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I've just won a prize!

Niyi O - December 7, 2017 writes:

It's like a dream, I have just received a mail from the Editor of Spirit & Destiny magazine commending the Reader's Letter I submitted on their November 2017 edition of the magazine. I have also been informed that I have won a "Fortifying Green Bath potion worth £27.50". My joy is indescribable, not so much because of the prize, but because of the acceptance and recognition. I can't believe this is happening this time that I am still very much in the early stages of the course. I just completed assignment number 3. This little gesture serves as a great encouragement and I can't just wait to see my work in the next edition of the magazine before sharing the news with you all. Best of luck everyone.

Rachel V - March 19, 2018 replied:

I like to share my achievements as well. i was on the course from 1999 until 2008. I have an autobiography, letters and fillers, and two awards, one for drama and one for radio plays. I enjoyed getting these.

Yi Xin L - May 11, 2018 replied:

I'm so happy for you guys. I hope that someday I can reach your level of achievement. All the best with your journey in life. Best regards, Samantha

Criselle Nunag Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2019

“From the course I learned how to study my target audience, identify how to make the most out of my idea/story, do proper research, perform market analysis for my chosen magazine and polish my grammar. The Writers Bureau taught me to write confidently and responsibly. I learned to produce original and interesting stories, I just have to be true to myself. Writing became a fulfilling hobby that pays!”

Criselle Nunag - Writers Bureau Student of the Year 2019

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