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Assignment 5 - not written for 18 months

Fiona G - April 27, 2015 writes:

Hi I was doing well and on a roll for a few months after signing up to the creative writing course but since 18 months ago, just lost my motivation. I was successfully published in 2 main stream magazines but I've just lost my mojo. Does anyone else find the assignments a little bit bleurghh.. I've done the first 4 but the fifth, I've just had enough of writing for magazines! Any advice, gratefully received. cheers

irene j - April 29, 2015 replied:

Hi Ya Fiona - dont give up!! Ive been on the Comprehensive Writing Course for a year now, and have just completed N7 which is focusing on the non-fiction side. I find I get in a roll and keep going then suddenly I stop for a few weeks and my tutor hears nothing from me!! But then I get going going again and have a lot of motivation to get studying and get submitting both for assignments and magazines/papers. Even my partner has made a comment on this!! But i think what it is a sign of is that we are just absorbing and sub-conciously reflecting on what we have learnt so far. Having that time between modules and assignments can only be beneficial for our own development as writers. Also getting assignments in advance gives us time to chew over ideas for a while, which is probably why we pause for a period of time, then its like a lightbulb springing into action!! Write about your interests and curiosities but swing them round to meet assignment criteria or just talk to your tutor about it - they are flexible. Anyway I have done a terrible thing and that is ramble on - one thing ive been told i do too much of in my writing lol!! Like i said keep it up and enjoy and dont worry about the timings - you got loads of time to complete the course. Good luck xxx

Leanne M - May 1, 2015 replied:

You're definitely not alone. I@m on a facebook group where we motivate each other on the course and it's a friendly group.

Fiona G - May 2, 2015 replied:

Thanks peeps. Asked to join the Facebook group now. Irene- think you it the nail on the head. I'll try to encourage my lightbulb moment to hurry up! Cheers

Athina A - May 7, 2015 replied:

I also started well enough, but now I've been stuck on Assignment 4 for about six months. I'll look up the facebook group and maybe that will jog me into action again. Thanks

Lorraine S - May 7, 2015 replied:

Hi, can you give me the Facebook group link please I would love to join.

Fiona G - May 14, 2015 replied:

Lorraine this is it good luck

Zoe E - May 27, 2015 replied:

Ok... I understand that mojo comes and goes, but do you want to be a writer or not? I had to ask myself this after I procrastinated for well over a year and now have 2 1/2 months to finish my course (I'm on F10 of the fiction writing course). I will finish it because I have to. Once you give yourself no choice in the matter your mojo will find a way back. Good luck.

Estelle E - May 28, 2015 replied:

Hi Zoe,
I also put the fiction writing course on the back burner. I'm on F9 of the course and I have 5 months before the course ends. So many of us are in the same boat.

Fiona - hang in there! Good luck.

Isabella B - June 13, 2015 replied:

How long do we have to complete the course, is it 48 months?

Victoria G - July 7, 2015 replied:

I hope not :(((

Jeremy H - October 11, 2015 replied:

I've been doing this course for 2 years now and have also run up against a brick wall on N7. Living overseas means that I don't have access to the range of publications that I would in the UK. It's all very well looking on-line, but very difficult to read a one-off edition as one could in Smiths back home. However I have had some success as I've had four articles published in the overseas edition of the Telegraph (both on-line and print editions). Unfortunately they don't pay but just offer a free 3 months sub for their print copy which doesn't help me towards Writer's Bureau requirements, but it's great getting into print in a national paper if nothing else. And I have had one article published in Best of British magazine about my childhood memories and am waiting for the promised £20 payment. So I'm not sure whether I'm going to get any further with this course, but I'm still writing which is what it's all about.

Rachel V - March 19, 2018 replied:

I was on the course from 1999 until 2008. It gave me structure and routine but the criticism was harsh. I struggled with the business side of this so I bought filing cabinets and colourful notebooks to make it easier. I also preferred post and the typewriter instead of technology and miss that. I got plenty out of it with old fashioned equipment but it caused me anxiety.

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