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Assignment 2

Caroline W - June 17, 2015 writes:

Hi Can anyone advise on magazines that have letters pages. When I went into WH Smiths the majority of their magazines were in plastic wrappings so I couldn't see if they had letters pages. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Carrie

Amanda K - June 23, 2015 replied:

Many of the women's weekly's have a letters page along with most interest magazines such as yoga or photography. It might be worth going to somewhere like a newsagents such a Martin's or Mcolls as I know near me there are loads of magazines there to help :)

Caroline W - June 23, 2015 replied:

Thanks for this Amanda, I will try somewhere smaller and more local. How are you getting on with the course?

Robert K - July 8, 2015 replied:

Hello as a gentleman I'm finding really hard to find a magazine to write for that fits the bill. Any of the letters pages in the magazines I would like to write a letter to, or the newspapers, don't seem to offer a payment or reward. I know what you are all going to say, did I not read the bit about gender neutral thinking and writing by initial and surname only. But I can't think of anything useful to wrote that would fit the bill for items such as 'That's Life' or 'Take a Break'. I'm not in that mindset :(

Caroline W - July 14, 2015 replied:

To be honest its just as difficult for women, lots of us don't have any interest in these magazines. It is also true that there are very few payments or rewards for letters now. I'm trying Readers Digest not something I would normally read but there a few interesting articles in it. It is worth picking up magazines you would not usually read!

Kameswaran V - July 24, 2015 replied:

I guess the intention is to train those connections in your Brain that are not yet strong by making you write out of your comfort zone. These newer and stronger connections later help you write some wonderful stuff. That in itself is a pay back. Variety is spice of life :)

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