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MoonWillow is now an award wining play! Amanda D 6 View
Story adapted for stage Amanda D 4 View
Short story published on Sheree Rose d 1 View
Another letter published Susan K 4 View
Another article to be published this Friday! Chantal P 2 View
Fix a plot hole and receive a contract charlotte m 2 View
Self-Published on Amazon Sean A 2 View
25 cheque Annmarie H 6 View
2nd book in the library charlotte m 7 View
My first article to be published soon! Chantal P 4 View
Published book John D 6 View
Slum School. A True Story. Richard B 0 View
Poem commended in issue 160 of 'Writer's Forum' Mark Anthony S 1 View
Slum School Richard B 3 View
My Prize Susan K 1 View
Yet bother letter published Susan K 5 View
messed up RAPHA J 0 View
3 Fillers Thus Far Kate S 2 View
First novel completed....need advice from others Elaine C 6 View
First Paid Job! Heather B 9 View
Confidence boosters! Gavin A 4 View
Fillers / Readers' Letter published TRUSHA N 2 View
First book published soon CAROLINE S 2 View
Another Bright Idea Published Susan K 5 View
First time published zoe j 8 View
Poetry Book Published on Kindle Nicholas T 2 View
First article published on Wikinut Ashna C 1 View
Second letter in Womans Own wins star letter!! irene j 2 View
Self published pieces on Kindle Tony J 2 View
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Criselle Nunag Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2019

“From the course I learned how to study my target audience, identify how to make the most out of my idea/story, do proper research, perform market analysis for my chosen magazine and polish my grammar. The Writers Bureau taught me to write confidently and responsibly. I learned to produce original and interesting stories, I just have to be true to myself. Writing became a fulfilling hobby that pays!”

Criselle Nunag - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2019

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