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Expert Advice from Writers Bureau tutor Heather Cooke on how and when to use first person perspective, Ten Top Tips covers creating the perfect writing environment and Useful Websites and Inspiration, hopefully, do what they say.

END NOTE and a little inspiration!

May is National Smile Month in the UK, although I think this should be implemented all over the world – we could do with a few more smiles! It’s also Mental Health Awareness Month and Skin Cancer Awareness Month – two worthy causes. Perhaps you could do something to raise awareness about these issues. The second week in May is Bike Week – an international event focussing on the importance of cycling as a means of transportation.

1st May

Feast of St. Joseph the worker in the Roman Catholic Church.

2nd May 1885

The first edition of Good Housekeeping magazine goes on sale.

3rd May

World Press Freedom Day.

4th May

Remembrance of The Dead – Netherlands.

5th May 1925

South Africa establishes Afrikaans as an official language.

6th May 1856

Sigmund Freud, best known for his theories of the unconcious mind, is born in Pribor, Moravia – now the Czech Republic.

7th May 1952

Geoffrey W A Dummer publishes the concept for integrated circuit boards – the basis for all modern computers.

8th May

VE Day, Western Europe.

9th May 1901

The first parliament of Australia opens.

10th May 1999

Shel Silverstein, American poet, author, song writer, composer, cartoonist and musician, dies aged 66 in Key West Florida (See below for a great poem).

11th May 1867

The Second Treaty of London reaffirms Luxembourg’s independence.

12th May

International Nurses Day.

13th May 1912

The Royal Flying Corps, now known as the Royal Air Force, is established.

14th May 1925

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Wolfe is published.

15th May

International Conscientious Objectors Day.

16th May 1843

One thousand pioneers from Elm Grove, Missouri set out in the largest wagon train to date to travel the Oregon Trail into the Northwest of the USA.

17th May 2004

Same sex marriage is legalized for the first time in Massachusetts.

18th May

International Museum Day.

19th May 1897

Oscar Wilde is released from reading jail.

20th May 1896

One person dies and many are injured by a six ton chandelier falling from the roof of Palais Garnier in Paris. 

21st May

Battle of Iquique – Chile.

22nd May

World Biodiversity Day.

23rd May 1929

The Karnival Kid – the first cartoon in which Mickey Mouse talks is released.

24th May 2001

Sherpa Temba Tsheri becomes the first person to climb to the top of Mount Everest at the age of 15.

25th May

Revolución de Mayo – Argentina.

26th May 1913

The first woman magistrate in Britain, Emily Duncan, is appointed.

27th May 1703

The city of St Petersburg is founded by Tsar Peter the Great.

28th May 1975

The Economic Community of West African States is formed when 15 countries sign the Treaty of Lagos.

29th May

Oak Apple Day – United Kingdom.

30th May 2006

Shoei Imamura, the first Japanese Film director to win two Palm d’Or awards, dies aged 79 in Tokyo, Japan.

31st May 1669

As his eyesight fails, Samuel Pepys records the last entry in his diary.


This is a Shel Silverstein poem that, I’m sure, embodies the thought processes of many people – the dreaded ‘What if’s’.

Here’s a fast and furious little space invader game called Intergalactic Rumble to distract your mind for five minutes.

And finally, if you found something of use to you in this issue please pass the word on to all your writer friends – and even those who don’t! You never know, you might inspire them to take it up. They can sign up here.

Until next month farewell and do lots of writing!

Shelley x

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