements. Keep up the good work!

Juveria A. Salam - 22nd Feb 2010 06:54:42

I wish you good luck and many more happy moments.

Carlos Jennings - 20th Feb 2010 05:14:59

success is sweet anyway you looks at it

Nigel Higginbotham - 19th Feb 2010 15:52:43

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday...

Monica Mnene - 16th Feb 2010 15:14:23

The clock is ticking and time is running out....come join the Club and MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!

ramesh pillai - 16th Feb 2010 14:29:41

many many happy returns of the day mr.writers bureau. i just joined writers bureau.i am only 1/2 hr i will give you a baby kiss as a birthday kisses..!!!

H.NAGARAJAN - 16th Feb 2010 13:07:03

Happy Birthday!! In the present day world where there is so much of poverty, violence, hate, etc., good writing can go a long way in bringing about peace and amity among people and nations, which is the desperate need of the hour. It is rightly said,"pen is mightier than sword." Once again, wishing you a happy 21st anniversary.

shweta prabha sinha - 16th Feb 2010 10:48:45

i'll be 28 on 26th feb. and WB's younger!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many many happy returns....

PETER FORTEH - 16th Feb 2010 04:35:26


Susan Metcalfe - 15th Feb 2010 14:58:24

happy birthday.
congratulations for completing 21years of success in making our future bright with your given skills.

dave ellis - 15th Feb 2010 13:33:36

happy birthday hoping to be part of u asop

Hassan Abba - 14th Feb 2010 22:24:41

Happy BD WBJ Many more good years to come

S. Ballon - 14th Feb 2010 19:07:31

I'm new to The Writer's Bureau but from what I've seen so far, it's a great place with many wonderful things on offer and a friendly supportive staff (and students!) ready to do whatever they can to help.

I hope you go from strength to strength and wish you the best of luck for continued success.

Fiona Johnston - 13th Feb 2010 15:56:48

I wish Writer's Bureau a truly glorious happy 21 Birthday - given me a new zest to life

Fiona Johnston - 13th Feb 2010 15:54:46

Wishing Writer's Bureau a very happy Birthday. WB has given me a new meaning to life so have a tru

RAM KRISHNA - 13th Feb 2010 08:48:25

Twenty first is not only day,
keep your spirit all years day.
congrat on your twenty first years celebration .
with thanks to invite all of us,

Mary Rotibi - 12th Feb 2010 16:33:02

Hip Hip Hip Hurray! WB as you step into adulthood, i wish you more patronage, greater understanding and excellent impartation. Happy birthday.

Helen - 11th Feb 2010 17:53:26

Happy Birthday. I hope the next 21 years are as successful, if not even more so, as the last 21 years.

melisa lalich - 11th Feb 2010 15:16:23

Happy Birthday WB!
May you enjoy MANY more years of success as you enlighten and enliven the lives of others!

Alison Ford - 10th Feb 2010 17:48:27

Many happy returns TWB on your 21st Birthday, and also for the next 21 years!!

Ruth Amos - 10th Feb 2010 16:05:05

Keep up the good work.

Roselyne Bwire - 10th Feb 2010 10:35:33

Happy Birthday!I hope plenty more birthdays may come your way s you may leave for 21 trillion years

MADAN MOHAN PRASAD - 8th Feb 2010 18:54:16

The blast for energy generation is made through nature penetration. My juvenile year oath to literate the nature and allow everything of their rights for cosmos rejuvenation.

Edwin macharia - 7th Feb 2010 14:40:23

Congratulations writers bureau on the ocassion of ua birthday, may you earnestly continuie training world class writers

bigmammasquash - 7th Feb 2010 11:23:31

Have Just joined the Bureau, can't wait to begin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sharmistha S Kaulkar - 6th Feb 2010 16:06:41

Yet to join, your course inspires me the most to be with you & wish u another 2/3 21 years to celebrate. Lots of good wishes for Happy Birthday.

Muriel Nichols - 6th Feb 2010 08:31:05

Keep the world writing, for another 21. I'll be 82 then and learning even more with WB!

julie corr - 5th Feb 2010 22:14:39

only four years to quarter of a century helping people worldwide to learn to write. Happy Birthday!

Sameera - 5th Feb 2010 20:07:08

Well, I have just enrolled in, SO I wish this institute and the succesful writers its 21st Birthday and hope to become a succesful writer too.

Jemma Jones-Hayes - 5th Feb 2010 16:16:31

Happy Birthday! Let's keep Britain writing...

John Timothy Austin - 5th Feb 2010 11:30:43

At 21, life's just begun!
To bloom and zoom toward the sun!!
Here's wishing TWB,
A success degree!
From all your friends including me!!

nadeemsage - 5th Feb 2010 01:58:45

god gives us power to write and you give us plateform
happy 21st birthday

Poornima Karthik - 4th Feb 2010 15:09:55

Its great that Writer's Bureau has completed two decades and has entered its third! Wishing you the best always and waiting for the century!!!

Sourav Sinha - 3rd Feb 2010 17:33:02

Hey, you can marry now! But I'll wish you Happy 21st Birthday only if you promise to marry 'Quality'.

Michele - 3rd Feb 2010 10:33:00

May the next 21 be as eventful as the last.

suraj - 2nd Feb 2010 16:44:24

i am sure this time ore and more writers will enjoy writing like me thank for this happy birthday

Ngozi - 2nd Feb 2010 08:22:50

21st birthday, hurrah! may this day bring more joy to writers and readers through the Writers Bureau.Happy Birthday.

Cristy G aka Cutie - 2nd Feb 2010 04:20:01

"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" Happy Birthday Writer's Bureau!... Words are the lens through which we give meaning to the way we see the world, ourselves and each other...may we find the motivation to help each other learn of truth and strive to create and inspire a renewed and hope-filled picture...Happy 21st and many years to come.

Kapil Dube - 1st Feb 2010 19:59:27

Keep Inspiring!

Bibhu Prasad Dash - 1st Feb 2010 13:24:44

Many many returns of the day, happy birth day WB...I am delighted by seeing the way you are showing the path to us for a new sunrise in our life...

Sujeet Kumar - 1st Feb 2010 05:52:26

The Writers Bureau has done a lot to find out the writers who are unable to get an opportunity to express their thought. It has opened another world to the new writers.
Happy 21st B'day

Nikki - 31st Jan 2010 14:00:54

May you have21 more

MADAN MOHAN PRASAD - 30th Jan 2010 02:03:17

Hey God,
Rejuvenate the Writers Bureau splendour for worldly-literacy;
and boon a pen to each hand,
for our entity, sanity & ecstasy.

Kinoti Gatobu - 29th Jan 2010 16:20:00

You assisted me a lot in writing. Thank you very much the Writers Bureau family and GOD Bless.

mariam - 29th Jan 2010 14:02:42

The sky is just the starting point because i know you all at Writers Bureau will contiune to move up the ladder of success. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Radhika - 28th Jan 2010 17:03:44

May you always be on a succesful page,
writers, poets, amatuers muse are you,
As you have come of age,
the romance with words has begun for you!
enjoy your 21st birthday with spirit of countless people showering their blessing on you!

Radhika - 28th Jan 2010 17:03:44

May you always be on a succesful page,
writers, poets, amatuers muse are you,
As you have come of age,
the romance with words has begun for you!
enjoy your 21st birthday with spirit of countless people showering their blessing on you!

Vanessa Burger - 28th Jan 2010 14:21:14

Wishing The Writers Bureau all that is Happy & Many More Successful Years

Natasha Balaam - 28th Jan 2010 11:32:33

Books are but the key to our imagination. Keep unlocking those minds bureau! Happy Birthday.

Emmanuel Appiah - 27th Jan 2010 20:17:10

Today is WB 21st birthday and its a great blessing and honour. i wish you a properous year and a year by now, the whole of Africa will witness WB.

Elohor Turtoe - 27th Jan 2010 13:06:10

A lovely 21st birthday to the Writers Bureau!

Teresa Morgan - 27th Jan 2010 11:33:03

Oh to be 21 again. Happy's to another 21 years. I'm so glad I took the initiative to join this course and be a part of this wonderful experience.

Lesley Jones-Zegkini - 27th Jan 2010 10:30:37

Happy 21st to all at The Writers Bureau

Marisa - 26th Jan 2010 16:56:25

As the grat Stevie Wonder says...'Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, happy birthday!'

Anjali - 26th Jan 2010 16:40:09

Happy Birthday!!
May you get success all through,
Happy Birthday to you.

Ama Wilmot - 26th Jan 2010 11:46:57

May the great expectations of the bereau come to fruition. Have a happy 7*3 birthday.

Mohit - 26th Jan 2010 10:43:00

As we mature as a human race in 21st Century,let the community of creative writers come togather on 21st Birthday of Writers' Bureau, to make this world an ever happier place to live in.

Santosh K. Mishra - 26th Jan 2010 00:19:12

Happy Birthday!
Let me share the inspiration you create with all this year. Congratulations!

Ian Smith - 25th Jan 2010 21:49:59

I have only recently joined, but I think you're a arvellous rganisation. Happy Birthday!!

MADAN MOHAN PRASAD - 25th Jan 2010 16:11:23

Happy junevation year to make a clarion call for pen to all hands; for world-literacy.-
Might God bless so.

John Mulei - 25th Jan 2010 14:38:07

Happy Birthday WB,

You have rocked the World,You have turned the world to have the most interesting treasure of Art,Today,we celebrate your 21st Birthday! This is just but a begining! You are yet gonna carry on your noble duty of inspiring the World and furnishing it with artistic literature.And so,hail The WB,viva the WB...

Barbara - 25th Jan 2010 10:35:53

Have a very happy 21st and many more happy birthdays!

linda cherotich - 25th Jan 2010 07:29:02

happy birthday to you
as a mother to many accomplished writers; may you continue to inspire us to become the best we can be; may you live to see your grandchildren. congratulations; i should be a student by now ( i have not received any reply yet)

Lynn - 24th Jan 2010 15:20:20

Happy birthday writers bureau. here's to the next 21!

Paul B - 23rd Jan 2010 17:29:22

Happy Birthday WB

Hope Parker - 23rd Jan 2010 13:58:25

Here's to the next 21 years. From a very aexcited new student. Thankyou in anticipation.

Teresa Cahill - 22nd Jan 2010 20:32:27

Happy Birthday,
May the Key of the door open up more writing tips for all writers. Congratulations.

Susan Clark - 22nd Jan 2010 20:13:29

Wow! 21! I remember when I turned 21-well, actually I don't. I'm told I had avery good time! Wishing a happy 21st to WB!

Victor - 22nd Jan 2010 16:21:58

Happy Writers' Birthday! May your graduates continue to add lustre to your reputation.

Margie Wilson - 22nd Jan 2010 15:34:29

major happening for a magical bureau. May this be the beginning of o

Jinal Shailesh Doshi - 22nd Jan 2010 14:25:11

God Bless you Writers Bureau! Keep on churning out brilliant writers for the years to come! :)

Sonia Saxena - 22nd Jan 2010 05:47:53

Hope you scale new heights and and give birth to many more writers!

Kate - 21st Jan 2010 15:18:08

Happy Birthday, Coming of age.Hope my enrolment with the key to a new career.

Simphiwe Booi - 21st Jan 2010 09:07:29

Congratulations and please keep the good work.

Croos - 21st Jan 2010 06:20:12

Many more returns of the day.

Osric Griffiths - 19th Jan 2010 20:25:40

Congratulations for 21 years of writing. Your 'write will never be wrong'and we look forward for more years to come..

A.MUZARI - 19th Jan 2010 19:25:40

Wish you many more.

A.Muzari - 19th Jan 2010 13:57:13

One year @ a time yet covering enough ground to see our dreams come true. Congratulations on your 21st b/day

patience Moyo - 19th Jan 2010 12:03:53


Sarah Longfield - 18th Jan 2010 21:53:20

i remember my 21st! Many happy returns and many more to follow.

sreenivas mukkamala - 17th Jan 2010 18:59:25

I wish the Writer Bureau God speed and the best wishes!!

krishan kumar - 17th Jan 2010 14:27:57

Happy 21st in 21st century,The writers of writer's writes for world.

Ashley - 17th Jan 2010 14:12:35

you've walked a 21 years of mother to so many would be a real satisfaction to anyone who had gone this far of success. Congrats!!!

Annr - 16th Jan 2010 20:46:04

Congratulations! 21 years is a great record. Long may you continue.

Esha - 16th Jan 2010 11:08:36

Turning 21....
Thats reallya great news. I warrm hartedly wish al the associate memers of WB a great success and a bright future for this association

Maxwell Kabuya - 15th Jan 2010 18:31:55

Hey Writers Bureau, I celebrated my 21st birthday a few years ago. It was good! I hope you like yours too!

Rajan - 15th Jan 2010 18:15:41

Many more returns.

Pankaj - 15th Jan 2010 13:44:22

A very Happy Birthday. Keep up the Goo work

Vijayalakshmi - 15th Jan 2010 13:03:25

Hoping to make my dream of enrolling for The Writers Bureau course a reality during your 21st birthday celebrations. Great going. All the best.

Balamahadev Vivek B - 15th Jan 2010 05:30:52

Happy Birthday WB..... start of a New Year..... have a great time ahead

Deji - 14th Jan 2010 14:09:12

Hapi 21th Bday. May the years ahead be great than the ones behind.May your paths shine brighter.

marvin - 13th Jan 2010 17:47:09

Just joined in writers buraeu..1 day old! Happy birthday on your 21st!!!

Kate Boardman - 13th Jan 2010 09:29:30

Oh to be 21 again. Enjoy the celebrations. XXX

Kezhakielie Whiso - 13th Jan 2010 06:42:56

Happy 21st Anniversary! May the year ahead be a blessing to all at WB as well as those who are part of the big WB Family! Cheers!

kwadwo - 12th Jan 2010 23:43:16

run a mile, take a step
all to take a chance ahead
all the while to memories bound
touching lives from year to year

Phenny Tan - 12th Jan 2010 08:38:51

Happy Birthday!

May on this birthday, the Writers Bureau will be encourage to give birth to more writers for the new century :D

God bless you all :)

Brian - 11th Jan 2010 13:50:20

Just saw your advert running in the local daily here in Kenya and was impressed. I have contributed in writting a small novel and would like to enhance my writting skills. Happy happy 21st birthday.

teresa naughton - 11th Jan 2010 12:28:15

The Writers Bureau promotes penmanship and has come of age.

Dolly - 11th Jan 2010 11:42:19

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau

FazalAliButt - 10th Jan 2010 12:25:57


Geo KG - 10th Jan 2010 08:25:48

Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Claudine - 10th Jan 2010 07:58:56

Congratulations, Writers Bureau, on reaching this auspicious milestone. May the next 21 years be as successful for you and your students.

Temidayo - 9th Jan 2010 20:05:58

Happy Birthday

Temidayo - 9th Jan 2010 18:39:17

Happy Birthday to you
Hope you live to affect the unborn generartions of writers
Hope your jars of oil never run dry
Hope the edges of your papers never stay untouched.
Writers Bureau, Happy 21st Birthday

Ann Ryan - 9th Jan 2010 00:01:10

A very Happy Birthday to you all at Writers Bureau!!!!

Milind Correa - 8th Jan 2010 22:20:29

May you inspire more people to take the pen & 2010 give you a perfect 10!

Teresa Baxter - 8th Jan 2010 16:18:50

Happy birthday - hope you are around for another 21 years. With my organisational skills it might take me that long to complete the course!


Carol Fluker - 8th Jan 2010 16:11:56

HAppy Birthday! I know you have touched the lives of many people; here's to many more years of excellence!

Tonny Otiebo - 7th Jan 2010 14:12:45

Happy birthday

Leon - 6th Jan 2010 15:53:33

Happy 21st!!!!

Michael Hepburn - 6th Jan 2010 13:33:23

Hope this is a fantastic year for everyone involved at the Writers Bureau. I will also be celebrating my 21st birthday this year.

ebenezer - 6th Jan 2010 12:46:04

i am proud to be part of your 21st birth day celebration.i will enrol very soon.stay focused and produce the writers.

disha - 6th Jan 2010 09:16:26

many many happy returns of the day,
i like writing, like small articles but i want some more ,i want improove my skiill.

Laura de Quincey - 5th Jan 2010 22:25:49

Congratulations to the Writers Bureau on their 21st Anniversary. What a feat to have got this far. Well Done. May you have another 21 years ahead of you. Keep up the excellent work. Kind regards Laura

Val Holland - 5th Jan 2010 21:09:20

Happy Birthday Hope it is better than last year.

Mrs Sharon Haylock - 5th Jan 2010 19:56:47

Congratualtions. I enrolled and paid for a course a few years go, but have never taken up the challenge. Is it too late to start now?

Ndegwa Gitahi - 5th Jan 2010 19:06:58

Congratulation on your 21 birth day and may enjoy many many more in future.HAPPY BIRTH DAY

Brian Dinan - 5th Jan 2010 17:47:52

Congratulations on your coming of age birthday -- no mean achievement!

subashini - 5th Jan 2010 15:37:23

you will celebrate many many birthdays for the good work you do.many congratulations to those who are associated with the organisation.Hoping to learn more on effective writing and anticipating for the day to start my own scripting.

Lin Rogers - 5th Jan 2010 13:37:01

Happy 21st birthday !

ANTHONIA IBOK - 5th Jan 2010 10:23:27

wishing writers bureau more productive years ahead.

Kiran Prasad - 5th Jan 2010 09:10:01

To everyone at the WB - Let the celebrations keep multiplying with each passing year !

Saeema Mohamed Salim - 5th Jan 2010 06:16:06

We do not know how far the ripples of our decisions go..Joining The Writers Bureau is the perfect decision. I wish the team a flourishing year and a thriving 21st Birthday!

Shilpa Kulambi - 5th Jan 2010 04:29:20

Wish you many more happy returns of the day!! :-)

Tushar kanti Bhattacharyya - 5th Jan 2010 04:14:38

Longlive writers bureau,many more 21 will come and continue shower us knowledge and enlight us.

Michael Stephenson - 4th Jan 2010 20:00:39

Happy 21st May your 21st year be the best yet.

Ayman - 4th Jan 2010 19:28:58

A Warm Happy Birthday to Writers bureau
Thanks to those who brought it forward!

DAVID - 4th Jan 2010 18:36:20

Bravo.happy birthday
you have created writers in your 21years of growing

Charlotte Mewse - 4th Jan 2010 18:14:07

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau. Wishing you lots of happiness and success in 2010 x

srestha - 4th Jan 2010 17:05:17

wish you many more years of successful celebrations..wishing u a great year ahead...

C.Venkataramana - 4th Jan 2010 13:17:10

Continue the good work and guide us throughout the 21st century in the 21st birthday!!!

wendi leawood - 4th Jan 2010 11:09:06

happy birthday

Kevin Stone - 3rd Jan 2010 20:55:03

Happy birthday and a Happy New Year

Jordan Hardy - 3rd Jan 2010 19:03:44

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau!

Karen Walsh - 3rd Jan 2010 13:59:11

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes for the future!!!

Jessica - 3rd Jan 2010 13:17:22

Hi, Happy Birthday,
Hope you have a great one in 2010!

clara - 3rd Jan 2010 13:00:17

A new year anew beginning. A new celebration of lifelong skills. May you continue to celebrate a lifelong another 21 years.

Anson - 3rd Jan 2010 09:02:26

Keep up the Good work. Way to go!Many more years to come!!

MADAN MOHAN PRASAD - 3rd Jan 2010 04:23:10

An oath,"Pen is mighter than sword", be envisaged on the eve of 21st birth of ours- the Writers Bureau; for this 21st century._Might God bless so.

wendy - 2nd Jan 2010 20:09:33

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau! here's to the next 21 years :)

Rajan - 2nd Jan 2010 18:33:43

Long Live WB

jane w Muchai - 2nd Jan 2010 17:23:34

I am delighted to wish you the best 21st birthday. You deserve the best as you make peoples dreams come true.

Misori - 2nd Jan 2010 14:33:15

Happy birthday WB. Your support is proof of good intention.

miles - 2nd Jan 2010 14:30:42

Penbloth Lowan...Happy Birthday

carole nerney-smith - 1st Jan 2010 09:28:33

happy birthday!

Jane Seddon - 31st Dec 2009 14:18:24

Happy Birthday! Hope you all have an excellent day, here's to many more!

ray farnell - 31st Dec 2009 10:02:22

Happy 21st birthday to you all, old and new, from an old and "new" student.

Aniket Shah - 31st Dec 2009 05:05:11

3rd January 2010 is my 28th Birthday and 21st Birthday of Writers Bureau.
I wish all those associated with Writers Bureau the very best and intend to enroll very soon with Writers Bureau.

Croos S.A. - 30th Dec 2009 17:40:55

Long Live Writers Bureau to serve the world of writing.

Katherine - 30th Dec 2009 16:16:04

Happy Birthday!

Abram Mahlaba - 30th Dec 2009 14:32:47

I'm a new student who just discovered your 21 years of creating writers' successes.Pls enjoy your 21st Birthday on the the first decade of the 21st century.

Elijah Ajowi - 30th Dec 2009 12:39:39

Happy birthday writers bureau and may you continue providing this vital education in this 21st Century

morkporkpor Anku - 30th Dec 2009 09:32:49

may the writers bureau continue to impact the new generation of journalist.Happy Birthday

arghya chakravorty - 30th Dec 2009 01:56:20

may the completion of 2-decades n 1-year..pave ways for 2-millenium n 1-century...HAPPY B'DAY

Cynthia Knowles - 29th Dec 2009 15:32:11

Happy Birthday!
What an achievement!

I look forward to joining in 2010

Jenni Potter - 29th Dec 2009 11:21:52

Happy Birthday Writer's Bureau - I have enjoyed the work of so many of your graduates! Long may it continue!!

Tina - 28th Dec 2009 17:54:03

Happy, happy birthday
Writers Bureau

Chessie Volland - 28th Dec 2009 14:57:19

Happy brithday, I really am looking forward to getting on with my course... thanks to the writers bureau I havel plucked up the courage to write for pleasure.. Yipee

janice - 28th Dec 2009 10:35:10

Congratulations......keep up the good work..

Arnold - 28th Dec 2009 08:49:50

may the writer bureau continue to inspire and birth day is to make the good things you are doing

trish myers - 27th Dec 2009 22:46:37

after reading all the good work you do for sure congrates are over due,so there's only one thing left to say i wish you a happy birthday

trish myers - 27th Dec 2009 22:28:53

am i to late to help you celebrate your 21 year i know its not on time to send you my to the writers bureau i say i wish you all happy birthday. from trish. a future student

Vrunda Manjeet - 27th Dec 2009 03:00:35

It’s time for careful reflection
About the journey of Writers Bureau and
It’s future direction
You are not aware
Where I have been when you looked at me in past
The time I spent with the Writers Bureau had quite a blast

I wondered what will come in life has in store
Will it be just the same? Or will there be a new door?
I am sure as you blow, enlighten instead,a ‘knowledge’ candle
My life held no challenge that I can not handle.

Liliana Lopes - 26th Dec 2009 15:53:40

Happy birthday to you! May you continue to inspire and produce more writers for the next 21 years.XXXX

Ravi Nair - 26th Dec 2009 05:28:00

Twenty ONE??
Now that's a big ONE,
All the best for the future RUN,
and hope you have lotsa FUN under the SUN.

Happy Birthday.

Navaneeth - 25th Dec 2009 06:03:40

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.
Enjoy the day.

Also, Wish You And All The Staff,'A Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays'.

Heather - 24th Dec 2009 18:10:58

Keep up the good work. Its good to be inspired

Giuseppe Taverna - 24th Dec 2009 16:29:36

Happy Birthday!Season's greetings and a Happy,Healthy, prosperous New Year for 2010.

muriel Kindler - 23rd Dec 2009 21:32:09

happy birthday and many happy returns.

James Waddell - 23rd Dec 2009 12:37:50

Congratulations on twenty one years of putting budding writers on the path to success!

Joanna Wilkinson - 22nd Dec 2009 18:37:30

Here's to writing some of the world's wrongs by use of Writers Bureau courses in its 21st year!

Rachael Hale - 22nd Dec 2009 17:56:14

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau! Wishing all the team a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2010

Ose Ndebbio - 22nd Dec 2009 15:44:15

Thank you Writers Bureau for daring to start that fateful day 21 one years ago.
May the Bureau have many more reasons to celebrate

Zablon - 22nd Dec 2009 15:39:23

May the Writers Bureau continue to inspire, encourage and make it possible to those dreaming to be writers realize those dreams.

Elijah - 22nd Dec 2009 07:05:07

Any one man woman or child can be what they want to be but be the right thing. Happy Birthday Writers Bureau

amal - 21st Dec 2009 14:01:39

happy birthday youuuu

Keith Fowler - 21st Dec 2009 08:19:28

Just started with the Writers Bureau and loving it. Congradulations and best wishes for the future.

Ian Richards - 21st Dec 2009 00:54:05

Jolly Funtimes to all the team.

Dawa Tshering - 20th Dec 2009 22:40:24

A happy and successful 21st birthday!!!

alan davis - 20th Dec 2009 20:49:56

happy birthday writers bureau and many more of them.

sandra morgan - 20th Dec 2009 14:52:50

happy 21st birthday,wishing you many more to come.

FREIDA - 20th Dec 2009 11:19:34

XRONIA POLLA is what we say in Crete, and many many more.

Jean Campbell - 20th Dec 2009 02:11:36

Happy 21st Birthday to The Writers Bureau, may there be many, many more...

Pat Quaife - 19th Dec 2009 23:44:37

Congratulations to you all at The Writers Bureau. I will commence my course in the New Year and thank you for the opportunity of helping me with my writing.

Niena - 19th Dec 2009 20:51:03

Keep up the good work and more power!!!

DEVINA - 19th Dec 2009 17:12:17

Happy birthday and best wishes for keeping up the great work...

Ayleen Chalidis - 19th Dec 2009 17:01:18


Liz Syred - 19th Dec 2009 16:07:19

Happy Birthday and here's to the next 21

Rachel Hadley - 19th Dec 2009 12:49:31

Happy Birthday!

Thelma - 19th Dec 2009 02:15:28

Wishing you a happy 21st and hoping I'll be with you to celebrate your 50th

Beryl - 18th Dec 2009 17:41:22

Very Happy 21st Birthday

JYOTI KHANDELWAL - 18th Dec 2009 15:32:39

Many congratulations on completing 21 years of your success. looking forward to many more competitions in the coming years.

Barbara Browning - 18th Dec 2009 15:12:22

Congratulations on 21 successful years. May you have many more

Gideon Cecil - 18th Dec 2009 13:43:23


Vivienne - 18th Dec 2009 13:04:31

Many happey returns!!

LOMIE - 18th Dec 2009 12:30:32

Congratulations for the 21 years of good work. You have helped thousands of people to achieve their writing career dreams. Happy 21st Birthday, Writers Bureau! Keep up with the wonderful work.

John Morgan - 18th Dec 2009 11:52:31

All the very best for the future

Tamer - 18th Dec 2009 11:31:15

My best wishes

Liz - 18th Dec 2009 03:39:33

Congratulations - here's to the next 21!

belinda dalgarno - 17th Dec 2009 18:28:18

wishing you a very happy 21st and hoping to begin a course with you in celebration

Lorna - 17th Dec 2009 16:14:25

Hope you have a very Happy 21st Birthday

norman - 17th Dec 2009 12:58:11

well done for surviving 21 years,best wishes for the future.

Azam - 17th Dec 2009 11:48:44

Happy Birthday, and best wishes for 2010.
happy new year too.

Hanan - 17th Dec 2009 11:31:35

Happy 21st Birthday

Fionnuala Farrell - 17th Dec 2009 00:08:26

I wish you a very happy birthday and heres to the next 21 years

Helen - 16th Dec 2009 23:36:30

For 21 years you have inspired and encouraged the writer within to emerge happy birthday

Paul Brown - 16th Dec 2009 22:55:37

Congratulations on your 20th.

Linda McMullen - 16th Dec 2009 22:54:40

Congratulations on reaching such a milestone and long may your wonderful magazine continue.

Chris k Afari - 16th Dec 2009 21:28:39

Ha.ppy Birthday.May you go from strength to strength

Gilli Chetcuti - 16th Dec 2009 20:27:42

Happy Birthday to you! (save me a slab of cake, please...)

john - 16th Dec 2009 18:03:56

21 and never been kissed. Who'd have thought it?
all the best.

Rose - 16th Dec 2009 17:35:07

Happy Birthday!

Mairi Cumming - 16th Dec 2009 17:07:27

Congratulations! here's to the next 21 years..............

tracy - 16th Dec 2009 12:31:47

happy days for the next 365x21 of course minusing the leaping for joy years xx

Alicia Dominguez - 16th Dec 2009 12:02:17

Happy 21st Birthday! I'm looking forward to celebrate the following years with you!

sophia beavan - 16th Dec 2009 08:14:01

Happy 21st Birthday to the dream team

Jody O'Boyle - 16th Dec 2009 01:55:45

Congrats, enjoy, may there be many more (birthdays that is)!

Charl van Eeden - 15th Dec 2009 22:19:38

Tandem fit arbour! (At last the twig grows into a tree.)

naomi kendell - 15th Dec 2009 17:44:28

I have to say that I am delightfully amazed by the shear range of corses and amazing reviews that you have. Im so excited that I will be paying in full at the end of the week for a corse. I was unaware of just how much you have to offer and wondered if you could send me a little more imformation as Im just spoilt for choice and just do not no where to start. I really am so very pleased that theres such a wonderful opertunity for me to study at home at my own pace when it best suits my family. thankyou so so much you really are an amazing company and Im overwelmed with the reports and feedback that you have created and that is because you have given so many people the opotunity to do something they love most. my congratulations and best regards Naomi Kendell

Steve Hassell - 15th Dec 2009 17:13:25

Grats on your 21st.

robert lee - 15th Dec 2009 16:15:21

happy christmas.hope to see you in 2010

HERBERT SAVORY - 15th Dec 2009 15:13:31


Dr. Joel O. Yoyo - 15th Dec 2009 15:10:29

Congratulations to The Writers Bureau. Your support and guidance has enabled many to be able to convey great thoughts and knowledge. Your 21st Birthday Celebration will usser in valued support the 21 century writers. I am soon joining. Blessings and best luck to all the celebrants.

Dr. Joel O. Yoyo

evelyn callender - 15th Dec 2009 14:00:35

Good luck in your birthday celebrations and may all who participate in them enjoy themselves.

Lesley Patricia Cowin - 15th Dec 2009 13:24:49

Congratulations TWB! Here's to the next milestone!

Alexander Taylor McCuish - 15th Dec 2009 13:02:04

congrats,here is to the next 21.

Annette Fleet - 15th Dec 2009 12:49:48

Congratulations on your achievements

James - 15th Dec 2009 12:48:46

Happy Birthday, You don't look a day over 20!

Danny Maguire - 15th Dec 2009 12:41:51

Imagine .. what the next 21years will bring. Congrats

samar - 15th Dec 2009 12:32:22

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau.

Jane Metcalfe - 15th Dec 2009 12:26:20

I hope to join you in 2010 sometime - Happy Birthday

Colleen Lawman - 15th Dec 2009 12:21:10

Happy 21st birthday to the Writing Bureau. Here's to the next 21 years!

Nick Horton. - 15th Dec 2009 10:24:26

21 years and still setting the bar.
Well done.

David Jones - 15th Dec 2009 10:23:44

Happy 21st from all at The Authors Friend

Mary Kerman - 15th Dec 2009 09:28:48

21 years that's a long time to keep an organisation going you must be good. Congratulaions.

Isaac Frimpong - 15th Dec 2009 07:20:08

Happy birthday writer's bureau. You are the mouthpeace of every nation.I can not wait for the celebration.

Baz - 15th Dec 2009 06:29:40

Life can be bad, but then something like this happen's, maybe I will win the "Laptop", perhaps not, but life feels better now, Happy 21st God Bless Love Barrie.

Audrey Lennon - 15th Dec 2009 00:52:33

Happy 21st Birthday...I hope to join you all in 2010.

M. Ian Jack - 14th Dec 2009 23:42:46

The very best wishes on your 21st.

tricia Smith - 14th Dec 2009 23:06:21

Hellooooo and happy birthday and congratulations. Must be doing something right!

Ramindar - 14th Dec 2009 22:54:16

Happy 21st Birthday to WB. Hoping that WB continue to inspire the writer within us.

Janice - 14th Dec 2009 22:25:09

Happy 21st Birthday

Corinne Byrne - 14th Dec 2009 22:24:42

"Happy Birthday"

robert - 14th Dec 2009 22:06:58

good luck and success on your 21st

susan - 14th Dec 2009 22:02:31

happy 21st birthday

Rob Parker-Munn - 14th Dec 2009 21:55:34

Happy Birthday Writers from the Writer's Bureau, long may you write and have happy birthdays!

Derefaka Direh - 14th Dec 2009 21:39:09

I wish you a happy celebration and may you continue to bring enlightenment to people.More grese to your elbow.

Bagibur - 14th Dec 2009 21:27:32

Happy comming of age!
wish you success and development

Vicki Penny - 14th Dec 2009 21:21:29

Happy Birthday!!!

Neal Grace - 14th Dec 2009 21:18:49

happy birthday!

Linda - 14th Dec 2009 20:42:13

Happy birthday!!

Graham Tunney - 14th Dec 2009 20:27:20

Congratulations on 25 years of wonderful progress long may you survive

Darren Greenidge - 14th Dec 2009 20:18:26

Have a fantastic time at the party. I'm sure you all will! Enjoy the next 25 yrs!!!

Douglas Christopher Bates - 14th Dec 2009 20:06:39

Comgratulations on Reaching 21years ofhelping to fulfil dreams look forward to you helping me achieve mine

Brian Lyus - 14th Dec 2009 19:07:38

well done keep up the good work

Leslie Thomas - 14th Dec 2009 18:45:45

Congratulations on your 21st and have a great christmas!

joy - 14th Dec 2009 18:31:01

have a good one

David Chittenden - 14th Dec 2009 18:21:16

In our present climate, weather or otherwise, Celebrations of any sort are most welcome. However by any standard, twenty one years of assisting budding authors must merit as an achievement that many strive for but only a few reach. Congratulations on reaching your first wind, the marathon has only just started, I am sure.

Madu Bala - 14th Dec 2009 18:11:18

Happy Birthday to the Writers Bureau

Rob Parsons - 14th Dec 2009 17:54:15

As each year you get older - you get more experienced and wiser.

Helen Keane - 14th Dec 2009 17:12:19

Wishing you success and wealth. Happy Birthday.

Suzanne - 14th Dec 2009 17:05:26

Happy birthday, looking forward to 2010.

Martin - 14th Dec 2009 16:50:22

May you go from strength to strength and give us the strength to go and go Many Happy Returns

Jateen - 14th Dec 2009 16:35:05

Wish you happy birthday,and I wish you to continue this success, to bring more best writers as a gift to this planet. Good Luck.

Laurie Bates - 14th Dec 2009 16:26:20

Coming of age? Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional

Dottie - 14th Dec 2009 16:14:33

with love and happyness for you and all the rest. happy 21s your books can now bust with joy and laughter and peace ever after. from little old me Dottie

Janet Adebanwo - 14th Dec 2009 16:09:51

Happy birthday, and have a wonderful christmas

Jan Hurst - 14th Dec 2009 15:55:52

Congratulations!! I hope to be part of your celebrations and continuing success during 2010!

Nuala Willis - 14th Dec 2009 15:48:55

Congratulations! Hopefully 2010 will allow me the time to join your ranks and get writing.

Polly Bond - 14th Dec 2009 15:42:54

Had no idea the bureau had been going so long. Impressive well done

Dennis Toop - 14th Dec 2009 15:28:28

Have a good one and here's to the next 21 years.

Andrew Walton - 14th Dec 2009 15:04:16


W R. - 14th Dec 2009 15:01:28

Keep up the good work

Kathy - 14th Dec 2009 15:00:10

Champagne in showers!

mary barker - 14th Dec 2009 14:39:12


Hannah scully - 14th Dec 2009 14:37:51

Congratulations. Hope you achieve another 21 years!

Douglas Berrie - 14th Dec 2009 14:32:14


Gillian - 14th Dec 2009 14:21:55

Congratulations on reaching your 21st Birthday.

Jameel Hague - 14th Dec 2009 14:20:30

Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy 2010

Lookana - 14th Dec 2009 13:58:03

May your writers courses continue to inspire the writers to write! For what is written is done! Viva Writers Bureau! Prosper and multiply! Happy birthday!

Lorraine Schofield - 14th Dec 2009 13:28:02

Congratulations! your courses are excellent and inspiring

Claire Z Allen - 14th Dec 2009 12:50:02

Happy Birthday to yooooooooou

Patricia Todd - 14th Dec 2009 12:48:22

Very best wishes for a wonderful year.

marie johnston - 14th Dec 2009 12:47:19

congratulations on your big day and well done on all your successes

Michael Goodill - 14th Dec 2009 12:46:41

Happy Birthday, you have the key of the door

Les Mitchell - 14th Dec 2009 12:24:35

Many Happy Retirns to the folks with the Write Stuff.

Angela - 14th Dec 2009 12:15:53

Sincere congratulations and here's to the next 21 years!

gary brar - 14th Dec 2009 11:50:33

happy 21st birthday
more to come

Anne Johnson - 14th Dec 2009 11:48:06

best wishes

Elisavet - 14th Dec 2009 11:47:47

here is a catchy tune for you...
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy biiirthday writers' bureau...
happy birthday to youououou...

mags - 14th Dec 2009 11:47:45

well done keep going

Bridget - 14th Dec 2009 11:39:18

...seems like just yesterday you were a wee whippet of a thing in short pants...

Robert - 14th Dec 2009 11:36:05

Happy Birthday

Vlad Bourceanu - 14th Dec 2009 11:34:05

Happy Birthday TWB - here's to another 21 years!

lisa wharam - 14th Dec 2009 11:32:37

Wishing you all a very happy birthday and may there be plenty of laughter and good cheer to celebrate along the way! Make 2010 the year where you take every opportunity to bring you closer to your dreams. Lisa XX

Linette Ackroyd - 14th Dec 2009 11:31:28

happy birthday to you

Folake Hassan - 14th Dec 2009 11:24:38

Happy 21st Birthday

Ed - 14th Dec 2009 11:24:26

Happy birthday

Marie - 14th Dec 2009 11:20:43

Happy 21st. birthday and merry christmas to all.

Christa Tee - 14th Dec 2009 11:19:33

Happy 21st! I hope this will be the year my other commitments allow me to join your ranks of budding students!

Roser Soler - 14th Dec 2009 11:17:59

Happy coming to age!

Michael John Hewett - 14th Dec 2009 11:16:51

Congratulations on 21 years of success, long may it continue

Adrian Justin Smith - 14th Dec 2009 11:09:07

Congratulations - hope to join you n the New Year.

Jo - 14th Dec 2009 11:08:54

Happy 21st! May you long continue to inspire, instruct and motivate


Alan Barrett - 14th Dec 2009 11:03:10

happy 21st birthday

Jane Rowlands - 14th Dec 2009 11:02:42

Kind Reagards with Special Birthday wishes, so that you continue to shine.

William Murdie - 14th Dec 2009 10:57:45

Keep on doing the write thing

ANNE BOSTWICK - 14th Dec 2009 10:55:24


anne young - 14th Dec 2009 10:54:33

Happy Birthday and Happy Writing to everyone.

Linda Owen - 14th Dec 2009 10:47:57

Many congratulations on your 21 birthday and I look forward to taking part in your 2010 celebrations

ramesh rajbanshi - 14th Dec 2009 10:40:19


David r. - 14th Dec 2009 10:38:36

21 eh! its better than being on the dole

karlina Veras - 14th Dec 2009 10:34:43

Happy Birthday!

John Smith - 14th Dec 2009 10:21:22

It is a long time since my 21st so I will happily celebrate yours. Long may you continue!

Begonia - 14th Dec 2009 10:17:42

I am not into this family yet, nevertheless I wish you a Very Happy 21st Birthday.

Elizabeth Phillips - 14th Dec 2009 10:11:40

Many happy returns

SHARON RYAN - 14th Dec 2009 10:05:11


Des - 14th Dec 2009 10:02:35

Happy Birthday

Elizabeth - 14th Dec 2009 09:53:42

I wish you many words to come!

brenda dcosta - 14th Dec 2009 09:48:09

Although I hardly even started my course, thank you for your guidance and encouragement. your course literature has served me well, giving me an edge in my day to day written communication. It has also helped me instill the love for writing in my two children. I hope to do the course all over again. Keep up your great work forever.

Margaret Jones - 14th Dec 2009 09:40:04

A Very Happy Birthday to you

Ian Manassie - 14th Dec 2009 09:38:42

Way to go - Happy 21st!!

Badukian - 14th Dec 2009 09:31:14


Lesley Mackarel - 14th Dec 2009 09:29:50

Happy Birthday Writers' Bureau

Norman Smith - 14th Dec 2009 09:29:10

Happy birthday - Long may your success continue

Martin Walters - 14th Dec 2009 09:28:12

I just about remember mine!!
Happy Birthday.

Penelope - 14th Dec 2009 09:24:30

Congratulations Writers Bureau on your 21 years of success

mr clive smith - 14th Dec 2009 09:13:06


Naser - 14th Dec 2009 09:09:49

Happy bithday

christine ellis - 14th Dec 2009 09:09:42

happy 21st birthday hope you all have a great day
from christine and family

Olusegun Dahunsi - 14th Dec 2009 09:01:27

Writers live forever even when they are no more. May you continue to blossom and radiate through the writers you produce. Hip hip hip hurrah.

Miss Helen Oyekan - 14th Dec 2009 08:56:23

Happy 21st Birthday 2U, many happy returns. Helen

Rachel Potter - 14th Dec 2009 08:51:47

Happy Birthday, may you have many more years of helping us reach our dreams!

Sanghaketu - 14th Dec 2009 08:46:10

Here's to the next 21 years

andrew bailey - 13th Dec 2009 21:49:27


Stephen - 13th Dec 2009 10:21:47

A giant institution that has helped many. Long live to inspire more.

Deepak pateriya - 13th Dec 2009 03:49:58

I am recently join you I am very happy to say you "Happy Birth day"wish you lot

Deepak pateriya - 12th Dec 2009 19:30:02

I very Happy to say Happy Birth Day to writers beauro

robyn travers - 11th Dec 2009 21:27:00

Happy Birthday, to add to your celebrations I am enrolling in your course! Wish me luck to find myself and discover my true passions x

Lucy M - 11th Dec 2009 11:58:18

Happy Birthday Writers Bureau! Here's to the future...

Nimi Sharma - 10th Dec 2009 23:04:08

Happy 21st and wish you ma ny many more

C.Mike - 10th Dec 2009 18:11:58

'He who walks with the wise grows wise', Proverbs. Thank you for the wisdom you share to dreams of fullfilment. Happy 21st.

Maulik Khandwala - 10th Dec 2009 08:41:26

A blossom of roses & rays of a sun, I wish Writeers bureau shine like a sun forever.Happy 21st Birthday

Rebecca Antoinette - 10th Dec 2009 08:10:17

May "The Writers Bureau" shine in golden letters spread over a canopy to enligten the thrown of God.Happy birthday.

lamya rassiwala - 10th Dec 2009 06:11:32

Hey, Writers Bureau,
I have recently joined you, and i am very glad that i did. Wishing you a very happy 21st birthday, and all the success in the future

Lee Reid - 9th Dec 2009 23:45:36

Happy Xmas

Rosalia Bentivegna - 9th Dec 2009 15:59:24

Happy 21st Birthday and many more.....

William Kelly - 9th Dec 2009 15:18:34

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Kidner - 9th Dec 2009 14:19:22

Happy 21st birthday and long life.

Peter Campbell - 9th Dec 2009 11:30:35

Happy 21st, wishing you continued success providing a worthwhile service.

arshad - 9th Dec 2009 10:16:16

wish u best of luck

Ian Patterson - 9th Dec 2009 09:16:31

Happy Birthday

Gary Clough - 9th Dec 2009 08:47:48

Congratulations on reaching an important milestone. Clearly the Writers Bureau offers a quality service.

hansraj netam - 9th Dec 2009 07:37:01

happy B'day

Gary Thompson - 8th Dec 2009 23:11:56

Happy 21st Birthday.

Penny - 8th Dec 2009 22:25:53

many more x

Lynn Dixon - 8th Dec 2009 22:00:57

Happy burpday !! Hic !!!

Rosalia Bentivegna - 8th Dec 2009 21:06:34

Happy Birthday!

Kif - 8th Dec 2009 19:32:51

Happy 21st Birthday and many more to come

Paul Robinson - 8th Dec 2009 19:16:27

Many congratulations on reaching 21

Tim Mugridge - 8th Dec 2009 17:52:34

Happy 21st Birthday !! Thankyou Everyone You have all been brilliant.. i couldnt of done it without you. Thankyou for the past and good luch for the future !! x x

David Rowlinson - 8th Dec 2009 17:49:18

Doesn't time fly.

Andrew Socratous - 8th Dec 2009 17:30:35

Happy Birthday

sasidhar - 8th Dec 2009 15:52:07

Congratulations. Let sky be the limit to you enjoyment...

Beverley Keenan - 8th Dec 2009 15:45:10

21 years giving hope to novice writers. Here's to the next 21 xxx

paul clements - 8th Dec 2009 13:57:00

Happy Birthday to all, raise a glass perhaps!

William - 8th Dec 2009 13:20:07

happy 21 birthday

Tony Wach - 8th Dec 2009 13:18:16

21 great years of the Writers Bureau guiding prospective writers to become professionals. Happy birthday.

Oliver - 8th Dec 2009 13:17:33

Being old is better than being dead. Those are the choices.

Anya Prodywus - 8th Dec 2009 12:51:54

Congratulations to the Writers Bureau on your 21st Birthday!

shila chan - 8th Dec 2009 12:17:45

Feliz cumpleanos as they say in spanish

ANAND RAMMOHAN - 8th Dec 2009 11:41:21

Have the best B'Day so far!

Karina Monaco - 8th Dec 2009 11:10:49

Writing is a joy of words, spinning together like a web with many different windows. Enjoy your Birthday!

Abhideep - 8th Dec 2009 10:21:00

Only 21 years and yet so profoundly helpful to all us budding writers around the world!! Hmm...instead of wishing you a Happy Birthday, let me be selfish and pray to God for your long and healthy life so that you can continue changing our lives as you have for these 21 years.

nancy lambley - 8th Dec 2009 09:26:56

Long Live The Writers Bureau!!!!

mark - 8th Dec 2009 09:21:07

happy 21st to the battling quills hope you all have a terrific day

kendra Florence - 8th Dec 2009 07:46:12

Happy 21st Birthday

Susan - 8th Dec 2009 07:34:05

Happy 21st Birthday and many more to come

Christopher Kelly - 8th Dec 2009 07:20:22

Happy Birthday!! Hmm how original, hehe.

karen westbrook - 8th Dec 2009 06:59:28

Enjoy the celebrations. Very best wishes.

Kelly Ward - 7th Dec 2009 23:06:57

Happy 21st Birthday! All downhill from here!!!

Colin Newman - 7th Dec 2009 19:52:45

The pen is mightier than the sword

sally letts - 7th Dec 2009 18:53:23

happy birthday!

val douglas - 7th Dec 2009 18:33:02

happy birthday to you. Youve got the key of the door, never been 21 before

Patricia Lyndsey - 7th Dec 2009 18:12:48

Happy Birthday to you & all the people who wrote a book or two.

chris - 7th Dec 2009 17:36:14

happy 21 birthday

Niel Roberts - 7th Dec 2009 17:01:02

Happy 21st B Day...continue to inspire aspiring writers everywhere for years to come!

Stephen Chattaway - 7th Dec 2009 16:41:49

happy 21st :-)

Helen Chattaway - 7th Dec 2009 16:40:55

happy 21st :-)

nick hall - 7th Dec 2009 16:37:34

You've got the key to the door.

Kev - 7th Dec 2009 16:37:23

Happy 21st

Julie - 7th Dec 2009 16:36:46

Many Happy Returns! x

Sai Ch - 7th Dec 2009 16:33:05

Happy birthday!
Here's to your 21!

denise mckeown - 7th Dec 2009 16:21:44

happy birthday to u

Meghana.S.Kulkarni - 7th Dec 2009 14:33:05

Congratulations The Writers Bureau 21st Birthday
Hope this success remains all over the world.
Happy Birthday.

Marshall Dyton - 7th Dec 2009 14:07:46

Your expertise is highly appreciated, your assistance is highly recommendable. Wishing you nothing than a Happy Bithday!

pankaj jindal - 7th Dec 2009 11:50:51

YoU gRoW,yOu FloUrIsH....
ThAt'S mY HeArTiEsT wIsH....
a VeRy HaPPy BiRtHdAy To U....
"tHe WoNdErFuL 'wRiTeRs BuReAu'"....

chaitali - 7th Dec 2009 11:12:03

Happy birthday! May WB continue to bring hope and joy for us aspiring writers for many years to come. God bless!

srinivas - 7th Dec 2009 11:00:44

Congratulation for education the world.
Keep up the good work.

Saba - 7th Dec 2009 05:54:07

Happy Birthday. May you continue wit hsuccess for many more years.

Shiv Kohli - 7th Dec 2009 05:42:52

Wishing you a very happy Birthday and New Year 2010.

Glen Stansfield - 6th Dec 2009 15:21:52

happy birthday

Karen - 6th Dec 2009 13:30:13

Congratulations for the first 21 years - Happy Birthday.

Colin Edy - 6th Dec 2009 12:03:05

May you continue with your success for another 21 years

steve murphy - 6th Dec 2009 10:41:56

Happy birthday 2 ya!

Congrats, Have a Fantastic day!

Margaret Farmer - 6th Dec 2009 09:12:07

Congratulations on your coming of age her's to the next 21 years

Eileen Pritchard - 5th Dec 2009 21:49:25

Hope you have a good day

Julie Dore - 5th Dec 2009 18:45:41

here's to the next 21!

Flick - 5th Dec 2009 16:13:31

happy 21st

andrew hurrell - 5th Dec 2009 16:00:03


William Wilkins - 5th Dec 2009 15:24:18

Kia Kaha Bro

Mark - 5th Dec 2009 15:16:32

Happy Birthday!

Christine Bray - 5th Dec 2009 14:35:38

Live long and prosper

Michelle McCartney - 5th Dec 2009 11:49:36

Happy Birthday - the more I get to know you the more I can feel my heart grow
Your plans for us show that you design your project in such a way as to make me think you can see into my heart - recognose my fears and offer me tiny little steps that will help me reach my goal. Thank you and keep going.

Claudia - 5th Dec 2009 10:47:56

Continue spreading the knowledge WB Happy Birthday!

Susie M - 4th Dec 2009 10:59:18

Well done WB. Happy Birthday!


Annemarie Munro Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2022

"I have seen my writing journey as an adventure: What can I write? What am I best at? What new aspects of writing can I discover and contribute towards? I have welcomed the wide range of modules covering different types of writing, challenging me to try new aspects in style and content, pushing me gently outside my comfort zone with encouragement.

"I signed up for the course in December 2020 as a Christmas present to myself and I started the first module in January 2021. I have had eight pieces published: three paid earning £1080 and a star letter where I won a £250 hotel voucher."

Annemarie Munro - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2022

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