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This month we have expert advice from Esther Newton on the importance of having a Plan B. Plus there are Ten Top Tips on how to create the perfect writing environment, Student Stories to show you what you can achieve, Inspiration to give you something to write about and Useful Websites to help with your research.

Student Successes

Jennifer L writes:

“Hi, I am in deep shock, but in a good way. A colleague came to me today and asked, “Have you been submitting things to Readers Digest?” I had no idea that they had published an anecdote of mine in 'You couldn't make it up'. I can't believe they are paying me £70 for something that took me about two minutes! Also, the Holland and Barrett magazine, Healthy, have published a tip of mine and are awarding me with a gift spa set. I have just been practising really and hadn't expected to get published so soon, (I started in July – very part time!). Also, to my astonishment, the article I wrote for my second assignment is also being considered at a features meeting this week in Healthy magazine. I am chuffed, sorry to go on about it. Feel like I could pop.

Christine T tells writes:

“It’s taken a long time but, AT LAST, I'm about to have my first article published in the November issue of Reader’s Digest! It’s about a cruise through the Panama Canal.”

By email from Gaynor J:

“I started the course last summer and have had great support and feedback from my tutor Simon Maginn. In January I had an article published by an online magazine – although there was no payment it was a start for my covering letters. I received £200 for a freelance piece for a health magazine this summer, I then sold a tip to a women's magazine for £60. Following that I pitched an article to an online health magazine – it was published within a week and I received £25. Next I sold my first piece of fiction – only £10 but I am still pleased, especially as it is the story I wrote for fiction assignment one. I never would have had the confidence to pitch and put my work out there without doing this course. So thank you!”

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