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Assignment 6 Travel

Neil R - January 24, 2021 writes:

As a new student I am finding this area invaluable. I got some great advice on my first post and have subscribed to Readly. It’s opened me up to lots of new magazine titles. Just wanted some help with the travel piece. I have spent a while looking at the magazines but it seems the main openings for freelance writers are very short reviews. Is that the right way to go with this assignment? Didn’t want to do something too short but at the same time I want to be realistic in what has the best chance of getting published. Any help is much appreciated.

Scott S - January 25, 2021 replied:

Hi Neil. This assignment gave me some trouble too, and I know a few others have struggled with it recently, particularly because we couldn't go anywhere.

I completed this assignment during the first lockdown here in the UK and decided to tackle it from a historical point of view.

The article looked at one of my favourite places, showed the history of the area, and what is used for now including what facilities are available for tourists.

The article received good praise from my tutor, but was not accepted by the magazine. And, I will confess to not trying to have it published again as I moved on to other works.

I didn't have much luck with dedicated travel magazines, but you will find many others that have pieces about interesting locations their readers have been to.

I hope this helps. Perhaps others might have more of an insight.

Also, if you use WhatsApp on your phone, a great group of us are there chatting and sharing experiences. We are also starting online group events on skype.

If you would be interested in joining please let me know on the email

Good luck with the assignment.

Neil R - January 25, 2021 replied:

Hi Scott. Thanks so much for the advice here and really good to know I am not alone struggling on this one. I think I will do what you did and wrote about a past trip. Especially with lockdown not looking like ending soon, it’s probably the most realistic way of completing it. Have seen a couple of pieces in National Geograpic and Wanderlust so might try and write in that style. Would love to join the group. That would be great to speak with other people doing the course. Will pop you an email.

Elizabeth M - April 5, 2021 replied:

I am struggling with this task too! I have just resumed my studies, after a gap of several years, only two find my next two assignments are a travel review, a restaurant review and an event review! Not great in these Covid times! Plus I am really struggling to find magazines with travel section that use the UK. My travel is exclusively camping in the UK, so not many publications seem to cover this.

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