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This month we have expert advice from tutor Nicki Taylor on how to create convincing dialogue, Ten Top Tips is all about making money from your travels, Useful Websites shows you where to get your work peer reviewed and, as always, there’s a little Inspiration for you too!

END NOTE and a Little Inspiration!

November 1st
Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations start.

November 8th 1674
One of England’s finest poets, John Milton, dies of gout. (See below for a little Milton song for May.)

November 23rd 1990
The first all female expedition to the South Pole set off from Antarctica on the first leg of a 1286km trek!

Here’s an appropriate little song from Milton for May called, On May Morning.

And, to finish off here’s a blast from the past for all you Rubik’s cube lovers – 3D Logic.

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