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This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on how to get six articles from just one idea and Ten Top Tips will help you find the ideas used for the six articles. There are loads of Student Successes to give you an incentive to keep trying and Useful Websites is all about citizen journalism.

End Note and a Little Inspiration!

Just in case you are new to reading E-Zee Writer, I’m going to explain this section. When writing articles for magazines, you need to be sending them about six months before you’d like them to be published. This is so the publisher has plenty of time to receive, read and decide if he wants to include your article in the publication. Those of you who’ve sent off articles for consideration know how long some publishers can take to get back to you. If you send something that you intend for a Christmas issue only two months before, it’s not enough time for the publishers to deal with it. And, in any case, by that time they’ll have had the issue in its final incarnation for some time. So now I’ve explained that, let’s get on.

September marks the start of the harvesting months and you’ll find plenty of ripe, juicy native fruits to pick in hedgerows and fields in the UK. But, if you do pick wild foods, please remember to leave some for the animals and insects, and other human foragers too!

September 2nd 1921

Distinguished English poet Henry Austin Dobson dies and is buried in Westminster cemetery.

September 16th 2013

Respect the Aged Day in Japan.

September 22nd 1888

The first edition of National Geographic is published.


A Song of the Four Seasons is a lovely poem. It’s short, sweet and rather appropriate, seeing as we are supposed to be getting into Spring.

Great little first person shooter game Spell Storm. I have recently re-discovered the joy of first person shooters, gosh they’re fun!

As always, if you found something of use to you in this issue please pass the word on to all your writer friends – and even those who don’t. You never know, you might inspire them to take it up. They can sign up here.

Until next time, farewell and do lots of writing!

Shelley x

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