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2nd Assignment Lorena M 5 View
Change of registered mail id Amreen A 2 View
Nonfiction assignment Sayed Ahmad R 4 View
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Fillers and Short Articles Joel A 3 View
Magazines and rates Leanne M 2 View
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Need Magazine ideas Peter B 2 View
List of publications accepting reader's letters/fillers Sheree Rose d 4 View
FB Study Group for Nonfiction Assignments of the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course Nita P 4 View
need help Matthew S 1 View
Who enjoyed NF10 charlotte m 2 View
quickie Darren Blanche 2 View
been stuck on N7 forever charlotte m 5 View
Finding the assignment Monika G 6 View
OK, I paid, what happens next? Chris H 4 View
Publications suitable for Assignment 3? Dawn R 3 View
Totally confused Laura P 3 View
Assignement 4 Claire S 1 View
Dont have assignment N6 - Anybody help please Emmanuel S 4 View
ASSIGNMENT 15 (F7) QUESTION 1A Davina C 3 View
How/when do I find out which tutor I have? Maria J 2 View
Assignment F9 - Fiction Writing Course Estelle E 4 View
Can I send my finished assignment via email? Alanah R 3 View
I can't find assignment 1 Suzanne H 2 View
assignment 3 working out the average article length on the checklist Donna P 0 View
Asignment 1 Sonja L 2 View
Where do I find my student number? Sonja L 6 View
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Annemarie Munro Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2022

"I have seen my writing journey as an adventure: What can I write? What am I best at? What new aspects of writing can I discover and contribute towards? I have welcomed the wide range of modules covering different types of writing, challenging me to try new aspects in style and content, pushing me gently outside my comfort zone with encouragement.

"I signed up for the course in December 2020 as a Christmas present to myself and I started the first module in January 2021. I have had eight pieces published: three paid earning £1080 and a star letter where I won a £250 hotel voucher."

Annemarie Munro - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2022

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