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Having trouble with my commas

Paul R - July 29, 2015 writes:

Hi guys, I was wondering if somebody could help me please. I have been studying punctuation and grammar now for the past few weeks, and thought it time to practice proofreading on something I have written myself. However, on the first paragraph, I'm already having trouble. In my opening paragraph, I have written: 'I became a little anxious, flying into an unknown land.' Flying into an unknown land isn't a complete sentence because there is no subject, but it is still part of the main idea, so is a comma the correct punctuation? My module notes say it should be a colon, but I don't like the look of them in my book. Or looking at the sentence again, is 'land' the subject? Any clarity on this would be very useful. Much appreciated. Paul R.

Jason D - September 3, 2015 replied:

Well, you could use a comma, as 'flying into an unknown land', is the subordinate clause, adding extra information...or you could use a colon- to add emphasis.

Jason D - September 3, 2015 replied:

I think! 😃

Paul R - September 14, 2015 replied:

Thanks for your reply :)

Mike N - November 10, 2018 replied:

I'm doing the proofreading course and believe me, the use of commas does not get easier. I was on here looking for help with the first test of the PR course - I bombed at using commas - I've had two books published and yet I cannot pass tests using commas!!! There is a common thought out there that modern writing requires less commas, so that the words flow much easier? This course does not seem to allow that, but I wonder if publishing houses would? Any thoughts? Mike Nelson...

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