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Mairead C - May 14, 2019 writes:

Not a biggy, however, as small as it may be, I just read an email, of which I missed last week, telling me that my letter had been chosen for Bella Magazine. My cheque comes out in the post in 4 to 6 weeks. I'm delighted. Unfortunately, I may have missed the issue but at least I know its there. I had exams and assignments due so I overlooked the email confirmation

Michael S - June 30, 2019 replied:

Well done.Your letter was printed in issue 20 on the the 14th of May. If you want a copy of it, I can send you a picture of the page.

Mairead C - June 30, 2019 replied:

Thank you very much. I got a copy online and have it saved and have had the cheque put through since :)

Alice Vinten Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2020

“All I knew when I joined up with The Writers Bureau is that I'd always wanted to write and never had the nerve to start. I've been an avid reader from an early age, and 'being a published writer' seemed like an unobtainable dream. The Writers Bureau opened my eyes to possibilities that I'd never considered before - writing for magazines, pitching for non-fiction books, and researching the writing industry. On the 18th April 2019, my memoir On the Line - Life and Death in the Metropolitan Police was published in paperback by Two Roads Books.”

Alice Vinten - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2020

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