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This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on how to get six articles from just one idea and Ten Top Tips will help you find the ideas used for the six articles. There are loads of Student Successes to give you an incentive to keep trying and Useful Websites is all about citizen journalism.

Student Successes

Eleanor B writes:

Published article in B of B

Hi all, I'm delighted to report that my article Concrete Chocolate, Bullet Peas will be in the February issue of Best of British magazine! It was Assignment 2, which I was very stuck on for a long time, so thanks for all the advice. Very impressed so far with Writers Bureau and it's even spurred me on to continue with the long abandoned novel.

Lauren L says:

Letter of the Day Trinidad Express

Hi, my name is Lauren, I started the WB course in October. I was so excited to start this course. Today I had my first letter published in the national newspapers as the Letter of the Day under my pen name. To see my letter highlighted as the best letter of the day was a great feeling.

Gaynor J told us:

Writing Magazine ... nearly there

After a run of rejections in January, it was nice to open my copy of Writing Magazine today and see that I have been shortlisted (top ten) for their sci-fi story competition. No prizes, but nice to see my name in print! I had just tried to sell this story to Interzone magazine, who rejected it.

Angela g says:

Short Story Published

This week I had one of my short stories The School Run published on the flash fiction world website. It made me so happy and gave me a great confidence boost since I have had no success with anything that I've submitted to magazines or competitions. There is no payment, but it's great to know my story was deemed good enough to be published.

Divya A writes:

£35 for fillers

I recently had a Readers' Tip published in Prima which earned me £25 and cost me nothing, as I sent it by email. Was overjoyed to receive a £10 cheque in post yesterday for a filler in Woman's Weekly magazine too. I am now doing my assignments religiously.

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