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First Letter Published

Godwin J - May 21, 2018 writes:

It's very true what they say about seeing your piece in a magazine. I'm bouncing from wall to wall here; and my motivation has gone through the roof into overdrive! Thanks to my Tutor, I submitted this letter first and it's been published. Seriously can't stop grinning. Loving the comprehensive creative writing course right now!

Devika K - May 24, 2018 replied:

Congrats ! Keep up the good work !

Godwin J - June 12, 2018 replied:

Thanks K Devika. Not sure why I've come up as Godwin J. I'm Bronk S

Godwin J - June 13, 2018 replied:

I keep seeing my name Godwin J in contributions i did not make. Please correct this error as i do not want to be accused of any academic abuse. Thank you

Devika K - June 14, 2018 replied:

Hi Bronk! notify u r tutor. That may help

Sharon B - June 27, 2018 replied:

Hi K Devika, yes that was the first thing I did, contacted student services a while back so this is also a test if still not remedied I'll have to call again. thanks and have a fab day :)

Susan K - September 10, 2018 replied:

Well done!. It seems less and less are being printed these days. A great achievement!

Criselle Nunag Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2019

“From the course I learned how to study my target audience, identify how to make the most out of my idea/story, do proper research, perform market analysis for my chosen magazine and polish my grammar. The Writers Bureau taught me to write confidently and responsibly. I learned to produce original and interesting stories, I just have to be true to myself. Writing became a fulfilling hobby that pays!”

Criselle Nunag - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2019

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