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This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on providing extra information for publishers; be inspired by our students' successes; find inspiration and something of use in useful websites, plus Ten Top Tips highlights how to make your website work for you.

END NOTE and a little inspiration



Could you write an article about ...

1st March 1953

Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and dies three days later. 

2nd March 1969

Concorde is tested for the first time in Toulouse, France. 

3rd March


Hinamatsuri takes place in Japan – a day of celebration of girls.

4th March 1957

American Journalist and Pullitzer prize winner Jim Dwyer is born in New York City.

5th March 1836

The first .34 calibre production model revolver is manufactured by Samuel Colt.

6th March 1927

The silent science fiction film Metropolis by Fritz Lang is released.  

7th March


Nyepi, the Day of Silence, is observed in Indonesia.

8th March

International Women's Day.

9th March 2006

Enceladus – Saturn’s sixth largest moon – is found to have liquid water.  

10th March 1831 

King Louis Phillipe establishes the French Foreign Legion to assist his campaign in Algeria.

11th March 2004

Madrid, Spain is the scene of 192 killings as simultaneous explosions occur on rush hour trains.

12th March 1946

Liza Minnelli – best known for Cabaret – is born in Hollywood, California.  

13th March 1989

A geomagnetic storm knocks out the Hydro-Quebec power grid leaving six million people with no power for nine hours.

14th March

White Day, Japan and Korea – similar to St Valentine’s day with one difference, men only give gifts to women.


15th March

Ides of March – the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus, Cassius and Casca.


16th March 1936

Marguerite Durand, a French journalist and feminist, dies leaving a legacy of feminist works, some dating back to the 17th century, to the city of Paris. 

17th March 

St Patrick's Day. 

18th March 1989

A 4,400 year old mummy is found in the Pyramid of Cheops, Egypt. 

19th March 1932 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge opens to the public.

20th March 

World Story Telling day.

21st March

World Poetry Day. 

22nd March 

World Water Day. 

23rd March 1956

The first Islamic Republic in the world is formed in Pakistan. 

24th March 

World Tuberculosis Day.  

25th March 1955

Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl is seized by US customs for being obscene – see end note. 

26th March 1934

The UK introduces the driving test.

27th March 1970

Concorde sets off on its first supersonic flight.

28th March 845

The Viking Ragnar Lodbrook sacks Paris and collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.

29th March 1973

The Vietnam war is finally over with the withdrawal of the last US troops. 

30th March 1842

Dr Crawford Long used anaesthesia for the first time to remove a tumor from the neck of his patient.

31st March 1889

The inauguration of the Eiffel Tower takes place.  


Judge for yourself as to whether you think Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl is obscene or not – be
warned, this is a really long poem. You can either read it here
or download for free and listen to it, read by Ginsberg himself, here

This month’s game is Dark Cut. This made me laugh as the aim of the game is to perform surgery whilst causing the least pain possible and trying not to kill the patient.

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