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This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on how to get six articles from just one idea and Ten Top Tips will help you find the ideas used for the six articles. There are loads of Student Successes to give you an incentive to keep trying and Useful Websites is all about citizen journalism.

Useful Sites for Writers

Citizen journalism is on the increase and more and more main-stream media organisations are using material provided by them. Why don’t you have a go?

This is a great document for learning all about citizen journalism, including the pros and cons of this kind of news reporting.

The Centre for Media and Democracy offers a list of all the citizen journalism websites. It’s a great place to start your research.

And to get you news reporting started, why not check out Friction? They offer ‘an online platform for user generated news and opinion. We exist to give you the opportunity to air your views and respond to the opinions of others. You can debate issues of local interest to you or discuss points of global importance.’ Have fun!

Remember, if you run or know of a website that you think may be of use to our readers, let me know. If I like it, I’ll publish a link to it giving you a free plug. What could be better than that?