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Fiction Course - Assignment F9 - International Students

Estelle E - May 24, 2015 writes:

Hello all, After finishing F8 at long last, I now need to start F9. This assignment is to write a short story for BBC Radio 4's 15 minutes slot. The problem is that I cannot submit a story to BBC. They won't accept scripts from overseas. and I do not live in the UK or ROI. This seems to be the case for other English-speaking countries, for example New Zealand. Is there anybody out there not from the UK who knows where I could submit? Thank you in advance, Estelle

Susan F - June 15, 2015 replied:

Hmm, I'm outside the UK but haven't yet reached that assignment. I took a quick look at the BBC guidelines and couldn't see any requirement that submissions are only from the UK, but maybe I missed it somewhere. In any case, I think I'd go ahead and write the story, and then add a brief note to your tutor with the assignment, explaining the problem.

Estelle E - June 15, 2015 replied:

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your input. I wrote to my tutor, and she says just go ahead and do it. She advises to look for script development companies to write for. They can then submit your manuscript to the BBC. So much for that...I'm listening to downloaded short stories as research for now.

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