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First Readers Letter Hurrah!

Scott S - July 17, 2019 writes:

Hi all. I am working my way through assignment three of the Creative Writing Course and just this morning received word that one of my letters will be published. To say I am excited is an understatement. I understand that it is small in terms of writing achievements but it is a start! To have anything published is amazing and especially in such a large magazine as Readers Digest. My little letter will be in the August edition, along with a Readers Profile of myself and I get a handsome £30. Onwards and upwards!!

Michael S - July 17, 2019 replied:

Well done. I submitted a couple of letters to Readers Digest, but haven't been successful with them yet.

Scott S - July 23, 2019 replied:

I think I was just lucky to be honest. Currently searching for more opportunities. How are you finding the course?

Michael S - July 23, 2019 replied:

I'm really enjoying the course and deffinely feel like I'm improving. At present I'm part way through assignment N7 and will be sending it in next week.

Scott S - July 23, 2019 replied:

AH very good!! I am working on N3 at the moment. Well I have just completed the reading for it and starting the research tomorrow. A few of us are on Skype if you use it? Just to chat, get to know other student & writers, swap experiences etc

Michael S - July 23, 2019 replied:

I've got an account on Skype but don't really use it. How do I make contact?

Scott S - July 23, 2019 replied:

just add me as a contact and I will add you into the group. It is a little quiet, much like the forums, but then that is the point, to get to talk when we can! My Skype name is "sparhawk2016"

Michael S - July 23, 2019 replied:

Thanks will do.

Michael S - August 16, 2019 replied:

This week has been like waiting for a bus, nothing for ages and then two come at once. I have been told that Readers Digest will be printing my, 'You Couldn't Make it Up' story in their September issue and Take a Break will be printing my letter and photo in their September issue. In total that's £70 on its way.

Criselle Nunag Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2019

“From the course I learned how to study my target audience, identify how to make the most out of my idea/story, do proper research, perform market analysis for my chosen magazine and polish my grammar. The Writers Bureau taught me to write confidently and responsibly. I learned to produce original and interesting stories, I just have to be true to myself. Writing became a fulfilling hobby that pays!”

Criselle Nunag - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2019

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