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Assignment 2 confusion.

Nidhi S - April 23, 2015 writes:

Hi, I have been stuck with assignment 2 for a pretty long time now. I have tried to find magazines appropriate for the assignment for which I could write and zeroed down a few . I am still not sure which one I would choose . However, in my quest to find some help in the queries regarding the second assignment ..I realized most people talk of writing fillers or reader's letter for a magazine . But the assignment I have received talks about writing an outline for an article and then a full length article for a magazine that I have chosen. Am I interpreting it right? Has there been a change in the assignment over the years. Kindly clarify this because I want to finish this assignment and move forward in the course . Thanks.

Ksenija Y - April 25, 2015 replied:

Assignment N2 is to write 3 reader's letters for three different magazines and 1 long filler or 2 shorter fillers for a filler slot that you've identified. The assignment N2 came with my material in Feb 2015. Hope this helps.

Nidhi S - June 8, 2015 replied:

I think the assignments for every session of the course is different .. cos mine clearly says write an outline of an article that you feel you could write for your chosen magazine.. I started my course in 2013 ... someone from that time around can guide me please..

Rajni kant P - June 27, 2015 replied:

Even I got stuck with Assignment 2 , I don't know which magazine is asking for such thing, where to send. Also there is no response from my Guide. Any one can help me regarding list of magazine require such things or Pay for it.

AMIT K - August 7, 2015 replied:

whoever from india can kindly come forward to suggest us names of magazines where i could send reader's letter. kindly help me please i am in dire need of the newspapers or magazines names which would fit for our assignment 2. me..............

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