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about to start assignment N2 and need help

Bertram G - January 21, 2021 writes:

with finding three magazines or newspapers to study . I've joint the "" mag on line site to source these and having a time doing so ,anyone available to help on finding three good publications to work from, either Mag's or News papers. Kind regards Bertram

Scott S - January 27, 2021 replied:

Hi Bertram,

Assignment 2 seems to throw us all. The difficulty is spotting letters and fillers within magazines that have so many different formats/layouts.

Some magazines don't label them as "letters." In the past I have had success with Evergreen Magazine who call theirs "Clippings" and is normally found around the mid-point of the magazine.
Reader's Digest have their letters entitled "Over to You" and is usually around page 8/9.

Bella, The People's Friend and Women's Weekly are also magazines that were printing letters at the time of my research. But please check them and make sure you understand what they print.

I hope this helps. It can be a little dissuading, spending so much time looking through so many magazines, and feeling like you have come up empty. We have all been there. But stick with it, because I promise it will be worth it. You'll find something you are comfortable with, and fits your own writing style.

Let us know how you get on.

preet d - January 28, 2021 replied:

Hi Bertram, I found the following websites useful. Each has a large selection of magazine titles.You have to subscribe to read the entire magazine but if you prefer not to, they offer a sneak preview which gives you a good idea of what they print. You can also get clues from the cover on what kind of content they print. Here are the sites: • • • • Hope this helps. Warm regards, Preet

Alan G - February 13, 2021 replied:

It's not on Readly, but Writers' Forum magazine is a good one to send fillers to. They make the submission rules very clear and you have a decent chance of winning a prize.

Bertram G - March 3, 2021 replied:

Thank you very much to Preet d and Alan G for your much appreciated help with the N2 Assignment, My apologies on getting back to you so late. Will get back to you Preet, and let you know how I'm getting on, hopefully soon. Kind regards Bertie G

Bertram G - March 5, 2021 replied:

Preet My utmost gratitude towards you, for your much valid information you shared with me. You have been such a great help. I will certainly let you know how I'm getting on

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