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This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on providing extra information for publishers; be inspired by our students' successes; find inspiration and something of use in useful websites, plus Ten Top Tips highlights how to make your website work for you.


“To say that undertaking the Writers Bureau Course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made is an understatement. It has yielded results that have far exceeded my modest investment.

“I had been writing short stories for years with little success. I lacked confidence in my ability, having had no formal teaching since doing A-level English at school many years ago. I felt stuck in a rut, not knowing how to progress. Then I decided to try the Writers Bureau.

“With the help of my personal tutor I soon noticed an improvement in my writing style, which became concise and effective; and my approach to the business of writing grew more disciplined and efficient.

“Dust, the first short story I wrote after starting the course, won a cash prize in a competition and was published on the internet. A few months later it was performed on stage in Manchester.

“Encouraged by this, I followed the guidelines in the Writers Bureau Course and wrote a three-act play called Water Wings. I never dreamed I had the ability to write a full-length play!

“My increased self-confidence, plus the guidance I received from my tutor, enabled me to complete my first novel, which is currently being considered by a literary agency. Without the Writers Bureau I would never have been able to develop the plot lines, character profiles and all the other supports that underpin the construction of a novel.

“My next story, Johnny Jackstraw, was published by a magazine, and soon afterwards was performed at a literary event in Manchester. Some of the people at this event asked me to autograph their programmes. Can anything be more exciting for an aspiring author?

“The highlight of my writing career so far was when my short story, Pond Life, won second prize in the Writers News Annual Ghost Story Competition. I received a cash prize and was invited to the presentation ceremony at the Grand Hotel in Harrogate. I never imagined that one day I would be standing on a podium with flashlights popping all around me, while celebrities from the literary world applauded my modest efforts.


“I would never have been able to achieve all this without the help of the Writers Bureau and my tutor.”


Phill Campbell, UK


“When I started my course in Freelance Journalism, I had an intense desire to write for local newspapers in my country. The Certificate of Achievement I received in July 2004 really motivated and inspired me to write more and more. The Writers Bureau helped me to achieve the certificate by teaching me the techniques for successful writing and my tutor corrected my assignments to give me a more comprehensive understanding of the art of freelance journalism.

“I have had publishing success in my country and abroad. My work has been published in the local newspapers in my country such as the Kaieteur News, The Stabroak News and the Guyana Annual Literary Journal. I have also has a book of poetry published in Guyana by B&H printing Press. This year I’ve earned $3000 US dollars from a variety of writing jobs including book sales and royalties.”

Gideon Cecil, Guyana

Below is an abstract from the press release for Gideon’s new book The Revelation of Love:

“The Revelation of Love, published by Outskirts Press, is a fascinating collection, exploring the relationship of love between a man and woman, and the love stemming from a deep religious faith.

“Gideon Cecil also incorporates poems about hot political and philosophical topics. Motivated by the political climate of his native Guyana, Cecil tackles unjust social and political situations. But beneath his criticism shines a love and respect for his homeland.”

Thanks, as always, to Phill and Gideon for sharing their inspirational stories with us. If you would like a prospectus for the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course or our Freelance Journalism Course please email us here with your full name and postal address.

Or, to share your success stories with others, just send an email to with 'Success Story' in the subject line.